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All Sides in the Syria War Have at Least One Thing in Common: Slaughtering Civilians


All Sides in the Syria War Have at Least One Thing in Common: Slaughtering Civilians

Sonali Kolhatkar

Nearly five years after Syria’s Arab Spring revolt escalated into a civil war, the conflict has morphed into a wider regional war with no end in sight. Millions of Syrians have fled, and a quarter of a million have died. Now, a devastating new United Nations report reveals that government forces are torturing and “disappearing” tens of thousands of civilians in what amounts to “extermination” and “crimes against humanity.” The U.N.


Sonali writes... "If there is no clear path for the U.S. to take in Syria, it is because for decades Washington has deliberately undermined global multilateral diplomatic arenas and ensured that we are left with no functioning forum or pathway for ending brutal dictatorships or solving humanitarian disasters"
Truer words have never been spoken. Peace would come quickly in the Middle East and elsewhere if the U.S. public were able to elect politicians that are not beholden to special interests, particularly the MIC. Instead we're stuck with corporate fundamentalists who must support the Pentagon or be relegated to the side lines. While ISIS and Assad are responsible for so many deaths in the region, corporate influenced U.S. policies are the most egregious factor in destabilizing the region. Because our foreign policy is developed by sociopaths who have left corporate boardrooms to further enhance shareholder profits by manipulating government, the will of the 99% is completely irrelevant. Easy solutions such as assisting the Koreans to end the 66 year old war through unification or ending nuclear weapon stock piles by immediately pledging to "cease and desist" from building anymore and dismantling our existing bombs, are foreign policy initiatives that could materialize over night if only we had a truly representative government of the people. Instead we're stuck with the likes of HRC and the Republican clown car.


The claim that the US has killed 20 thousand insurgents and only 20 civilians is not "hardly conceivable", it is definitely "NOT conceivable." My best guess is that civilian deaths exceed insurgent deaths by al factor of somewhere between five and ten. And this is to say nothing of the number of refugees created.

Jim Shea


Exactly so SC, and let's not forget our "special ally" Zionist Israel and its corrosive subversive influence on our politicians, Congress, media and foreign policy - including up to her neck, HRC!


A timely piece of writing. Where on either side of the Atlantic can I find a reliable account of current events in and around Syria? Particularly concerning the humanitarian aspects, and the wider implications for the rest of the world.

This must be one of the most under-reported wars of international significance in my lifetime. I do not refer to the frustrating amount of dumbed-down platitudes and diplomatic plaster that we read in the MSM.

Anyone hear like to comment on this link I found? Limited Nuclear War Within 18 days as Saudis (and Friends) mass 350,000 troops, 20,000 Tanks, 2,450 Planes, 460 Helicopters for Syria Invasion? I would never have guessed it would play out in the way it is being presented here. I hope to God it doesn't happen. How could they be so stupid?


The U.S. does have a coherent policy in Syria. That policy is to not-so-covertly support Assad. Assad is murdering 10 people for every one the opposition kills. But Obama long since stopped talking about regime change in Syria. Today we have the U.S. France, the U.K. Russia and Iran all supporting Assad, one of the worst tyrants in world history. Yet idiot Americans and idiot French and especially idiot British then wonder, "gee, why would some of those young people want to bomb poor little us, innocent little us? Why indeed?


CD has excellent coverage of Bernie's presidential bid, good coverage of racist police shootings, but poor coverage of Syria/ISIS. I read articles on Syria posted in Information Clearing House.

One thing that is very clear is that the Syrian revolution and the emergence of ISIS did not happen on its own but with nurturing from the USA since as least as far back as 2011. Training has been supplied in Jordan and in and a continuous supply of weaponry from NATO countries Turkey and Saudi Arabia has continued via Turkey with the blessing of the USA.

Failure to interfere with convoys of oil to Turkey and weapons to ISIS has been admitted in the USA senate armed services committee. Only in the last month have those convoys been cut off, not by the USA, but by the Russian air force. Thus you can see that the war on ISIS has little basis in reality, and is one concocted in the media to justify a military presence to continue the overthrow of Syria.

