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All Remaining Charges Dropped in 'Infuriating' Freddie Gray Case


All Remaining Charges Dropped in 'Infuriating' Freddie Gray Case

Nadia Prupis, staff writer


Ms. Mosby is exactly right and it's refreshing, at least, to hear a DA say it. The reason cops get away with murder over and over is that the system is rigged for them to do so. Cops investigating cops is the problem and it goes all the way to the Chief and DA. I have never heard a DA acknowledge this as Ms Mosby just did. All the protesting by victims and witnesses is for naught unless the reforms she notes are accomplished.
The root cause at least has been named - this is the first step in holding cops that commit crimes accountable. Ms. Mosby needs our support to lead the Black Lives Movement in correcting this wrong. Nothing else has or will ever work. Chris Hedges understands this as well. Listen to his debate with Robert Reich on Democracy Now. Tough medicine but the answer to why on so many levels mankind continues to destroy itself - playing by the rules with reforms not getting to the real reason. Mosby is amazingly clear and refreshing in this most frustrating fight.


Yet another injustice to fester and add to the anger across this country.


Total, rolling non cooperation.



Freddie Gray's Crime :
Making eye contact with a Police officer and then determining to leave the vicinity.

Eyewitnesses claimed that Freddie's injuries occurred BEFORE he was put in the Police Van.
Stating that he repeatedly cried " Get off my neck! You're hurting my neck!" as other witnesses reported him being "...bent like a Pretzel." by Police.

Video shows him being taken to the Police van, held up by Officers, his legs dragging behind him.
Later Leg irons were attached to him. Adds to a good bullshit story about him still having use of his legs.

Of course the case against the Police would be lacking Evidence of Negligence DURING Freddie's Police Van ride if his spine was broken BEFORE he was put in the Van, as the Evidence of him being Dragged to Van shows.

It's turned my stomach to hear endlessly the Corporate Bullshit Version of his "Van Ride Induced Injury" repeated as if it were an Established Fact.


This outcome - impunity for police murder of Freddie Grey - was ordained from the very beginning of the attack and depraved indifference by police. Impunity for police crimes has been the MO in America for decades - forever - a separate system that makes a mockery of "Justice".

The belligerence and violence that has become the norm of police interactions with the people has risen to a level ALL citizens must protest and force change! If there is no justice for all, there is no justice for ANY! NONE of our so-called leaders - no police agencies - have ever put it all on the line to alter or abolish this pattern and increasing criminal assault on citizens - most notably our first "black" president!

The mechanisms of policing, the mindset and "training" of police, the complicity of "prosecutors" and the slanted "justice" system itself, are skewed and designed to protect police misconduct, abuses and crimes including murders - unnecessary and indefensible killings of people, mostly of color - men, women and children - that NEVER deserved, or did ANYTHING, to justify or warrant their killing at the hands of a violence-prone person who became judge, jury and executioner! We now experience what Palestinians have lived (and died) with for half a century!

ALL of the crimes by police would cause any other citizen to face competent prosecution and the full weight of law - justice - but it is not so as seen countless times for police!

No Justice, NO Peace!



This is heart breaking to me because it just could so easily happen to anyone but happens most often to those who are most defenseless against a loathsome legal system that eschewed justice in the face of color. What prominent white man or woman will have to be violated or murdered before change is recognized as a needed outcome? Let's not be surprised at the "blow back." And let's not blame the Russians!:flushed: