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'All the Way Up to POTUS': Ousted Ambassador to Ukraine Names Trump in Testimony Over Smear Campaign Led by Giuliani

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/11/all-way-potus-ousted-ambassador-ukraine-names-trump-testimony-over-smear-campaign


Back when I was young, naive, and believed in the u.s., I thought only shit like this happened in novels. Well, needless to say, I now believe more in the Easter Bunny than in ANYTHING that D.C. has ANYTHING to do with. Truth nowadays will always lose out to innuendo and LIES, especially coming from corporate-owned media! Oooops! Sorry. Now it is more politically correct to say “MISSPOKE” than calling a lie a damned LIE!!! (Easier and more palatable to push as reality)


The House has way more than it needs to impeach Grifter right now.
Call Pelosi and other House members and tell them to focus on everything impeachable, not just the Ukraine crimes, but ALL of Grifter’s crimes.
Anyone who defies subpoenas should go to prison immediately or to the Tower of London, to face the same fate as Anne Boleyn.
Thanks to the ambassador for telling the truth!


THAT, David, is the key and what will shine a light on the depth of his corruption and, hopefully, bring many more to the reality of his BULLSHIT and EVIL! (Course, I doubt ANY truths exposed will have an effect on the morons that follow KING MORON.)

If politics wasn’t evolved into a team sport/party line idiot fest, maybe the aisle would disappear and “The Grfter” would be gone.


Well, it looks like the before-the-tea-party GOP wants to rescue their party as this current crop is as far from Lincoln’s party as earth is from the moon. Best wishes to them. Conservatives need to channel their conservatism in conserving our eco-systems. Once these monsters such as Trump, Pompeo, Mitch are gone at least two more parties need to be either re-invigorated or recreated to balance the two wings of the one business party.


It sure looks like this is going to play out just like Iran-Contra. You remember when cia director william Casey supposedly had a massive stroke just a day or two before he was to testify? And then every successive witness called suddenly pointed the finger at Casey?
That’s how this shit show is going to end. All fingers will point to Rudy running some rouge operation of his own, while the rest of the Trumpettes will grasp their pearls and fall towards their fainting couches.


You lie? Goodbye! Impeach 'em out! Peace


We need RANKED voting – possibly state by state cause no movement by the
parties to do it – as Maine now has … will enable third parties to compete with
the two national fake parties colluding with one another.

Trump in Minneapolis last night playing on C-span today –
but haven’t found the Ambassador on C-span yet.

The rally was like the children’s hour – verging on frat night without the booze.
Is this how Trump also plays out with his family members?
Is this how his family spoke to Trump?

That Trump is able to get away in 2019 with this kind of hate-filled rally is frightening.
It’s not just the foul mouthed behavior which the audience love, it’s the fact that Trump
gets away with it – so far.

Let’s also remember that Nixon existed largely on anti-depressants and liquor after the
DNC break in at the Watergate. Trump doesn’t drink –


What good will ranked voting do if our choices are so limited? I support the idea but more than even that we need to have more than two wings of the business party along with publicly funded elections and the return of real debates with the Women’s League of Voters. This is diverse nation of over 300 million people, after all. Lastly, we need a system that can quickly remove the head of state via Parliamentary vote of no confidence. The Green Party and any other party need the same equal status as the two corporate parties and the media will not be able to sideline them as their ideas will reach the public. Also, time to rid ourselves of the Electoral College which will make gerry mandering a moot point.


What good will ranked voting do if our choices are so limited?

For starters, the Greens, Libertarians, etc. would get enough votes that they would pass the threshold for public funding. They would then be able to offer the choices you seek.


Beyond inept leadership on trump’s part, this ousted ambassador didn’t reveal anything impeachable.

And I can’t help but note that Ted Lieu is tarring Rudy with the same brush as Hunter Biden. Well-connected Americans were lining up to cash in on Ukrainian deals. Hunter got one, Rudy and his associates seem to have been shut out. And every time someone whispered in Rudy’s ear, he was receptive to the dirtmongering.

Beyond that, the story of Rudy and the prisoner swap involving one his clients (discussed in the oval office with Rex Tillerson who objected and Trump, who deferred) in today’s NYTimes is hilarious – Rudy lost that negotiation and frankly, looks like a clown:

Since Trump is locking innocent kids up in border cages, the least the House of Representatives could do is lock up subpoena scoffers and no-shows up in similar cages. Soap and toothpaste optional.


Agree in the sense that TrumPutin takes absolutely no responsibility for his actions and will throw anyone and everyone else under the bus to protect his Cheetos hide.

However, TrumPutin the autocrat insists on doing everything himself (because of his very stable genius) and is the primary figure here. By contrast, Reagan was famously hands-off right from the start, and for Iran/contra the “firewall”* was based on “plausible deniability” so that North could point to Poindexter, who could point to Casey, who could then tell always-credulous Chief Stenographer to Power Bob Woodward that, “I believed.” (Believed what?)

The most ominous aspect is that William Barr, either the “Coverup General” (William Safire’s phrase) or the “Attorney Specific” (David Cay Johnston’s), is present in both instances.

  • Firewall is also the title of Iran/contra Independent Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh’s excellent account of his stymied investigation.
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Giovanna –

Well, we’re also losing on the Electoral College front because the votes
that Dems lose often go to Greens – and if there is a second choice/Dems were
counted then it would make it more difficult for an Electoral College win to carry (imo).

