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All Laws That Make It a Crime to be Homeless Should Be Repealed

All Laws That Make It a Crime to be Homeless Should Be Repealed

John Tharp, Maria Foscarinis

When San Diego resident Gerald Stark’s rent increased and he couldn’t afford another apartment, the retired union pipefitter moved into his RV.

But because he lacked an address, San Diego law made it almost impossible for him to park his RV legally. Soon the city confiscated it, leaving him out on the streets.

There, he was ticketed for violating another law prohibiting sleeping in public. Faced with thousands of dollars in fines and fees he was unable to pay, Stark lived every day in fear of being arrested — for simply trying to survive.

He’s not alone.

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Support and fight for the COMMONS-people have a right to land, clean water, clean air, and natural resources. People have created little towns in open areas and the authorities come in and tear them down. Instead the authorities should be helping these people create safe and sanitary places to live. NO CHILDREN SHOULD BE LIVING ON THE STREET.

If the private sector can’t fix this problem the public sector needs to step in-----organize homeless people to build their own homes and communities. SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-FIGHT FOR THE COMMONS.


People need to stop having kids! We have too many people. What we do need to do is make it legal for all people to say that it is their time to die. These theocrats need to stop “saving” people who have had enough. In some countries in Europe depression and homelessness are enough to make it okay for a doctor to order right to die if people so wish. I am all for that. People have a right to die with dignity. Please theocrats stop talking about Jesus Saves. Well, maybe Jesus Saves but Moses invests . Like that one?

How about Habitat for Humanity? That is around so far.

I recall a time here in Vancouver where the homeless and poor had set up a tent city on the grounds of the local Art Museum to protest the high cost of housing and the lack of affordable shelter for low income persons. There was outrage expressed at what an eyesore it was.

In any case I was walking by when a local TV stations started asking me as to my opinions on the encampment and the person interviewing me was rather surprised I would take the side of the homeless.

She asked a series of loaded questions which eventually led to her stating “But the Grey Cup game (This is the ultimate prize for our football league) is coming in a months time. Do you not think this will reflect poorly on our City to all those tourists arriving to watch”?

Folks. This was about 6 months after our “Stanley Cup Riots” where a bunch of yokels from well to do families rioted and wrecked the downtown.


This is exactly what they intend to keep the prison industrial complex going. In addition to repealing these odious and unjust laws we need to bring to an end the unjust system that created the condition of homelessness in the first place. While we are at it let us also turn upsidedown the notion that only the comfortable work hard. Many poor people work multiple jobs–it is just they are not payed adequately to cover basic survival. And while we are at it let’s question the entire Protestant work ethic of “hard work” while singing the praises of how capitalism is good since it rewards “hard work”. Finally, isn’t it time we celebrated a system that would make it possible for people to do work they love and enjoy and in an area where they have talent regardless of race or gender?


Yes it would but the whole Puritan work ethic I think is based on the notion that the rich should be rewarded even more because their very wealth is evidence that they are closer to heaven- yes folks insanity at its most odious brought to you by the folks who support eugenics.

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Anyone who is a shiftless homeless person is a loser. Sarcasm.