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All Those Little Bits, Back and Back


All Those Little Bits, Back and Back

In honor of this Fourth of July - with our own home-grown, short-fingered Führer on the rise and too many confusing love of country with hatred of others - Momondo's very cool DNA Journey video shows we have more in common with the rest of the world than we may think. A safe, thoughtful, welcoming holiday to all.


Am amazed that there have been no responses to this article, yet. The video brought tears to my eyes. I have the photographic essay, "Family of Man," published back in the late 50's, and it has had a profound influence on my life. From the reactions of the participants in Momondo's experiment, researching DNA can have as much or more effect on embracing common humanity. Thank you, Abby, for the article and the inspiration.


Just lovely to watch...I am waiting with much excitement for my DNA results through ancestry.com. I hope to see how I am linked to the rest of the world!


Hey, where are the Americans?.... Now, that, would be a good video to watch.... I'd love to watch my fellow Americans come to the truth about who they are.... Do another video IN AMERICA ..... and let's see a bunch of people wake up to reality....


Hillary Clinton has short fingers?


Definitely a POWERFUL video and "Final Solution" to racism and/or any theories propagated on the basis of a Super Race presumption.


So cool.

It should be compulsory for the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, and other card-carrying racists.

I'd love to see Paul Ryan's come up with LOTS of African blood/ancestry!


Loved the video and how it wakes people up - a little.
Odd that general knowledge already tells everyone that there is no pure race, no fixed national identity, no superior race, no ideology ever created that isn't the creation of humans. Ideologies can be changed to make things better for everyone in this world. There is no fixed necessity driving global madness. Resolve the socialized madness and sanity is born.
Let's do it!


Donald Trump entire adult life has been continuous gangster corruption - corruption with real consequences such as abuse of workers - including Polish demolition workers paid a pittance at the Trump Tower construction site who have died of asbestos disease and silicosis, numerous people and family businesses stiffed and/or sued to financial ruin. With his ties to the Mob, he certainly has connections to some murders too. Don't you think his thuggishness will used to its full global, military-backed effect once he is POTUS?