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All In with Jeb: The Bush Family Goes for Number Three (With the Help of Its Bankers)


All In with Jeb: The Bush Family Goes for Number Three (With the Help of Its Bankers)

Nomi Prins

[This piece has been adapted and updated by Nomi Prins from her book All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power, recently out in paperback (Nation Books).]


One of the seediest and most corrupt familes in the USA.

Now playing the devils advocate here and speaking to premises I myself do not entirely accept…

For those that continue to advance the notion that homo sapiens inherently greedy or violent or corrupt this clain would be your best evidence that it all genetic and to those that would adopt that mindset and who might advocate for Euthanasia so as to improve the human stock , when one targets the poor one is going after the wrong group.


… of which we’re forced to ask & answer the question: the bankers are a force to reckon with, which begs the question, who are we, as voters? Do they (bankers) answer this question, or do we - the people? A smarter, more intelligent & sophisticated public would most definitely KNOW how to answer this question & act on this peculiar (in historical contexts) candidacy…


Had select sections of the Federalist Papers, in conjunction w/the Constitution & Bill of Rights been required High School & college readings, we would understand the absolute dangers of ‘dynasties’ in political office & American representative governance. Since it wasn’t & we don’t now read on our own (as the nations founders did) for pleasure & personal enlightenment, we’re adrift as a nation, looking now, to ‘dynasties,’ the wealthy & corporations for ‘guidance’ on… voting?! It’s not like we didn’t have a literary legacy to draw from, in avoiding where we are now. What a bizarro world our nations founders would consider we’ve created - by our own hands no less…


Well I am going right back to Prescott Bush who helped the Nazi’s to power in Germany and was involved in an attempted fascist coup in the USA.

I am talking about George Bush the elder and the assassination of John F Kennedy.

I am speaking of generations and not just siblings


This is a good example that proves my point that each Presidency in the past 5 decades has effectively greased the skids for the next one. The plan of operations is to rescind the New Deal and once again return maximum power to the oligarchs:

“Once president, Bush promoted deregulation, while reconfirming Alan Greenspan, who did the same, as the chairman of the Federal Reserve. In 1999, after President Bill Clinton (Hillary!) finished the job that Bush had started by overseeing the repeal of Glass-Steagall, banks began merging like mad and engaging in increasingly risky and opaque practices that led to the financial crisis that came to a head in George W.’s presidency.”

It’s important to point out the complicity in terms of long-term plans since many C.D. posters understand that the duopoly uses the illusion of opposition to maintain the same policies that are deferential (and preferential) towards the MIC, the banksters, and the corporate moguls; yet too many set up People magazine style “personality contests” that purport to show why one individual President is worse than another. That type of ranking takes the spotlight off the more problematic fact that “presidential” figures from “both sides of the aisle” unerringly serve the same 1% interests.

War, monetary controls, and rulings that allot more and more power to Big Business are the common currency of both now fully purchased major parties.


Nice catch, Ms. Prins, on this WE-virus thing:

"With a nod to his two-term record as Florida governor, Jeb put it this way: “We will take command of our future once again in this country. I know we can fix this. Because I’ve done it.”

“Based on Bush family history, by “we” he effectively meant the family’s billionaire and millionaire donors and its cavalcade of friendly bankers.”

While your history is right-on beginning with Bush, Sr. it does NOT go back far enough. Therefore, I would amend this paragraph:

“The Bush political-financial legacy began when President Ronald Reagan chose Jeb’s father, George H.W., as his vice president. Reagan was also the first president to choose a Wall Street CEO, Donald Regan, as Treasury secretary. Then-CEO of Merrill Lynch, he happened to be a Bush family friend.”

The documentary link shows with a great deal of documented detail just how far the Bush family links with Old Money and the banking cartels… and how it profited from the Nazi Labor camps. I wonder why Ms. Prins left out this sickening data: It’s 3 hours… so those interested might wish to view it in shorter segments. The material is well worth the time committed to watching it: (The Bush-Nazi connection begins at the 20-minute point)


It’s proof of Mars-rules and the primacy of sociopathic traits within a paradigm based on war, hierarchy, and domination.


You stick to this meme regardless of the facts.

If knowledge was itself the key to policies enacted, why do you suppose it is that the public’s opposition to Fast Track did nothing to stop it passing?

You want to push the lie that citizens are in control when Power has seized covert control of all venues of a would-be Democracy.


I dare you to educate yourself by actually watching the video link I supplied. Learn about old money and entrenched power–not just in this nation–and then see if you wish to come back here with your parrot noises.


The video link I provided does a very apt and in depth job of laying all this history out.


Agreed and it being repeated the world over.

Buffy Ste Marie makes this point over and over. It is not a people issue. It a leadership issue. It’s the guys (white guys) in charge.


I have been posting these bush family ties to Nazi’s and Fascists ever since there a World Wide Web . Still we have millions who are incredulous when told of those which shows how tightly that narrative is controlled.

That said when I get the time I will watch the video link. I would point out that in the UK the government is suggesting that merely watching such videos should be seen as an act of terrorism.

A meme repeated by that person you have mentioned before whose name now escapes me in the Obama Administration and one our own Herr Harper begins to insist on when criticizing Israel.


I watched the first HOUR again and I can tell you that if you want to expedite access to the most vital material, start around the 20-minute mark and listen till at least the 45th minute.

This source has done his homework.

I remember when I heard that some Nazi scientists were brought into the U.S. (military apparatus) after W. W. II, but it wasn’t until I looked into the role of Project Paperclip, read: “The Nazis Next Door,” and learned a lot about mind control tactics and techniques (developed by the Nazis), added to many astute films on You Tube that I realized how pervasive and extensive this “importation” program was, or that the Vatican played a role in funding it.

