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All the Times the US Allied With Soleimani Against Common Enemies, Giving Him Air Support at Tikrit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/11/all-times-us-allied-soleimani-against-common-enemies-giving-him-air-support-tikrit


The ultimate betrayal. And the United States pretends not to understand terrorists.


A great article, which confirms the ultimate takeaways.
The US cannot be trusted.
The Iraq war was a colossal and ongoing blunder.
Outside of violence, the US has no coherent policy in the MidEast.


One reason we will likely not see in our lifetimes the complete dismantling of all the worlds nuclear weapons is that the USA can NEVER be trusted.

They are the single largest impediment to peace in the world and it no accident they have been waging wars on others for 90 percent of their history.


During the Raygun regime during the 80s the US supported Saddam Hussein against Iran and the Taliban against the USSR in Afghanistan, so churning foreign policy is nothing new. By the end of the 20th century the GOP became the American Taliban Party.


Great article. The crimes of the American Empire pile up like the tallest mountain.
We stride the world, using people as pawns, killing them at will.
Our dangerously ignorant and dark-hearted president can use the world’s most brutal military to do his personal bidding.
We could all end up like Soleimani.

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