In 2013, a false flag use of chemical weapons was made to justify the direct USA military overthrow of what was left of the Syrian government (as opposed to war by proxy). Putin and Assad publicly announced that Assad would turn over all of its chemical weapons stores to the UN. This extinguished the justification for a direct invasion. Later it became known that the weapon was not launched by the Syrian government, but by USA backed rebels.

That was Russia's first interference in the regime change. Putin's demonisation in the western media greatly increased from this point onwards. Russia has not interfered with the overthrow of Iraq or with Libya, but has stalled the overthrow of Syria, and I expect that even if the USA takes Syria, Russia will not permit the overthrow of Iran. Russia has interests in Syria, including a Russian navy base in Tartus, Syria. Russia will not want USA military bases on their Iran border too.

In late 2015 Russia intervened a second time to prevent the USA backed rebels (mostly Al Nusra (= AlQueda in Syria) and ISIS) from overrunning Damascus without direct USA military invention. The Syrian government forces have old run down equipent and its army is exhausted. Damascus would have been overrun by the well supplied Al Nusra and by ISIS in fairly short order without the Russian support, just as happened in Libya. The USA would then have made it its business to actually fight these so call rebels that they have nurtured

Ash Carter, the United States Secretary of Defense, recently claimed credit for cutting off the off the weapons convoys through Syria, although in reality this was accomplished by the Russia air power. The USA has not, in reality, interfered with the weapons convoys to ISIS strongholds in Syria, nor bombed those strongholds.

Wahington's response to the air support of the Syrian government military operation was this. I quote from the Wall Street Journal:-
> “In the past month of intensifying Russian airstrikes, the CIA and its partners have increased the flow of military supplies to rebels in northern Syria, including of US-made TOW antitank missiles, these officials said.” ... “Those supplies will continue to increase in coming weeks, replenishing stocks depleted by the regime’s expanded military offensive. An Obama administration official said the military pressure is needed to push Mr. Assad from power.”.

It is worth noting that the Assad Regime is popular in the government held south, despite constant demonisation in the western media, which is aimed at supporting the overthrow of Syria. Propaganda that demonises leaders of countries slated for demolition by the empire (Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, ...) is an integral part of the demolition process.


Do you have a reliable local source for your assertion that Assad is killing 10 times as many civilians as the opposition? Or did you mean the Syrian government kills 10 times as many rebels/terrorists as the rebel/terrorists kill Syrians?

You state Assad is "one of the worst tyrants in world history" - on what grounds, what is your eveidence? I can think of many tyrants who have committed far worse atrocities than Assad is accused of, even ignoring that the accusations are mainly unproven propaganda from his enemies and political opponants.

Finally, you call Assad a tyrant, but he is the legally elected head of the country of Syria, Just because US business and political insiders have decided they want to get rid of him, I do not agree that US or any other country has the right to decide to overthrow another government. US has gotten away with it recently in Iraq, Lybia, and Ukraine, but may finally be stopped in Syria. I hope so, for the sake of all of us who live in countries who have resources US businesses want to exploit!


Lotus: Have you considered Josef Stalin who is reputed to have killed 20 million Soviet citizens.



Alternative view.


The latter is an article which quite lengthy and details how this entire "Civil war" between freedom loving peoples and a ruthless dictator is a crock and fiction .


“We haven’t seen a catastrophe like this since World War II, and it’s unfolding before our eyes,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said last week.
* Unfortunately, now it is the US Fourth Reich that is emulating Nazi Germany, on steroids.
* It will be a tragedy if no one can stop it, not even its own people. Millions, perhaps billions will die as the Reich continues its endless black ops, its endless destruction, its ever expanding wars; all for profit, all for an increasing bottom line and power for the 0.001%.


The country has to be unified by Assad before the country is taken over by outsiders. As leader it is his duty. Would any other leader of the world let their enemies win?


So, in the United States we are caught up with an historic presidential election process obviously designed to distract the American people, always conscientious concerning the health of foreign peoples, from understanding the complex forces involved in the Syrian civil war. Yeah, right. Americans are, in general, so adept at navigating complex issues, eschewing simplicity.

