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"All I'm Trying To Do Is Go Home": Stopped for Jaywalking, Bodycam Footage Shows Police Harass, Choke, and Beat Black Man


"All I'm Trying To Do Is Go Home": Stopped for Jaywalking, Bodycam Footage Shows Police Harass, Choke, and Beat Black Man

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After months of investigations by both state and federal officials, the city of Asheville, North Carolina on Tuesday finally released bodycam footage showing police offers brutally beating, choking, and stunning a black man they accused of jaywalking in August of last year.

While walking home from a shift at the local Cracker Barrel, Johnnie Rush was stopped by several police officers for allegedly crossing the street without using the crosswalk.


I just can’t deal with this anymore. It never ends.


When Hickman is found guilty and goes to prison be sure he goes to gen pop since the other prisoners do love them some white cop meat! :yum:


On and on and on… what a sick sick country full of hate and racism… smh


And the fucking god damned USA has the audacity to lecture other countries about human rights. The USA is beyond fucking insane. And if you dare to read comments on Yahoo and other sites about articles like this, the vast majority of postings are cheering this shit on. The USA is beyond redemption with so many citizens thinking it is just a fun entertaining show when blacks (and others) are terrorized and beat to shit, to say nothing of killed by police (gestapo) in the USA. There is no hope.


It happens in Portland, Oregon every year. In the south it makes the news. In Portland the Grand Wizard of the KKK, the district attorney, Rob Underhill, sees to it that it is quickly swept under the rug and kept hidden.


At least the Asheville Police Dept. can be credited with firing this cop and issuing an assault charge against him. But then, this is Asheville, the Marin County of the Appalachians. The cop would have gotten a medal in most other parts of North Carolina.


I was about to call Asheville the Portland Oregon of the Appalachians. Good thing I didn’t. Portland apparently is worse…


Another day in the USA. Remember folks - we pay the salaries and benefits of these police. They apparently don’t respect that fact and that we have a higher standard for our community than they do. This has got to stop!!!


You make an important point about the forums, and how almost every forum on any MSM is dominated by right wing hate on any story regarding police brutality, and frankly just about everything else as well.

Such comments on forums have been common for a long time, but in the age of Trump such comments are now dominating such forums.

And this cultural shift, the emboldening of right wing hate intentionally by Trump to gain power, is incredibly dangerous.

And that’s where we are at. An unleashed right wing White Nationalist movement, and a President who is absolutely committed to wringing every bit of power he can from them, because he is one of them obviously.

Those on the left who still dismiss the unique danger that Trump represents in this regard, are blind.

By the way, been to any of RT forums lately? Their forums are just chock full of right wing hate. RT will scrub comments critical of Trump, not all such comments, but I’ve had many scrubbed the instant I post them. But the comments that NEVER get scrubbed are by right wing Trump supporters spouting hate against Jews, women, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, ad nauseum.


They still represent a minority view point although they have a lot of power and basically control over our government. We are being controlled by a vicious minority filled with hate. The main objective of the power mongers is to divide the people among themselves so that they have no united power for good. They are too busy fighting over things that might divide them when they could be uniting over the common good. The danger is that the venom of the haters can be perceived as acceptable or even normal if it goes unchallenged and somehow seems mainstream. I hope people have more personal integrity than to be swayed by whatever comments they come across. That is the problem with the msm - it is almost a form of mind control with the same messages being repeated over and over - ad naseum.


And of course, don’t dare criticize Putin either.

What I find troubling is that I used to like RT, it had lots of good feature reporting about a lot of social-political and environmental issues - its reporters had a lot of autonomy to write critically as long as it wasn’t Fox style right wing nonsense. It seemed very similar to the kind of reporting one sees on other state-owned, but open-minded media like Al Jazeera English and the BBC.

So the question is - did I change, or did RT change?


This sickness is spreading.

The Trumpublicans are enabling law enforcement to take the Law in their own hands.

Before they generate a race war, We must identify those who are selling Hatred as law enforcement.


I’m on the same page. I used to tune into Abby Martin’s show and after she left didn’t really check them out that much.

Started checking them out again during the campaign, and noticed the editorial bent toward Trump.

Downhill from there. They changed methinks.


Police state brutality - cops “trained” to commit brutal acts as standard operating procedure, like the “take-down”, condoned by the establishment and covered-up by the “blue wall of silence” in all but the most egregious (and videoed) examples! Yeah, let me smash you face down to the pavement “real quick” - fuckin pigs!

You see, cops are taught to create/instigate/incite a response from their victims. When you are smashing a persons face into the pavement they will use their hands to protect their face - they cannot “put their hands behind their back” - exactly as cops intend - cops screaming orders that confuse and are often contradictory is another method - all used to “justify” violence against ordinary victims of their depraved indifference!

Arrests are necessary and used to gain promotions, not good respectful or helpful behavior! “Protect and serve” my ass!

The public of any age are used as punching-bags by depraved cops that apparently enjoy their positions of authority and rapidly exercise their indifference to the lives of others - the people that they work for - a fact that has been ignored and forgotten by the police!

ONLY when good cops demand accountability of brutal/killer cops and end the culture of police violence and unreasonable brutal treatment of citizens will things maybe begin to change - brutal and killer cops must be run-out of the force, and if not, WHY not?!


What a crock. Prove that bit of malarkey. Jaywalking charges and cops: statistics please.


Portland has its serious problems with policing, no doubt. We just don’t sweep our problems into the millions of square feet of abandoned buildings in the area; ya know, like you can. It’s not like Pittsburgh, Penn., where Trump won, isn’t immune to police violence. My guess is the potholes are so cavernous in Pennsyltucky, no one dare jaywalk.


The appropriate response to somebody jaywalking is the cop coming up to them and telling them “dont do that, use the cross walk next time” not beating them.


The police committed the crime!!/ crimes…not this guy…
They would not treat a white man this way…
I suggest next time someone sees this happen to videotape on your cell phone,
you have every right to do so…
that’s what I’m going to do…
The police are the punks!..
#1) in Port Authority a white officer told a black young woman, simply sitting on the steps to
“get up”…like an order…
when she did not do so immediately, he told his fellow officer, “you know she ignored me? like he
couldn’t believe she had the audacity to ignore him”…
(police were ahead of me on the escalator)…
this white officer got off and turned around and I knew he was going to HARASS this young woman…
you know and I know if she was a cute young WHITE female, he would NOT treat her the
way he spoke to the young black woman
#2) I was in a pizza place and 2 officers (one a captain) came in…
talking to each other, every word out of their mouth was foul language…
and this is not the first time I heard them talk with dirty mouths…P.U.N.K.S…
===the police…
We have to stop these storm troopers…it is only going to get worse.
In Times Square during the “March for our Lives” I passed FIVE officers gathered together,
dressed in head to foot black, with assault weapon rifles at the ready…
That is NOT for “protection” …that is to tell the public


“Do you live here” …“where do you live”…(police asking the man)
NONE OF YOUR D…N BUSINESS!!!..he should have told them…
“do you have I.D.”??? you mean, “officer”
"Let me see your ‘papers’., am I not correct???
Police are the U.S. version of GESTAPO…, that is pretty darn evident…
what a coincidence they stop a brown skinned person…
what a disgusting disgrace
one can only guess what is going on now with Trash & Sessions running the show…