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'All Out Class War': GOP Bill Cuts Taxes for Private Jet Owners, Hikes Taxes on Students


'All Out Class War': GOP Bill Cuts Taxes for Private Jet Owners, Hikes Taxes on Students

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Increasing taxes on those already drowning in student loan debt to give the rich a tax break denounced as "the height of Republican insanity"


I’m betting billionaires taste like chicken. More research required…


But what about the students who take private jets to school? Isn’t this a plus for them? We shouldn’t be so dismissive of their needs.


It’s really good the Ds are running PSAs in all the states where Rs will vote for this, eh?

Yes, it is blatantly unfair. But using a student with a $30,000 yearly stipend (read free money) to soon graduate with a PhD and likely earn big bucks, is not a great example to make this case. For the record, I believe all education, including college, yes Harvard too, should be free. If Harvard feels the pain of its, for the most part privileged students, why don’t they find a tax law to alleviate the “suffering” or hey, cut tuition to match their three or four year tax bill, eh? In contrast to this millions of seniors in this country live on less than half the yearly stipend of this PhD student, and that’s for the rest of their lives, could be another 20-30 years.

Relief should be given to those at the bottom, you know the 47%, what’d Romney call 'em, “the takers.” I mean really, what a life, dumpster diving, used clothing, sleeping under trees. What the hell is wrong with this country. Now the top 5-10% and high-earning professional class are fighting over who among them reaps the benefit of cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. Nice.


We need to pressure Paul Ryan to stand in front of the cameras and answer direct questions from actual journalists rather than the stenographers in the mainstream media.

Mobilize people. It’s time to raise more hell.


Is it time yet to “Now” flood the streets of this country with every human being being negatively impacted by this Regime, and Demand their resignations?


Someone should put together a new cookbook with this in mind.

I’ve found marinating greatly enhances flavor.


I read that another proposal would eliminate deductions for state and local taxes—but FOR INDIVIDUALS ONLY, while corporations would still be allowed their SALT deductions.

Thanks, you skidmarks, for another big FU to the 99%. You had better hope that your base never learns the depth of your contempt for them.


Agree. A lot of oxygen is getting sucked up by Weinstein et al. at the moment. I suspect that’ll change once Medicare cuts make the headlines, I hope at least.


You really made me laugh.


…I ran an experiment by posting such stories from all over the web on my facebook page for 24 hours or so and no one clicked a “like” or responded in any manner…the folks I am exposed to there on “social media” are brain-dead…the propaganda machine is working wonders…


Conundrum: Would I want to marinate them in anything I would find tasty/healthy/safe?


Not sure about that…

the use of bots to trend can also be reversed to filter thus untrending

most every firewall is hackable too and the backbone has never been secure


Yes, but all this focus on peccadillos of public figures and the instead of discussion of substantiative issues is just the Herman-Chomsky propaganda model working as it should. And once we lose net neutrality, it will only get much worse.

Edward Herman, RIP.


I think pork since they are fat little pigs


I think that we have to be careful about this “99 percent” stuff. At least the whole upper 20 percent - most of them occupying the Republican suburban McMansion belts around the cities, are the enemies of the working class at least as much as the top 1%.


How many telephone poles are there from New York to California, just along I-80? They should look like the road from the old Rome to Jerusalem.


We need to make sure that Paul Ryan is out of office next year. Support the campaign of Randy Brice for Ryan’s seat.

I hope some commenters here will overlook the fact that he isn’t perfect (i.e. he doesn’t believe that Sept 11 and the recent mass killing were “inside jobs”, loves Assad, Putin, and the late Gaddafi, etc…)


To cite a line from “Eating Raoul”, it’s amazing what you can do with a cheap piece of meat. Republicans, however, have no nutritional value.


Utility poles are not normally run along interstate highways, but I get your point. Wasn’t it the along the Appian Way where those in Spratacus’ slave rebellion were crucified by the thousands?

I am Spartacus!!!