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All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men: Why Humpty Dumpty Can’t Be Put Back Together Again


All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men: Why Humpty Dumpty Can’t Be Put Back Together Again

D.H. Garrett

“While there is no use crying over spilt milk, when the cow and the grass have also died, there might be some call for remorse.” ~DHG


The second law of thermodynamics is a bitch.


Thank you for that! ".... just stop building walls..." Looks like deconstructionsim serves a purpose after all.


Thank you Mr. Garrett for this article and thanks to Common Dreams for publishing it. I see that Mr. Garrett is a former Foreign service officer. Good, because I am afraid he would have been asked to resign for publishing this article were he still employed there.

Now, it is important to point out that the extant system is run by a few people infected with extreme greed. The rest of us somehow need to contain them for the common good. The various presently sacred "ways of life" have got to go.



Common Dreams. My morning newspaper. Where you can read such heartening words.


I think more people must have the courage to continue to talk about global warming. I say again, I pass every day cars idling with people either sleeping in them, or with no on in them at all!
I just talked to my brother a day or so ago who shocked me with his saying he supports FRACKING!!!
He went on to say some gibberish about geopolitical economic reasons...
He was upset I said I wouldn't vote for Slickery, no matter what, and yelled what about the future of my
niece (who is 9)...
I thought about it and wrote him saying IF and only IF it is a close call between her and Cruz or Ryan
(as I think Trump will be kicked/drop out)...I would probably pull the lever begrudingly for Slickery., IF AND ONLY IF Bernie doesn't get the nomination (I pray he does)
I sent him an article regarding the destruction caused by fracking....no response
So much about worrying about his daughter's future...knowing my brother, he has fossil fuels stock.
Very status quo.


Why do so many writers avoid saying it, especially now:

the candidate who might even be able to start us back towards a truly "great transition" is Bernie!


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An article one has to go to RT to get as the media in North America will not carry this stuff. This more on that pipeline leak and reflects the systemic Culture of Corruption that exists at the Corporate level.

These leaks will happen over and over again because Corporations find it more profitable to build substandard pipelines. They are being rewarded with higher PROFITS.

Opposing the science of climate change is the reality of corruption for the sake of profits and even as our Governments pay lip service to wanting o address "climate Change" they are putting in tens of thousands of miles of these pipelines that say otherwise.

Humpty Dumpty is an apt metaphor for pipelines built by Corporations that for the sake of maximizing profits were never put together right in the first place.


Mr. Garrett chooses to use the term 'Great Transition' to describe what he feels our society needs at this juncture. It is not altogether inappropriate to ponder a transition, to negate the effects of another transition that started a few decades ago. That was when 'neo-liberalism' slowly morphed into corporate-government collusion, otherwise known as fascism. 'Neo-liberalism' was a term coined way back in 1938, initially to trumpet the benefits of curtailing government regulations in furtherance of commerce. Since then, its protagonists have stealthily moved to enlarge that benign sounding concept.

Fast forward to 2016, and we see the results of this 'transition': income is off-shored to hide from taxes, pollution controls are diluted, money is poured into politics to corrupt the democratic process, corporate and government employment go through a revolving door, income inequality grows to obscene proportions, to list just a few mortal threats to civil society.

What is needed in Mr. Garrett's Great Transition is a sea change in our mind set. Corrupt politicians should be thrown out of office, tax dodging outlawed, anti-social corporate practices sanctioned, and offenders jailed, not just fined. You may call it Great Transition to mollify the establishment types, but really it amounts to what Bernie Sanders labelled a revolution. Bold new legislation can only follow a courageous and revolutionary change in our hearts and souls.


If we want to see the "Great Transition" discussed here, it will take far more than electing Bernie. Our problems extend from our Constitution, a property rights document, and its fundamental flaws which allowed the Supreme Court to create corporate persons with Constitutional rights. Corporations and their CEOs have used these flaws to their advantage and the people's disadvantage for well over a century. Until our Constitution actually defines who we the people are, we the people will be unable to transition to a more just society. The people can only win by transforming the rules of the game; amending the Constitution on numerous fronts beginning with the We the People Amendment, which states that only natural persons have constutional rights and that spending money in elections is not a protected form of speech. Once the playing field is leveled, we can restructure. Bernie is so right when he says the game is rigged--has been since Day One. Imagine where we could go, what we could do, with the power of the people unleashed.