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All the Lying

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/13/all-lying-2


How good is that!!! Cheers!!!


We need a LOT more of this. Props to Dáte. Can we get another?


he doesn’t regret lying–it is the honored common practice of all politicians–both parties–all the “leadership”, business and corporate interests, and most of the media lie to us every day-at every turn --and when they are not outright lying --they are gas lighting as hard as they can–remember the old aphorism–“when can you tell a politician is lying to you ?–his/her lips are moving”


Keep on telling it like it is, Date!

The link to Hoff Post:


Kudos to Date.That question should be put to the Cheeto faced shit gibbon every time there is a press conference, and also many others such as why are you such a vindictive, narcissistic jerk?


Lying got Trump to where he is today.

And the time for the press to confront him about it came and went.
Now all they’ve got is too little, too late – after the damage has been done.

On the other hand, hardcore rightwingers love those lies and some really dumb ones even believe them.


every president we have had has lied through his teeth to us–about war-national security-the economy-criminal justice-whether there is money to fund things(amazing how trillions appear for the corporations when they have been lying to us about the deficit and the need for austerity for decades)-as long as the American public accepts the lies from our so called leaders we will have lying politicians


LOL Speak the truth and shame the Devil. You could almost hear Trump’s enormous balls shriveling up.


The point is the quantity and magnitude.
This guy lies more than any person who has ever held the office, he lies ALL the time, every time, and he needs to pay for the destruction he has waged.

Everyone lies, everyone on this page lies.

But giving the generic BS pass, “all politicians lie” is letting our worst president off the hook.
Any reason you want to let him off?


if there is a God, please have corona give Rump a visit, stay, and do its job!
Additional members of his swamp joining him would be and extra thank you.


Finally! FINALLY! Someone has said what must be said; To call Cheeto out as a liar and a fraud. Way to wail, Date! May your fearlessness inspire others to begin the same. You’re our man of the year.


Doing a bit of gaslighting yourself, ricky. Nobody lies as much as the Lyin’ King.

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his niece mary answered that in her book. everything trump is he learned from his daddy.


It seems to me that tRump knows that there are these two words: “truth” and “lie”;
but he does not know (or care) that they are opposites.


All politicians stretch the truth. It was, until recently, that when caught in their lie (especially if it was sexually related) they would be humiliated and perhaps finished. All that is over with this Liar in Chief. If all reporters and citizens practiced their right and courage to speak up like reporter Date did we’d have a better world.


Oy…there is a large cohort of the American public that will believe anything you tell them if the person saying it is an “authority figure”. To the point they will pass a lie detector test if asked. Now a new Birther movement has crawled out from under the rocks. And the absolute idiocy they believe and then spew about Covid and wearing masks…well, I know it was futile, but I finally took one of those Tea Baggers/Birthers by the horns yesterday. She’s someone I’ve known all my life, a true believer of Rah-Rah GOP Christian variety. And has been trying to convert me to her religion.
I told her Covid is not a hoax, or made in a lab in Wuhan. And that wearing masks along with the other protocols is the best way to date to limit exposure. I then went on to tell her people are dying because of the lies and idiocy her cohort is spreading.
If we want to stop the liars, we have to stop the lies. Meaning…call them out. Ask for their sources. Tell them that if it’s Fox News or some bible thumper it’s not a valid source. I want a Dr. Fauci. I want the team of experts guiding the Canadian government. And stop trying to force a Wiccan to convert. We remember the Burning Times, when perhaps as many as 10 million women were killed by Christian zealots.


Poison control hotlines were inundated after Trump promoted bleach as a Covid cure.
But willfully ignorant people like your “friend” are going to tell us what’s what.

Perhaps you saw the NYTimes report on the rate of actual deaths by region in 2020 (aka, the age of Sars-CoV-2) compared to historical averages. The comparison reveals that the current official death tally for Covid is an under count of roughly 60,000. So we’re already sitting at 230,000 dead in six months.

A bad seasonal flu season – with a vaccine, without masks and social distancing – results in 60,000 dead.

I’m extremely frustrated by the inability/refusal of so many of my fellow Americans to embrace a little goddam responsibility right now. I mean, WTF is so hard about following some basic rules and a tit-for-tat with other citizens? Why is a public health matter being turned into a political game? The religious types who catch Covid in church – well, it’s hard to feel sorry for the dumbasses.


You say enormous, I say tiny, but we can agree with the shriveling part. :)))


Right On!!!
Kick their Bible thumping, ignorant cult, lying Butts

Good Job

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