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All the Latest on Trump’s War on Our Public Postal Service

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/31/all-latest-trumps-war-our-public-postal-service

“Neither rain, nor sleet nor snow…” That’s what the post office is set to do. Of course there is more information about it than that…but Mr. DeJoy is undermining an American institution-------and an institution that works for ALL the people, simultaneously! Congress can’t even do that!
if that mean spirited ugly little DeJoy man keeps eroding the USPS, then as we watch in horror, all kinds of government people will be doing the same thing!
If there is no TRUTH and no JUSTICE coming from the government----then we don’t have a functioning government------and sooner rather than later, a neo 1789 will be coming to America…and I think it will be a horrific time, : (

Should DeJoy be appointed to be our Ambassador to the planet Venus, and mailed there with the aid of NASA as soon as a suitable rocket is available? Don’t bother with a robot to help him stand up after he lands there.

DeJoy has committed two crimes that we know of, he has destroyed millions of dollars worth of government equipment. Charge him, convict him, and demand restitution for every dollar in damages to said property, then sentence him. Anyone of us could expect nothing less, if we were in his shoes.