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All the Fun of the (Arms) Fair This Sunday


All the Fun of the (Arms) Fair This Sunday

Joe Lo

This Sunday, families will gather in the Cotswolds to lay picnic blankets, relax in the sunshine and watch pilots perform incredible flying feats above them. Meanwhile in Yemen, 10,000 people have been killed in conflict, seven million are on the edge of starvation and more than 300,000 have contracted cholera. What links these two events? The planes and bombs which caused the latter may have been sold at the former.


How nice that the merchants of death and destruction get to enjoy a swell air show, and get to hobnob with each other! I hope it rains on their picnic!

The USAF, of which I am an 8 year veteran, has always put on free air shows The Navy does as well.
Many years ago, I used to take my family to these. Never again will I attend one, as I have known for years that their purpose is not entertainment, but P.R. designed to keep the public's support.


Let's get the masses aroused with the dildo$ of death.


With Trump's hands off carte blanche blank check military policy, the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) is enjoying its best year ever for both domestic and global war profiteering. I'm sure they will be lighting their cigars with hundred dollar bills and sipping from $300 bottles of champagne at this year's RIAT.


The cloak of commerce, in arms, is supported by PR displays sold as entertainment for the families to enjoy the show. I admit I like watching fighter jets putting on a good show. However, the reality is that warring is a profit generating industry and it certainly seems to be having good returns of late. What's never discussed are the human costs involved either in lives or resources that fund this vast industry. There really doesn't have to be a need for all the weaponry produced but the production of arms is now entrenched in the economy and to withdraw leaves many folks working in the industry without means for employment. This needs to be changed, the sooner the better. There are now more pressing problems to address than warring and production of arms.(i.e. global poisoning/warming, healthcare, education, etc.) It's time to re-prioritize resources and work on more pertinent issues.


As a Brit by birth, am dismayed and surprised that this goes on in England. Here, it's par for the course.


If the Wright Brothers, by perfecting heavier-than-air aircraft, had know what horrors would result from their invention, would they have still wanted to do it? They probably had this silly notion that aircraft would be used to enhance/save lives, rather than destroy them...


Every human technological innovation going back to the "club," a heavy rock with a sharpened edge lashed to a tree branch to thr "spear," a sharp stick has been weaponized.


You nailed it Joe Lo!