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All-Out War in Libya Predicted without Further Peace Talks


All-Out War in Libya Predicted without Further Peace Talks

Josh Butler, IPS News

UNITED NATIONS - Libya is teetering on the edge of all-out war, with a brutal stalemate and misery for civilians predicted unless a recent minor diplomatic breakthrough can be built upon.

The International Crisis Group (ICG), a non-governmental organisation working to prevent and resolve conflict, warned Thursday of a “dramatic turning point” in the “deteriorating internal conflict,” with a descent into social radicalism predicted.


Standard US/NATO script. Intervene covertly, and if that fails to install/sustain a vassal leadership, arm opposing factions no matter what their “ideology”. Then cue the media fear-mongering and hand wringing and crank up “something must be done” rhetoric to justify direct military action, either from US or " a coalition of the willing".

It’s crap, this one designed to clean up “Bengazi” in time for Clinton’s attempt to get another Dem “first” in the White House. First Black pres, first woman pres… so what, just more warmongering to destroy any opposition to the corrupted and bankrupt Bretton Woods/IMF/WTO/World Bank/US$-reserve-currency system.

The BRICS+ project is moving ahead and building international cooperation while the US/NATO tries to destroy any challenge to PNAC and The Grand Chessboard.

The rest of the world is about done with the US/NATO hegemony . They don’t hate you because of your freedoms, they hate you because you deny them their freedoms.

Only the US/NATO public doesn’t see this. One more step towards forcing a nuclear WW3. Stupid.


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