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All Hands On Deck: House Fast Track Vote Expected This Week


All Hands On Deck: House Fast Track Vote Expected This Week

Dave Johnson

ALL HANDS ON DECK. This is not a drill. The vote in the House of Representatives on fast track trade authority, preapproving the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) before the public finds out what is in it, is coming up very soon. It is even possible it could happen later this week. The Senate has already passed fast track; if the House passes this it goes to President Obama and he will sign it. That will make TPP a done deal.


Deals cooked up by the president with a foreign power do not have
“the force of law” unless approved by two thirds of the Senators
present. Two thirds cannot be changed to majority approval by a majority vote in the senate. It requires amending the constitution. Fast track is tyranny. Revolution if not now, never. Will you not fight for your freedom?


Dave Johnson writes:

"Ask your representative if she or he has read TPP. Get them on record whether they have read it.

● If they haven’t read it, they have no business voting to preapprove it. Let them know you’ll be writing letters to the editor saying this.
● If they won’t tell you if they have read it that is an issue. Let them know you’ll be writing letters to the editor letting people know their representative votes on things they are not informed about.
● If they have read it, they should vote against it.

Then ask them why you can’t see the text of TPP, especially if they are about to vote to preapprove it with fast track? Why is it being kept secret? (Why are the already-completed parts secret?)

This such an “in their face” common sense language to ask your Congress Critter-
I only wish we all had been more prepared for this sudden onslaught of Corporate power- It has been in the works for some time-
The LEFT is really unorganized…But I will call and ask these questions, for whatever good it will do, falling on deaf ears that only react to personal advancement and massive amounts of money…


Our “representatives” rarely read any legislation they vote on. The corporate lobbyists funding their campaigns tell them how to vote.

Prior to voting in Obamacare in March 2010 then House speaker Nancy Pelosi admonished congresscritters to “vote for the ACA so we can see what is in it”.