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"All Those Babies Are Dead. All Those People Are Dead': Eddie Glaude Jr. Apologizes for Injecting Heartfelt "Moralizing" During MSNBC Roundtable on Gaza Massacre


“news about kittens”–thank you for the best laugh I’ve had in several days–I’m still laughing as I type this.


I’ll be looking forward to starting to see him on the online more progressive outlets like Democracy Now and Jimmy Dore then.


What kind of people bring infant children to a scene which they know is going to be violent. The Palestinian people may very well have a case against Israel. Putting your children in the line of fire is not the way to make that case.


Noura Erakat was amazing! Thank you for sharing this.


Or not?
Wait, this happened on MSM twice in one week, and people are saying it is an accident? I really doubt it. Someone is trying to break the freaking cold icy attitude toward killing of Middle Eastern human beings. These people were predictable, known to be opinionated.


Cat, I can’t thank you enough for your post. I had not seen that interview (don’t have tv). Noura is awesome.

I can’t wish anything painful enough for nutenyahoo, Dump, or his monster children…or any of the other monsters, either, for that matter.


Wrong. Israel does not equal Jewish and Jewish doesn’t equal Israel…any more than America equals Dump repukes or Dump repukes equal America.
There are lots of Jews, in and outside of Israel, who are adamantly opposed to nutenyahoo’s murderous hegemony and apartheid. But look where the power, money, and guns are. Not with them…


Yes. Yes. Yes.

No system of dominating power is actually monolithic, though those temporarily on top always like to believe otherwise, and always attempt to make it so…

Every dominating power move elicts resistance from Life itself. (This is Common Sense. This is transcultural indigenous wisdom. For a modern scholarly expression of this Common Sense, try Thomas Kuhn, Michel Foucault, and/or Morris Berman.)

For while Life involves moments of domination, control, and conquest, these are but moments in a much greater dance of co-creation and communion.

When we look from that Commonsensical point of view, we See: it is this Natural movement that calls the tune for us humans, bringing down, then rearranging, our human approximations of consciousness and force. Knocking them down as easily as a child’s tower of blocks…

Yes, we short-lived and short-sighted humans tend to believe these are our creations, and ours alone…but the fact that that is our habitual perception doesn’t mean that is the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

Like the big report on U.S. government information about “extraterrestrial” activities on Earth released in December 2017, these events—two powerful, soulful humans speaking Truth to the senescent powers of the mental-supremacist media—illuminate the life stage of modernity in which we presently abide.

Namely, the terminal stage.

The system of modernity—a.k.a. mental supremacy—has given all it has to give to the development of human consciousness. Accordingly, Naturally, it is now breaking down, making way for something new to emerge.

Many more cracks will open from with/in mental supremacy’s seemingly monolithic and impenetrable fortress.

Lava, ballistic volcanic rock, scalding steam and poisonous gases will continue to threaten those who continue to delay their evacuation to a new consciousness holodeck.

For those who stubbornly continue to stand in the way of Mother Earth’s implacable movement toward greater Consciousness, Force, and Bliss, there is only one possible result.

The very end to which terminal modernity has attempted to bring all Earthy Life: mass extinction.

God Mind is a nihilistic God. God Money is a nihilistic God. Thus, for those who refuse to take advantage of Free upgrades to their shareware, for those who refuse to renovate their Common Sense, annihilation becomes Fate.

Hey, kids, it’s only fair! It’s only just! It’s only Natural! :slight_smile:


You should leave the victim-blaming to the Right, and to Israel, who are more adept at it. Plus, I think they have a trademark on it or something. You may very well be violating trademark law here. Or am I mistaken, and you ARE a right-winger? If so, I apologize - please, proceed.


Alternate link, for those of us who have never joined Facebook:


Thanks. I’m happy to see that it has appeared elsewhere.


You may be right. I just saw another interview with Noura Erakat from the Washington Post site. Incredibly good news, that this is happening.


If I am a right-winger, I am a very strange one indeed. I am concerned about environmental pollution, think that corporatists are some of the world’s worst enemies, think that war criminals like George Bush and that whole cabal of liars he led should be tried in the Hague, and posted elsewhere that it is a very odd kind of Christianity that believes it was okay to steal land from the Palestinians because it will hasten the return of Jesus.

I just don’t think that it was particularly wise to take innocent children to a scene which they knew would turn violent.


The idea that children are more important or more innocent or less political is often used in conflict issues. Famously, the picture of a blood-spattered baby was successfully used to influence public opinion to end the Vietnam
War. I for one am of the opinion that all lives killed are equally egregious.
In this sense, all of the people equally risked unnecessary life and limb to demonstrate that the other side were monsters. Should any of them have been there, one might ask, not just why were the babies there or why were the old folks there, or why indeed was anyone there.
This is the nature of mass demonstration. People put themselves in harm’s way to establish their rights when all else fails. The Palestinian point of view? Perhaps everyone is suffering so much on a daily basis, that it of course affects babies too.


I disagree. Every pronouncement by Netanyahu talks about protecting the chosen people, namely the Jews. When Israelis are polled during attacks on the occupied territories, they overwhelmingly support Israel and agree with its disproportionate use of force. A majority of Jews outside Israel probably support Israel, and definitely this is the case inside Israel. If this wasn’t the case, Israel would not be pursuing occupation over security concerns, and they wouldn’t respond time after time with disproportionate force against the Palestinians. Furthermore, Chomksy, Amy Goodman, and Finkelstein are the exception, not the rule with Jewish intellectuals inside and outside Israel.


Agreed. Children are wonderful props for evil politicians of all stripes and ethnicities. Nothing like telling the world that if you don’t get your way, a child will die and it will be your fault for voting for _________________.


Good god, Joe. Look, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but I want you to hear that nutenyahoo doesn’t speak FOR all Jews just as Dump doesn’t speak for all denizens of this country, no matter what rhetoric or words either “man” utters. Jews who are opposed to the rightwing policies of Israel are in the minority, as I fear anti-fascists are in the minority here. Still, we objectors exist, and hopefully our ranks are growing. Again, I’ll make my point that we who oppose such crap are not the ones with the money, the guns, or the power. (Most of us here oppose Haspel and Bolton? How’d that work out for us? Most of us want better gun control laws? How’s that working out for us?)

Peaceniks are not the ones with the power…anywhere, I guess.

Maybe there’s a thin or blurry line between anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli [any government’s] policies. We all have to be careful not to cross that line or operate off of ethnic/religious/gender/etc. stereotypes.

We have enough to hate just in each despotic ruler alone.


Good god? You initially said I was wrong, and I was just pointing out that you were. The majority, at least in Israel, raise little concern when it comes to their hideous occupation. It’s kind of ironic, considering the history of many Jews. Good for you that you oppose it and Netanyahu, but it doesn’t really matter if it’s him or someone else. It has to end.