Keep in mind we’ve had 4 years since 2016 – and no one has worked on RANKED voting!
Or to make the public more familiar with what it entails. Why? Pretty much all other nations
have it.

And we need to get rid of the computers – with or without a paper trails – because they can
be hacked. We’ve been voting on them for 50 years and more now and they’ve only delivered
very questionable, odd right wing results that were not believable.
They’re hack-able not only over telephone lines but now via satellites.
Germany and Ireland have junked them. Germany as “un-Constitutional.”
Notice the effect that Bernie Sanders has had on other Dem candidates – Warren,
Beta, etal – even Biden! They’ve had to adopt his positions on many issues.

Granted, we aren’t far enough yet – only Sanders is the true candidate –
Warren is Wall St. and “a capitalist to my bones!” –
Biden is a corporatist galore – betrayer, dirty-deed doer for the establishment.
Tulsi may be the most interesting – anti-war - ?
Beta has followed with his attacks on assault weapons and hope he goes further to
pushing the party to return to full gun regulation and return to “Militia” as basis of the
2nd which stood for more than 100+ years.

Yes, on publicly funded elections, but then you still have the corporate-media to deal
with – cause we need true public funding of all our free press – the original regulations
having been overturned, i.e., PBS, NPR as public news/government funded.
Completely overturned now. Originally 37% or 39% of the time was to be devoted to
non-entertainment issues.

I certainly don’t want to see a return to “real debates” as we’ve had before. We get
scripted answers – there are deals made for audience participation, for questions asked,
etal. Have a theme – yes – but then leave the candidates to offer whatever they want on
the subject - be spontaneous – and let the public decide. NO WIRES.

Notice that Our esteemed Founders didn’t give us a “quick way” to remove the head of
state as UK Parliament has. And as a result of this corrupt and criminal right wing co-option
of our government, we now have a right wing Supreme Court . . . Garland vs Gorsuch – and
then McConnell gave us Kavanaugh in another round of lawless governing with very little
protest from Democrats in Congres – or the nation!

And, yes – Parliament does it better – the PM is considered head of the party … until
he nolonger is by a non-confidence vote. So they both go down together. Or rise together.
Here, we make EXCEPTION of the Pres and VP in votes disconnected from the parties
themselves which we are now coming to understand are more like private clubs working
for Elites.

You’re saying the Electoral College is more powerful because of Gerry-Mandering …
but it’s based on GOP (mainly) dividing areas in states in ways which undermine minority
areas and divide them, while increasing the areas where “whites” prevail and further
empowers them. Therefore, it’s effecting all votes including statewide.
And I guess there are many more complications of the Gerrymandering and Electoral
College that are not common knowledge. (?)

The Supreme Court as it exists now – and I’m sure it will come into play again with Trump
because of the Impeachment – has to be remade – either by impeaching members or by
other means like increasing the number of members – and maybe others here have other

But certainly there are grounds to impeach Roberts/Brooks Bros. fascist rally –
Thomas/where more than a dozen women were not heard who could testify to his
sexual harassment of women at the EEOC either by their own personal experience
or by having witnessed it. And, of course, Kavanaugh.
Gorsuch should be removed because of the fakery of his appointment by McConnell -
and McConnell be removed from the Senate because of his unethical behavior/lies.

The right wing makes no sense – it hurts our brains –
the public knows better – common sense dictates some form of what we are both saying.

We’re objecting to corporate candidates – but look at the US government agencies being
turned upside down by corporate appointees who are reversing the agendas/missions of
those agencies.

UGH – these things continue to pile up and become too much for us to deal with because
so much insanity is allowed to go on and on.


testimony in closed session leaked out within 5 minutes.
This is also corruption of trust.

The good leakers and whistle blowers vs. the treasonous bad ones is rich in Swamp Hypocrisy, no doubt. What Congressional horseshit, btw.
Skeptic Tank has a very good comment on this Impeachment Inguiry. Where’s the burning fire? It should be lit under someone’s crooked arse quickly or this just becomes another Swamp Soap Opera. The Democrats really need to put some of Trump’s minions in the basement jail. Which is under the hallowed halls, of course.
Photos would be nice, too.


Very nice she came forwards. Perhaps others will as well. Trump and his enablers are little better than government-sponsored organized crime.


Here in Vermont the VT branch of the Women League of Voters is working very hard on getting it past. I only use paper ballots myself.

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What can we expect from idiots that revere news from the news room of that lily white American spawned idiot Rush Limbaugh and apostle Sean Hannity. Do these people actually believe the manure they spread?

nearly every person associated with trump campaign, transition, executive jobs seems to be there to grab easy money. as an example: Kushner borrowed 500 to 700 million dollars within the past 90 days. Some write on common dreams that this alone provides Saudi royal family the power to have us send more US army there plus extend deployments for over 10,000 already in the area of Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi. If peace breaks out = rejoice.

And we rake Hunter for a lousy $50,000 per month - and I do not yet know if this was personal or distributed through his law firm. Likely cost Biden the nomination because Americans struggling to buy groceries and educate childrens are disappointed, ticked off, and ready to reject the east coast tories from both do nothing parties.

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