I was sitting in the audience in NYC when a Geraldo Rivera show was taped. The subject was “the serial killer next door.” For some reason, the camera did a quick headshot of me and it turned out my 20th (or was it 30th?) high school reunion was that year. A fellow student told me he “saw me on” the Geraldo Rivera show! How strange is that! Anyway, the most telling thing about that particular show was that neighbors talked of impossible odors emanating from Dahmer’s apartment, and police at one point were called.

The cop believed Jeffrey when he said that he’d burned a pot roast.

People generally don’t believe what’s outside of their moral range. There was an interesting scene in the Matrix Trilogy where “The Oracle” explains to Neo that one can’t see beyond a choice they’ve not yet made. For the most part, there is a suspension of credulity when individuals face what is morally, culturally, or ideologically impossible to their own tastes, morality/values, and experience.

In other words, this Nazi connection is super hard to believe. The documentary video I’ve submitted argues that the Nazis won WW II… that would explain the ready embrace of SS soldiers/engineers by their U.S. military counterparts and the hush-hush the entire operation was given.

MINITRUE often refers to Amerika today as “The Fourth Reich.” This documentary chronicles how that Truth came to pass.


“The Bush political-financial legacy began when President Ronald Reagan chose Jeb’s father…”

The author of this article did not do their homework. The Bush legacy began two generations earlier. Jeb’s father’s political career began with his CIA work in the 1960s, - a decade before he denied any CIA connections and was “chosen” (read chose himself, a la Dick Cheney for VP) by Gerald Ford to “clean up” the CIA. GHW had great power then, and ran the country for eight years under Reagan.


I watched it in it’s entirety and thought it quite illuminating and thought provoking- Thank you SR-


And…let’s not forget that GHWBush was alleged to have subverted talks with the Iranians to KEEP the hostages until after the election between Reagan and Carter.
Truly a nasty creepy criminal bunch, those Bushs’. Icky to the 100th power.


Thank you SiouxRose for posting this video. It was helpful. I watched it in its entirety and was clarified on some unanswered questions I have had regarding the many stories that are circulating relating to Kennedy’s murder.

I think that it is apt just to add that the Bush family also played an important role in the introduction and spreading of genetic modification of plants, or genetically modified organism (GMO).

F. William Engdahl has made an excellent research into the beginning and aim of biotechnology in his book, “Seeds of Destruction.” He describes how political power was closely related to the development of this technology. It involved various powerful families but mainly the Rockefeller brothers - David, Nelson, Laurance and John D III.

Together with their wealthy elite friends the Rockefeller Foundation created the idea of agribusiness and they funded the development of the so called “Green Revolution” making the food production dependent on petro-chemical inputs. It resulted in the development of huge agricultural corporations including Monsanto, which became part and parcel of the Pentagon’s chemical warfare research.

Later on the Rockefeller Foundation spent more than 100 million USD on advancing the GMO revolution. The aim of biotechnology was not merely profit, but global domination; the dream that the American elite is holding power over the entire world: this generation and the next. It was famously described by the quote of Kissinger, “Control the oil and you control nations. Control the food, and you control the people.”

The Regan Administration opened up for Monsanto and other corporations to develop gene-manipulated products. In charge of this operation was his Vice President and former head of CIA George Herbert Walker Bush. Bush was well connected to Monsanto from his time in CIA. As it is well-known Monsanto developed the deadly herbicide Agent Orange for defoliation of jungle areas in Vietnam during the Vietnam War in the 1960’s.

Due to the neo-liberal values of deregulation, no food safety regulatory system was set up, neither any long-term research was deemed necessary. Hence, in a secret 1986 meeting Bush and Monsanto decided that people should be used as guinea pigs. When Bush became president in 1988 he implemented and made public this unregulated food system. In 1992 Bush made GMO “substantially equivalent” to ordinary plants of the same variety. This concept meant no special regulatory measured was required.

The irony is that Monsanto and the other GE corporations demanded patent on their “substantially equivalent” plants. They argued that their laboratory had created a new plant. How one may combine those two opposite and inconsistent items is a puzzle; a paradox. But the corporations were allowed to patent their plants and held ownership of certain food crops and power over people who need that food.

None of the subsequent administrations changed this unregulated food regime exactly because it was a strategic power priority. Hence, GMO food was now to be bought from the shelves. Thus, people are eating food from artificial plant-breeding, which has not been thoroughly researched and also not labeled. To keep it this way a number of revolving-door activities took place between the gen-technology industry and the US government. The Agricultural Secretary to President George W. Bush Ann Veneman came from a Monsanto subsidiary , Calgene. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld came from Searle, another Monsanto subsidiary, etc. This has caused a deep-seated conflict of interest.

The GMO development fitted well into what David Rockefeller already had visioned by establishing his Trilateral Commission (North America, Europe and Japan). Its 1973 founding members included George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Paul Volker, Alan Greenspan. The aim was to consolidate American corporate and banking influence worldwide. Its ambition was to create what George H.W. Bush later called it, a “New World Order”. The elite felt threatened by “excess” of democracy and people’s non-compliance and protests. Thus, they had to take action against people with all what it included of activities: control of public behavior, surveillance, secrecy, deception, deregulation, privatization, etc. The program included controlling the food.

Since then GMO has been forced upon nations in one way or another. Those who may still resist will be “persuaded” by the various new, so called, trade agreements that will overrule all protective domestic laws against GMO.

The story is much longer than this small piece, but it gives an idea of the final question: with what may the elite modify food, in order to control the masses. Answer to that question is up to the individual to speculate.