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"All Those Babies Are Dead. All Those People Are Dead': Eddie Glaude Jr. Apologizes for Injecting Heartfelt "Moralizing" During MSNBC Roundtable on Gaza Massacre


"All Those Babies Are Dead. All Those People Are Dead': Eddie Glaude Jr. Apologizes for Injecting Heartfelt "Moralizing" During MSNBC Roundtable on Gaza Massacre

Jon Queally, staff writer

In what seemed to at least one observer as a rare moment in which a guest commentator "overloaded the circuits of the corporate media robots," Princeton University professor of religion and African studies Eddie Glaude Jr.


A moment of humanity from prof Glaude. Thank you sir. Unfortunately he immediately walked it back and the disgusting hostess blamed Hamas for Israeli massacres.
These people are so driven to become the 1% of infotainment stars they will say anything. Empty shells of humanity.


We need to be able to talk openly about Jewish crimes, and not silenced by the antisemitic charge.


It’s Israeli crimes. Referring to Israeli crimes as Jewish crimes IS antisemitic.


The Jews responsible for this horrible slaughter lack the humanity they were born with, as do all mass murderers.

It is our responsibility as those who recognize this behavior as immoral, deviant, and against the laws of mankind, and demand their arrest, prosecution, and execution or incarceration.


Love it … love it …love it …he stated that perfectly all of it . I posted this on my home page


Three cheers for Eddie Glaude! So refreshing to hear the plain and simple truth on mainstream media! A rare moment, indeed!


That’s like saying to the children in the Children’s March of Birmingham it was their fault that Bull Connor attacked them

He countered the Hamas blame with this statement. He may have walked it back (his ‘dead children’ statement) by apologizing, but he never backed down from the immoral reality of the situation. They won’t be inviting this dude on air anymore, at least not to talk about Palestine.


That’s the last time Eddie will be on MSNBC.
We can’t have people telling the truth on a Government approved propaganda program.


This one is even better. I’m sorry it’s from facebook, but I can’t find it on the JVP website. It is well worth the watch, Noura Erakat tells it like it is. They won’t be having her on CBS News again!


Check out the YouTube Secular Talk news show.
The host Kyle is always talking about how the mainstream corporate media engages in constant Orwellian double-speak.


Not much of a difference, since most of their leaders consider the country a “Jewish state” or the only “country for Jews,” etc. etc.


doesn’t seem to be a live link


I expect Eddie won’t be allowed on ANY “mainstream” (corporate) TV show again, no matter the subject


The sin of a sign of heart among the soulless


So moral indignation is not allowed. We owe allegiance to the king but we are still responsible for our soul.


Thank you, I tried it again, but CD eliminates the link after I post it, but if you click on the facebook.com above the picture, it takes you to the video.


Great link! Thank you.


Or you can click on Jewish Voice for Peace at the bottom of the photo–that works as well.


Okay, that worked. And that was amazing, that such an exchange was allowed on corporate US TV. That the newscaster didn’t cut her off with technical difficulties or breaking news about kittens