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All the Presumptive Nominee’s Men


All the Presumptive Nominee’s Men

Michael Winship

Right after Barack Obama’s election in 2008, I flew off to Australia and New Zealand to attend a conference and take some vacation time. At the end of the long flight, when I got to Sydney, I picked up one of the local newspapers and read that the president-elect had chosen Rahm Emanuel, poster boy for corporate Democrats and the status quo, to be his chief of staff.


"...If for some reason you aren’t already appalled by the specter of a con artist occupying the Oval Office..."

I don't how anyone cannot be appalled. Is there a con artist vote?


FDR had no better pool to chose from than today's candidates do.

As Governor of New York during the Hoover Administration FDR was the only Governor to enact State relief programs for victims of the depression...very significant "ideas that were different from Hoover".


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We must remember that FDR had Elanor and Henry Wallace at hand for advice, as well...


As a supporter of Clinton, and one who never criticizes her actions in regard to her subservience to corporate governance, it makes no sense that you would on the other hand be anything but satisfied with Obama Con Artistry.


As interesting (and horrible) as this is, Hillary's choices are as bad or worse as both will be choosing from the same pool of corrupt men and women (Wall Street, Big Banking, Neocons, War Lovers, arms merchants, etc.). It's who they are and you can always tell who the person is by the company they keep. Do to vote for Trump or Hillary. A vote for either of the is affirmation that you like them and like their policies. A vote for the lesser evil sends no message at all.


Voting for a lesser evil DOES send the message that the voter is enabling both evils to become more evil in the next election, a progression that has continuously pushed both parties' agendas further rightward for the past 40 years.