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All Is Not Quiet on the Western Front


All Is Not Quiet on the Western Front

Mel Gurtov

Donald Trump’s visit to NATO headquarters last week was consistent with two of his foreign policy views: the need to pursue close relations with Russia, and skepticism about NATO’s utility. Despite affirmative comments about NATO from his secretary of state and Vice President Mike Pence, Trump persists in accusing NATO members of failing to pay the “massive amounts of money” he says they owe.


Talking points undoubtedly passed along to Tweetle-Dumb from Vladimir Putin via Sergei Kislyak & Jared Kushner . . .


This proponent of the American Imperial Project who wrote this article is syndicated by something called PeaceVoice?

This is really strange.


If you're interested in reading a take on this from a true critical perspective that is not subservient to the American Imperial Project, instead of one like in this article that pretends to be for peace, I recommend this article by Ray McGovern:


“the international community wakes up and finds a way to circumvent the White House and free itself of its dependence on the U.S.”

Based on her recent speech is appears Angela Merkel has woken up. She has concluded that the EU countries and no longer consider the US to be a reliable partner and she is set on forging a stronger EU. Trump has woken a lot people up. Many Americans have woken up to the realization that many other Americans would vote for a dictator over someone who supports democracy. Trump has changed the world domestically and internationally. Everyone now knows the US is a severely divided nation and nobody can be sure which side will get the president they want. It's a whole new ballgame and the rules are unclear.


"In light of Russian intervention in Ukraine, Crimea, and Syria, a rift in the alliance could not come at a worse time."
It could also be said that in light of U.S. intervention in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and Honduras, a rift in the alliance could not come at a better time. Does Europe really want to ally itself with the U.S. government and their corporate puppet masters? Instead wouldn't it be better for Europe and world peace to instead support the American people and reject their corporate imposed government along with their imperialist ambitions?
And if the Europeans are really worried about Russian imperialism, they could easily buy better weapons for less from the Russians making war much less likely if they switch their chief arms suppliers. Russia is just as willing to sell weapons to anyone as the U.S. is. NATO needs to be dissolved while the UN needs to be strengthened.
In many ways Trump's best intentions to deliver to corporate America their Christmas shopping list, will probably bring about quite the opposite objectives. One thing seems certain though, Europe's leaders for the most part won't fall for Trump's empty rhetoric and silly theatrics. If I am wrong on this point, then we're all doomed!


The creation of BRIC should lead thinking people to recognize that Russia and China would much rather be trading partners with the EU than be at war with them.

As I recall, the Ukranian debacle was engineered by the Clinton/Obama State Dept after the corrupt(but no more corrupt than most politicians) but elected Ukrainian president agreed to a better energy deal from Russia rather than embroil Ukraine into the wealth sucking, nation killing body that is the Troika that destroyed Greece and which has Italy, Spain, and Portugal in its salivating crosshairs. Russia intervened in Crimea, a state that is Russian-speaking and culturally indentified with Russia, and where Russia has maintained a naval base for centuries. Russia intervened in Syria at the request of the elected Assad, countering the unrequested "intervention" of the Americans, Saudis, and Israelis, into "civil" war there.

I'm not a Putin apologist, but we must recognize that putting NATO troops next to the Russian border is more than provocative, understanding that NATO really means the USA. We should appreciate the restraint and sophistication of Putin in the face of this blatant US bully maneuver.

On some bizarre level, candidate Trump stumbled on an inconvenient truth before the election- that is that NATO may be unnecessary.

Perhaps the EU will recognize that thereis no need to fund the "protection racket" that is NATO. We will all be better for it.