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All I Want for Christmas Is to Get Out of Immigration Detention


All I Want for Christmas Is to Get Out of Immigration Detention

The Children of Berks

Families are not supposed to be in immigration detention at all — and certainly not for more than a few days — but these children have been locked up with their mothers for more than a year. They are fleeing violence in Central America and asked for asylum in the United States. They got caught in legal limbo while their lawyers press for the Supreme Court to hear their case.


All the handwringing by so-called "liberals" about what Trump might do to undocumented immigrants while these children remain imprisoned in squalid conditions by Obama. While under a court order to release them, no less.

Once again Trump's bloviation gets the headlines while Obama's dirty work goes largely unnoticed.

Obama's deported over 2.5 million undocumented immigrants, more than any other president. And only half of those had criminal records.


The suffering and brutality inflicted by the Obama administration on immigrants is not what any religious teacher speaks - like Jesus and Buddha; it is cynical calculated political maneuvering, the sort of despicable winners and losers self-interest politics many voted against - or thru their integrity and moral conviction millions more failed to vote for.

Along with the immigrant catastrophe Obama presided over, there is his usual craven "compromise" (aka collusion) and calculated DINO failure to act on so many other progressive issues he used to gain support for his election. At this time of year and the end of Obama's tenure the issue of pardons come up. There as usual he fails to impress or take any strong action - unlike trump who has no compunctions, Obama cowers in his timidity and R'Con lite methods.

"there’s something disingenuous in the now-familiar rhetoric peddled by the White House with every clemency announcement, which repeatedly tells us we are a “nation of second chances.” Even within the narrow scope of Obama’s clemency initiative — and putting aside his treatment of immigrants and whistleblowers — this is wishful thinking at best."

"At the time, Holder promised the Obama administration was “fundamentally rethinking the notion of mandatory minimum sentences for drug-related crimes.” But when it comes to the president’s pardon power — the one place where Obama could directly address the problem — there are few signs of a transformation.

Where are pardons for Leonard, Chelsea, Snowden, and many other nameless victims of the security state and drug-war prison industrial complex?

To these issues I will add one other - Obama might attempt a principled action of finite nature, but his weak nature will never allow such a strong action......and counter to trumps pathology and endless threats.