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All-Time Highs for Stock Buybacks and Bank Profits as Workers Languish in Trump's America


All-Time Highs for Stock Buybacks and Bank Profits as Workers Languish in Trump's America

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As America's largest corporations continue their unprecedented stock buyback spree in the wake of President Donald Trump's $1.5 trillion tax cut, new government data published on Tuesday showed that U.S. banks are also smashing records thanks to the GOP tax law, reaching $56 billion in net profits during the first quarter of 2018—an all-time high.


A parable of wealth and debt-interest slavery/usury - simplistic perhaps but it does tell a relevant story that makes a certain sense…the reality behind the tale also has made slaves of billions. There is no doubt the people that control “wealth” can buy anything that dominates life on earth with pieces of paper they themselves printed…“they rob us not with a six-gun but with a fountain-pen”…and a greedy heart…



Bernie, You had a golden opportunity to spark a grassroots revolution but you chose to support 1/2 of the diabolical couple. From the corruption of Arkansas to the Clinton Foundation scam, these two self-professed brokesters have accumulated tens of millions by pandering to the deep state. Evil doesn’t do them justice. Your momentum was lost Bernie, when you backed the Hildebeast.


December’s inequality exacerbation act disguised as " tax reform" even outdid 1986 “:bipartisan 1986 tax reform” (as Democrats continue to call it) for being the most regressive modifications to the tax code in US history.

After getting unprecedented return on investment (ROI) from owning the US Congress, in addition to paying bigger dividends and buying back more stock, corporations will use their tax savings to buy more politicians in other nations so they can squeeze workers and citizens in those nations as they continue squeezing Murkins.

Global neofeudalism is the goal of the 1% and their corporations.


Some people can get by on much less. I managed to do it while working for the grand total of $105,000 earned for my entire life. I ain’t too picky.


Being “too picky” has nothing whatsoever to do with being able to afford the basic necessities of a life not lived in constant turmoil and desperation of not having access to healthcare, dental care, affordable housing and the rest of things that so many people in Scandinavian countries for instance, rightly take for granted.

Historic inequities are a big deal.

Congratulations on your incredible frugality. We are so proud of you!


And yet, everyone willingly plays along.
What if everyone stopped paying income taxes and also mortgage and credit card debt?

Why does everyone play along? because the Marshall will still evict you because: dems da rules? Many people would lose homes and or their freedom for a time were this attempted. If it was known to be coming, I suspect many would also lose their lives, top. For who wants to leave when the vops can’t possibly maintain empty homes for every eviction and handle the disorderly conduct everywhere. For such a tactic to be effective, the strategy needs the participation of so many people that they can’t possibly lock everyone up, and also everyone resisting authority at every turn. Where they used to use 1 or 2 cops, make em need 4-6! There must be a unified voice of demands for cessation. I propose fiscal maturity. Qhen debt > 5%GDP a new tax bracket on all income over 1 million dollars a year at 91% until the financial crisis is over.


I look in vain every day for signs of that sort of cooperation. Hell’s bells, people still bank with these monsters, knowing that the next time there’s a crash, the taxpayers will bail them out again. People still shop at Walmart and Amazon; people still bare their souls to Facebook, and still think that Google and Wikipedia are honest brokers of information.

The cost of convenience keeps going up. At what point will enough of us say it’s just too damned expensive?


I’m there, and have been for a while. All of what you write is true. Brother acknowledging it is so damned demoralizing, I don’t know how could you even finish writing it without tears on the keyboard!


I used to blame the Oligarchs, till I figured out that Oligarchs merely do what Oligarchs do. It is their nature. This,…All of this…is the blame of the absolute ignorance of the American people. We are now paying the price for that ignorance. It will get much much worse before we eventually fall into anarchy. It is no more then we collectively deserve.


Doesn’t all this make you want to opt out of this corrupt corporate bankster capitalist system.

Well, it is possible right now.

Move your money to Credit Unions.
Buy your goods from locally owned businesses and not the Amazon’s of the world.
Support cooperatives and businesses that belong to local networks (e.g., BALLE)
Learn more by checking out organizations like the Solidarity Economy, Democracy Collaborative, the Next System project, Transition Towns, etc.


If that ignorance is manufactured by the oligarchs with malice aforethought, as I believe, then perhaps you can spare some forgiveness for us victims.


Perhaps I am a bit harsh in my condemnation. This is a failing of humanity that has existed as long as humans started living in groups. The few have always subjugated the poor and kept them ignorant of their condition. But in America there is still access to all the knowledge of the world virtually at every persons fingertips. Even the poor are only a public library away from knowledge. As the years and decades flow by, even the densest should finally be forced to ask the question, why what they see with their eyes are constantly opposite of what they media says…cognitive dissonance should eventually make them question their lot. So no, eventually ignorance is no excuse. It is the ignorance that will be responsible for the destruction of our democracy, and eventually the planet. No…I personally find myself disgusted by them.