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All the President's Men With Penises—and No Women With Vaginas—Going to Bat for Anti-Choice Brett Kavanaugh


All the President's Men With Penises—and No Women With Vaginas—Going to Bat for Anti-Choice Brett Kavanaugh

Jon Queally, staff writer

Scanning an official list of White House-vetted endorsements and congratulatory statements issued in the wake of President Donald Trump's nomination of right-wing and anti-choice jurist Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday night, observers noticed an interesting pattern: all the people quoted have penises, but not a single one has a vagina.


Problem is half the women in the country only vote on the anti abortion issue. It is an incomprehensible motivating policy point that has made women both oppressed and crazy. The anti abortionists are zealous to the extreme.


If Collins or Murkowski vote to confirm this Penis, it will show the women of this country, these two Senators have “no” allegiance to Womens Rights.


So, it begins… Jeepers. 20 years ago, a woman, who was, and is, a very bright, funny person, broke up with me because we were “too different”; I had commented at the time on what was going with Bill Clinton, and the conversation somehow got around to another topic, and she mentioned a Republican candidate for some Congressional office. I said something like, “he’s a dope when it comes to workers’ rights,” she said, “but he’s against abortion.” I said, there’s a bigger picture, you can’t be a one-issue voter. That essentially sealed my fate. Nothing mattered to her, and apparently to many voters, except a candidate’s stand on abortion. A President, Senator, or Representative could send possibly millions of soldiers to their death(s) for any number of reasons, but if the President, Senator, or Representative opposed abortion, he or she would be OK. I couldn’t believe it then, and I still can’t.




20 years and you never caught on. Men controlling women’s bodies makes them chattel again. She was correct to get out. You had no skin in the game. It makes no difference to you whether it’s legal or not. It changes her life massively if she’s forced to have a child she didn’t want. You do realize men sometimes get women pregnant without intent to have a child? They’re just having sex. Same with women. However, they can’t just walk away. They have to make a life changing decision, and put up with men who would demand to make the decision for them, or, put up with men who have no care what so ever what her skin is in the game(your position) and if she’s even allowed to make her own decision. She was correct to get out.


Where do you get the 50%?


women, unite


There are a number of women that “have “no” allegiance to Women’s Rights”. I have to assume that they envy the power conferred on the men in power and want to partake of that power. There are a lot of women in congress and elsewhere that do not vote with a vagina/skin in the game, but with the power that a penis confers. Don’t want to offend those men with a penis! Voting for a vagina for SCOTUS or anything else does not guarantee the rights of women to their own bodies. Just sayin’…


I don’t think you read his comment. He was the one supporting women’s choice. She was the one opposing a woman’s right to choose.


I’ve spent my entire life watching this issue be used as a political football between red versus blue, corporate-controlled puppets who have nothing but contempt for either side. They see it as a useful distraction, and it has been.

I’m not going to fall for it anymore. And all I have to say is, don’t you fall for it either. Any egalitarian and technologically advanced culture would do everything possible to ensure that no one ever has to face the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. That means research funding of scientific breakthroughs other than blowing children up in an endless parade of resource wars. Such as side effect free, safe, easy, reliable birth control. That means equal access to all forms of medical care for all of us, to ensure that no one need do without the latest and best that research has to offer.

Just wait, this will be the Blue No Matter Who 2020 rallying cry. It’s not going to work on me, and I hope it doesn’t work on any of you, either.


I wasn’t speaking then, nor do I now, of controlling women and their bodies. Women are smart enough to that themselves. My girlfriend at the time was the one who was, and likely still is, anti-choice.


Ah, sorry. Thank you for the correction.


Thank you for the correction. I read your comment wrong.