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"All-Out Assault on Science": Trump's Latest Executive Order Puts Expert Advice on the Chopping Block

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/17/all-out-assault-science-trumps-latest-executive-order-puts-expert-advice-chopping

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Any scientist that does not agree with me that global warming is a CHINESE HOAX, needs to be fired!


It is long past time for the government to remove this man who was not elected by a majority of the people but has put through radical and questionable changes to government. Impeachment now! Pelosi - get off your rear - and do your job or you become complicit in these crimes. This man must be held accountable and must be stopped!


He should have been put on administrative leave one month after the biggest inauguration crowd in history DIDN’T show up. And should still be on ice today.


Fascism and ignorance are ruling in US now as a dictatorship under Trump –

This is the way of Elite/Patriarchy using illegal and violent means to overcome
intelligence where it still exists. And they have long succeeded by those means.


This criminal will not be impeached as long as Nancy Pelosi protects him. She has no intention of taking him down because they’re both one percenters and because impeachment would result in subpoenas to Deutsche Bank, which likely also has dirt on Pelosi. It doesn’t matter what the Senate does with respect to impeachment. Let them go on record and go down in history for refusing to remove the man responsible for more damage to the United States than any other president.

The House investigation would give us hundreds of hours of media clips of our good Democrats interrogating lawbreakers under oath. These clips would be freely available to share on social media without interference from corporate-owned mainstream media. It’s a windfall opportunity for winning the presidency in 2020.

Remember, corporate-owned Democrats are using the useful idiot in the White House to their advantage. They are happy to have Twittler Trump out there distracting us all from their own unethical shenanigans. We need to start the process of recalling Nancy Pelosi right now before we run out of time and lose the opportunity to impeach Trump.


The assault on science is two-pronged. On one prong, you have the religious fundamentalists; on the other, the “free”-market capitalists. The former enjoy all the benefits of science when it suits them, but throw it under the bus when it contradicts their fantasies (especially around cosmology, evolution and women’s health). The latter exploit science to the max when it produces profits, and cry “the science is too uncertain” when it threatens profits. One group is delusional; the other malfeasant. Both are malignant.

Trump will continue to serve both as a very useful tool/idiot for both groups until the capitalists are done impoverishing the 99% (including the fundies).


Well spoken Spak.


Stay informed - Watch this 90 minute HBO Documentary if at all possible:

"Ice On Fire."

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You can ignore science all you like.

But that won’t make the consequences of being unprepared go away.


“This is another example ,” he said, " of how disconnected the Trump administration is from the needs of the American people and how to protect them from harm".

I have to slightly disagree with this, this is way bigger than Trump, and is the gop’s wet dream, as laid-out by ole Grover Norquest years ago. Trump is just doing their bidding, in the destruction of all US agencies that the people and environment benefit from and depend on. The “drown them in the bathtub” theme.

I can’t wait for the days when the people in the eastern half of the country will be doing their own hurricane predictions (think 1900 Galveston, TX), because after all, The National Hurricane Center’s predictions are based on science./s

Pelosi and the rest of the moronic centrists in Congress, were, of course, complicit in the election of Trump and therefore have been complicit in his crimes against humanity all along.

You have no clue in regard to my commenting here. But thanks for ranting in.

Where do you live Colorado? Take a look at Miami.