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All the Wars and Coups of President Ted Cruz


All the Wars and Coups of President Ted Cruz

Juan Cole

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, one of three Cuban-Americans in the Senate, is throwing his hat into the ring for the 2016 presidential race today. Cruz has made a career out of slamming President Obama for being weak and presiding over the collapse of countries like Yemen (as though Cruz could have done anything about that if he had been president. I figure if you total them all up, Cruz has called for six or seven strong US interventions abroad, whether in the form of invasions, air strikes, or covert coups d’etat.


Ted Cruz: " bomb them back to the stone age". Only an insane psychopath would make a statement like that! Yeah, and Ted do not forget to add: bomb, bomb… bomb Iran, back to the stone age. People like McCain the insane and Cruz are the inmates that have taken over the asylum!


You’re right, of course… but what’s most sickening is that they take these postures as whores for the weapons’ manufacturers, war profiteers, Israel, and other martial entities.

Although less than half of eligible voters vote; and of them, perhaps half would actually vote for these toxic walking waste dumps… the fact that some do–most of them holding as their religion the god of guns–is quite unsettling.

As I wrote in a novel 24 years ago, it would make sense for the world to just give the retarded warrior clones a continent like Australia. Then, they can be free to bomb the Be-Jesus out of one another and leave the rest of humanity alone. I think it’s worth it. How much is Australia worth? How much has been wasted on wars since Vietnam?

it’s a strategic incentive in the form of a continental shift away from WAR AS the centerpiece of Disaster Capitalism’s spreading Shock Doctrine.


Excellent reply! The only thing I might add is instead of Australia, there are thousands of uninhabited islands in Alaska that would be suitable for what you propose.


In listening to Ted Cruz’ speech announcing his candidacy, I was struck by how closely he followed the 2008 Obama rhetoric. It was all about his life story as an embodiment of the American Dream. Much of what he said about providing opportunities for the American people could have been said by Obama - even his cadence was reminiscent of the one term Illinois Senator.

Cruz appeals to a different category of core supporters among the working class, i.e. Evangelical whites as opposed to African Americans, but he is no more likely to do anything for his base than Obama has done for his. Working class slobs of any color do not appeal to such candidates when they can hang with such celebs as Elie Weisel or Beyoncé, Prince Charles or Bibi Netanyahu

Both gentlemen are products of Harvard and as top flight attorneys, they can argue effectively for policies without necessarily believing in those policies. Obama makes a good case for acting to reverse climate change, while championing the use of coal and oil. Cruz professes disbelief in climate change but, if elected president, will doubtless proceed with the same policies of the past 6 years.

As to launching wars, which concerns Professor Cole in this article, Cruz would doubtless favor war in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan, Venezuela etc. while playing it more cautiously with formidable opponents like Russia or Iran - the same polcies as carried out by his fellow Harvard alum for the past 6 years. No, I don’t think we need to panic if this solid member of the power elite is elected in 2016, even if his style may not appeal to liberal sensibilities.


Only a deranged, lying, psychopathic politician would come out with such rancid drivel as this, drivel that is nonetheless eaten up by the teabuggers (as nauseating as that might sound). The only politician who could be considered even more heinous than this evil Pee-Wee Herman doppelganger is the diabolic Hillary. As you enter her domain of madness, look at the sign above you:

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate – Abandon all hope, you who enter here.


I think you make a good point about these individuals who are lawyers, but are so engrossed in the letter of the laws they forget the spirit. Which is interesting, given that law school requires meticulous attention to detail and some level of critical thinking. Someone once told me a law degree is a "recitative’ degree, where having a good memory trumps all other qualities. Seems that in Cruz’s case, this may be true.


Maybe that quote would be more appropriate than the one on the Statue Of Liberty! Especially, if Hitlery is selected as the next presidential quisling for the .01% !


Perhaps Ted can borrow GWB’s flight suit that he wore while landing on the U S S Lincoln carrier announcing victory. With that suit, Cruz could then be the GIB on a Navy F-18 SuperHornet on its way to bomb, bomb, bombing any number of countries. Rest assured, he would let loose a load of his own on the first sortee. The GOP sure is beating the bushes (as the saying goes) to conjure up a ticket in the 2016 election…and all manner of beasts are rearing their heads.


Wow, Cruz sounds crazy because he just spouts forth the same kind of foreign policy that Obama and Clinton pursue?


While understanding where you coming from , the list of uninhabited islands that have been stripped of all life , bird, plant animal and insect so that the Men of War can test their new weapons systems is legion. That LIFE did nothing that would warrant occupation and destruction by those that can only kill.

Even the moon is not deserved of them.

For them something like that unreal world shown in the Matrix is needed and there they can kill and murder and maim and destroy without taking everyone and everything else with them.


My post was meant to be facetious. And I agree with you.