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All of Donald Trump’s Lies

All of Donald Trump’s Lies

Bill Moyers

This weekend, The New York Times performed a noble public service by publishing nearly every lie Donald Trump has told since taking the oath of office (just four months and a few days ago, but it seems like an eternity, no?). The op-ed chart of tiny but readable font fills the entire page, until at one point, in the mind’s eye, they appear to morph into termites burrowing deep into the foundation of democracy, leaving sawdust in their wake.

Proves how low Trump will stoop to gain power and wealth. Is there any level he would not sink to? Probably not. He probably started young and just kept going down that slippery slope with no one in his life to stop the slide toward what he has become.

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Worst lie was Obama’s Subversion of the Truth, and the Public Will, when we really Wanted, NEEDED, and were Ready, for a Change.


If you had actually listened to Obama rhetoric from his first days in The Senate it was clear he was a corporate middle of the road Dem. if you were somehow deluded otherwise you weren’t paying much attention. To compare Obama to Trump and say Obama comes up short because he wasn’t what you thought he was is really ignorant on your part.


Didn’t say that I believed him.

I saw, early on, where his MONEY was coming from. and knew, then, what he was.

Kucinich was my choice, at the time.

His Despicable Lie was to the Millions and Millions who voted for him, expecting him to Actually Provide NEEDED Change from the direction our Government had gone…

His message, “Change You Can Believe In”, it turns out, was to his Owners.

I don’t blame my Fellow Citizens for their misplaced faith in him, however, because the Truth was Systemically Hidden by our Captured Media, which did everything it could to see that the Ruse was successful.


It may seem an understatement - all politicians lie to some extent - but Trump has removed his relationship to the truth out of the realm of reason. An accomplished liar will at least keep track of what he or she is lying about. Trump has been shown to change his statements almost in mid-sentence. As a real estate wheeler-dealer, his job was to wrest the most form whatever situation he was in. As President, his job is to wrest the best for the country at large, not just his rich pals. While that applies to ALL Presidents, obviously some work it better than others. Trump is failing his most ardent supporters, the working class stiffs who rallied behind him hoping he would, somehow, address their needs.

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Yeah Coyote, that and, “We’re going to take on the insurance companies.”


And if President Obama had spewed and repeated any of the DJT LIES or done any one of the reprehensible predations on women or had a history of bankruptcies leaving a trail of destruction in their wake causing irreparable harm to several contractors and job losses or failed to place his business interests in a blind trust or refused to release his tax returns or verbally and viciously attacked his fellow presidential aspirants/candidates, and the list goes on ad infinitim…first, he would not have become president and next, even if he did make it to the WH, impeachment proceedings would have begun within a couple weeks.

There is an abysmally low bar of respectability, credibility, and integrity for the current diabolical demagogue…a provocateur, prevaricator, and parasite. The presidency, congress, and SCOTUS have been bought and paid for by the lowest of the lowlife crooks and criminals albeit of the billionaire ilk.


Exactly why I didn’t vote for him the second time. I didn’t want to the first time, but family prevailed on me that this was to be an historic presidency. They were wrong.)

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Don the Con is a liar. And…?
The fundamental issue is that his party is placing its interests ahead of the democracy it purports to care about.
With sad inevitability, it is up to his party do actually do something about his dangerous masquerade.

I think Trump’s most ardent supporters are white supremacists. The working class people you refer really don’t like him, at least those who aren’t racists, but think they need change to get good paying jobs and have put their hopes in Trump having given up on the so-called establishment. But the central theme of his campaign was based on race and with regard to policy based on immigration and deportation. He started out several years ago claiming Obama was not born in the US. That got him solid support from the white supremacists. He just went from their.

The NYT could do this type reporting for a hundred years and still not offset the damage done by Judith “The Stenographer” Miller.

