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All Left Hands on Deck. Step 1: Defeat Trump. Step 2: Challenge Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/12/all-left-hands-deck-step-1-defeat-trump-step-2-challenge-biden


Biden is already stating that the LEFT will have no influence on his Policies and he will not enact any of the things they want to see. He is openly stating that he “defeated the Socialist” when he won the nomination over Sanders and that this all that is needed for the people to understand he will not enact any of those “Socialist” policies.

He appointed Karmala Harris as his running mate, another neo-liberal and Corporatist . How on earth does mr Solomon think this translates to the left being able to “challenge” him? This is pie in the sky Bull crap.

If there was sincerity about the desire to defeat trump , Sanders would have won the nomination as he would have defeated Trump. What is being demanded of the left is this…

“we will Ignore all your demands and concerns. Your desires will have no influence on our policies. We did everything you could to ensure your Candidate could not win and that the Corporate guy would be the nominee and in return your vote is owed to us”

Give your heads a shake.

The people most responsible for a Trump victory should he win would be the people that vote for him. The people the next most responsible would be the corrupt DNC and their demands that their guy be voted for.


Just visiting! Norman’s always good for a laugh, and I heard that there would be cake!


Will this be the same way Obama was challenged?


Well I do recall a few articles written when Obama was seeking a second term. They all said that while Obama had failed the left and had just enacted Policy that only helped the 1 percent, it was imperative that the left vote for him again and then “hold his feet to the fire”.

Maybe the people writing these articles are using some template some website provides where 90 percent of the article already written and they just have to change a few variables such as the candidates name?

It gives them more time to hobnob with the movers and shakers!


tossed my mail in ballot in the garbage. Didn’t even look at it … hope that helps

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Oh Norman, you old coot.

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I disagree, Norman. I encourage all left hands to recognize that we need structural change, NOW. Let’s start working to envision and implement alternatives social/policitcal/governmental structures.


There were several pushes from Obama’s left. Here are a few:

Code Pink vociferously protested Obama’s aggressive military posture.

Said Medea Benjamin at the time: “We’ve been protesting Obama’s foreign policy for years now, but we can’t get the same numbers because the people who would’ve been yelling and screaming about this stuff under Bush are quiet under Obama…” Membership in Code Pink declined during the Obama years – it has surged under Trump.

Occupy Wall St took over many public spaces.

Obama sent in law enforcement to remove them, after co-opting their catchphrase, “The 99%.”

BLM formed during the Obama years.

Obama paid them lip service, while kowtowing to the priorities of police unions and continuing to give police departments military gear.

Protestors adamantly decried Obama’s Catfood Commission and Grand Bargain, in which he offered to balance the budget on the backs of senior’s COLA increases, thereby, in essence cutting Social Security. Protesters also decried his payroll tax cut, which had already underfunded Social Security by $800 billion.

Obama was only stopped from implementing his Grand Bargain by Republicans, not us protesters, because the Rs wouldn’t agree to the tax increase part of the deal.

Hope that helps.


Will Chelsea be old enough to run for president? If so even easier.

It can be prefaced with “Given the experience of Donald trump it imperative we do not allow another Republican as President so as not to repeat that disaster so vote for Chelsea and then challenge Chelsea”


Obama also declared Venezuela as a “National Security Threat” and started the US sanctions against the same. He ramped up the war on Yemen, destroyed Libya and attacked Syria based on faked intel reports. It a good thing he was being challenged by the left or who knows what else he would have done. I mean he might even have kept Gitmo open…


My 2 cents: Show up at the polls November 3 and vote on your local initiatives, while pointedly leaving the top of the ticket blank. A meaningless gesture, yet a kinda fun way to say “fuck you.”

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She’s old enough now (40 and you need to be 35). I realize we haven’t vanquished the political family concept (at least Kennedy lost to Markey), but I don’t see Chelsea as having a remote chance going straight for the presidency. Hopefully she has little chance walking her way up the ladder since from what I’ve heard about her from Max Blumenthal is not good (~https://scheerpost.com/2020/02/07/clinton-machine-will-do-anything-to-stop-bernie-podcast/):

“I’ve watched her grow into adulthood and become a complete kind of replication of the monstrous political apparatus that her family has set up, without really charting her own path,” he says. “She just basically inherited the reign of the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. She does paid talks for Israel. Her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, he gambled on Greece’s debt along with Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs.


Has Mr. Ellsberg decided that Assange should be seen as a “cyber-terrorist” and that climate change

isn’t as important as making sure that “nothing will fundamentally change?”

That is how the anti-social privateer Biden sees Assange and prioritizes Wall Street’s Pentagonally

polluting interests.

I’d vote for Jimmy Dore -

if I hadn’t already voted for Howie Hawkins.


You are being unfair to Coots.

Norman is more like a sedative with delusion-producing side-effects.

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I can almost hear Biden’s victory speech now:

“. . .and I would like to give a very special thank you to all the people who recognize that I’m a thieving, war-mongering racist, rapist, senile old coot. I couldn’t have become president without your support.”


Hmm. I just moved and don’t know any of my local candidates. I wonder what happens if you submit a ballot that has no votes on it, for any office. Maybe my tiny little voice will finally be heard!

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I like where you’re going with that.
How about, he’s more like the medicated salve your abusive partner might gently rub on the cuts and bruises on your face after smacking you around. All the while saying, “I’m sorry. You just frustrate me sometimes. I don’t think you understand how rough the real world is, and how good you’ve got it. I’m sorry I hurt you. I won’t do it again. I promise. But you’ve got to listen to me. Is it better now? I do love you, you know.”


I agree, but in my book, Biden was told to select her, just like he was selected by the DNC over Bernie a year ago.


Many of Norm Solomons articles are archived going way back to the Obama presidency. He was using very much the same type language claiming Obama had to move left and address the needs of the left. 8 years of Obama and he was still pretending this was going to happen.

It the same regurgitated pap. He is just another Democrat taking on the mantle of being a “progressive” because he thinks it will garner support for the Democrats from the left. Time after time the left is betrayed by the Clintons, The Obamas and now the Bidens and he repeats the same stuff.