So now for a word from out sponsor, a representative of the corporate-controlled infotainment system. This article is so unnecessary. I could probably go to the US State Department website to gather similar propaganda. Using the logic presented here, why isn't Abraham Lincoln a cold-blooded butcher who killed over 300,000 of his people? For some in the southern United States, they would agree,

As with so many "news" pieces we can read on The Internet, the current facts are usually accurate, but described in shaded terms that clearly identify who is wearing what color hats. However, the history, root causes, and context are blithely ignored.

There would be no Syrian Civil war were it not for the active program of "regime change" being used against Bashar al-Assad. As we all should know, the neocons in the US has has Syria in their sights for a long time, intending to overthrow the legally elected government. That was reported by General Wesley Clark back in 2007 when he reported having overheard as he was going into a meeting at the Pentagon shortly after 9/11 that said, “We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran”. Really? Aside from being behind schedule, the plan seems to be working.

If that fact is taken into account, nearly all of the responsibility for the bloodshed falls to the American people. If there was no civil war then there would be no poison gas, no barrel bombs, and NO ISIS. At this point, I don't know if there are any easy solutions but at the very least I think we should tell the truth about the current situation.


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Excellent post, you covered a lot that I missed in my subsequent post. What should be part of the current political discussion in the presidential campaign is how the Obama administration has used ISIS as an excuse to continue his campaign to topple Assad. I say that since the American people, in an almost unprecedented move in the 21st century, actually stood up against military action, in this case against Syria. As we see, though, despite that earlier objection, we are there anyway. I am beginning to think that the civilian commander in chief is no longer in control of the American military but since 9/11 we are living under a form of military coup.


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Our politics are so corrupted, operating behind a system that excludes candidates from third parties from the "debate", that demands silence from establishment candidates on "controversial" issues, or any that challenge the established power, like Jill Stein - the corporate media dutifully fulfills their roll to distort, hide, deceive and bamboozle the electorate. Sanders speaks-out and gets coverage on domestic issues, and that is good, but military spending and MICC "defense" is so entrenched and profitable, challenging that sector is a "third-rail" for candidates.

Hopefully we can make a good start on altering the power structure, and challenging issues that seem outside his focus at the moment, if Sanders can first beat the establishment candidates - getting big-money into the spotlight will lead (hopefully) to other critical issues being challenged......and changed.....

The message Stein brings to the conversation on the issues others will not, cannot, speak openly about, needs to be spread, to educate the people, but the media is so controlled her voice is stifled - and the Greens near death it seems - silencing, censoring candidates and manipulating issues must change but big-money guards the gates and too many shills muddy the waters.......Keep the faith!


So much of what we hear in the MSM and other news outlets is just propaganda and lies. The only truth we must believe is that the innocent continue to be slaughtered and dispossessed/displaced. The US and its allies, Russia, Assad and the other players all kill enemies and civilians, often in the most depraved, inhumane and impersonal ways - so easy to bomb a screen image, never seeing the bodies of the victims. Media/press truth-telling has been manipulated and propagandized to the point we cannot believe anything - the critical role of the press - the Fourth Estate - to any nation distorted beyond reason - as intended.

I recall the powerful speech by Paul Newman's character, Frank Galvin, in "The Verdict" and although I think in terms other than western religious dogma, it still speaks to truth.....and today's world of deceit.

"You know, so much of the time we're just lost. We say, "Please, God, tell us what is right; tell us what is true." And there is no justice: the rich win, the poor are powerless. We become tired of hearing people lie. And after a time, we become dead... a little dead. We think of ourselves as victims... and we become victims. We become... we become weak. We doubt ourselves, we doubt our beliefs. We doubt our institutions. And we doubt the law."


Thank you for an intelligent and aware response. People like you are what makes CD important to me.

My real concern is the ominous silence in the MSM. No thanks to them, and a crippling lack of political will in the right direction, the West is walking blindly into very deep waters. Humanity needs to wake up a lot faster.