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Chris Hayes today showed some confrontation at the white house briefing,and brought up the subject of “fake news”. What some people don’t grasp is that there are kernels of truth in what Trump says. Trump just twists things around. Just about everyone knows that our political system and media are corrupt-----it is just excepted.
What truly shapes this republican “healthcare”(tax cut)plan?Most of the thirteen senators didn’t even know what was in the bill–but who did?The lobbyists!
What truly shaped the ACA-----it was written by lobbyists.
Yes the media will point out that their are lobbyists and talk about corporate funding of these politicians-but the media does not highlight how big a factor all these lobbyists and corporate money play in the decision making. If Chris Hayes or the NYT were doing their job this would be a daily issue of major importance.
This was a major theme in the 16 election,including from Trump,and yet it is quietly put aside by the MEDIA!

If Obama was agreeing to a 800B cut to medicaid the media would be howling.Trump said he wouldn’t touch medicaid.He said people would have cheaper health insurance and everyone would be covered. Is the media howling over these major blatant lies by Trump. No! Its just excepted as this is what the guy is about.

The real story of the day is that the elite of this country are trying to do the biggest transfers of wealth in American history----and they aren’t done trying!
A theme running through democrat senators and gov of Colorado comments were that the wealthy didn’t want these tax cuts. Protect the pay MASTERS.
There is so much BS in all this. How can republicans with a straight face say they care about the deficit when they want to give their masters a 800B tax cut.
In August these congress people will have to raise the debt ceiling----something these republicans have shut down the government because they want fiscal responsibility ----WHAT A JOKE!
---------------SUPPORT THE COMMONS--------


Yes, the Liar In Chief is a pathological depraved one-trick pony serving wealth and power at the expense of all else, and so are his advisers and Cabinet. All the people he chose to (continue to) destroy America and the promise of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to serve the masters of wealth and war are as corrupt, criminal, and narrow of experience as ever was - witness this criminal con-artist.


Obama knew exactly what his role was; and that was to serve the elites, plain and simple. He KNOWINGLY duped the American people about being someone who cared about them. And the American people fell for it; even though there was plenty of evidence around before the election exposing the fraud he was (if people cared to listen).

And they’re still buying his BS today.


To be a Rethuglican, one has to be a sociopath or possibly even
a psychopath, drunk on power/money; to place no value on
public service except as a cover for one’s schemes to defraud
one’s fellows. This definition is blatantly obvious in the personas
of LyinRyan and MalevolentMcConnell and TerribleTrump.[terrible
poetry but the best I can conjure @ this moment]/
Obama also lied to all of us,but did some good and was dignified.
His family and he represented us well in international courts.

Bill Moyers is part of the Establishment Elite, which only serves those in power. I’m seriously wondering if all of these ploys by “liberals” (including Elizabeth Warren) are merely a means to have Trump step down or impeached. Without a “President Trump,” it will be President Pence. I think that it is Pence whom the Elites actually want in power but he wouldn’t have carried the election. If he comes to power, then Hell on Earth will truly commence.

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Lrx, ardent supporters of Trump are white supremacists?
The working class has been abandoned by the Dems for the LGBT’s, Environmentalist’s, Globalist’s, et.al. and have now discovered that they no longer have enough voters to keep them in the majority. I can speak for the majority but Conservatives and Trump supporters don’t care what color you are or who you want to have sex with. We want our President and reps to follow the Constitution, as the Founders wrote it, not the Progs “living document” version.
There won’t be a consensus in this country if we don’t start sincerely listening to each other but it seems BAMN, #resist, BLM and other black clad protester’s are set on preventing those of a differing opinion from speaking.
With that said, who are the true fascists?

He is a difficult kind of liar to deal with because he doesn’t believe he is lying. He believes what he’s saying while it’s being said and believe himself when he says the exact opposite two sentences later.

Those are the hardest liars to deal with, much harder than the lying of spies who know they’re lying

Which animal can go lower than anyone, leaves slippery slime behind, and has the most fragile outer protection, so is easily hurt 24/7?

Sound familiar? A snail.