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'All You Need to Know': Biden Reportedly Weighing Billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Jamie Dimon for Cabinet Posts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/09/all-you-need-know-biden-reportedly-weighing-billionaires-michael-bloomberg-and-jamie


Because of stuff like this, this race is lining up as a Trump landslide.


So it’s the Orange Golem, or a re-run of the more suave kleptocrats we’ve been burdened with for decades. And the guys & gals at the top of the pile probably don’t much care.

The bottom 4 quintiles lose either way.


well, in fairness, bloomberg paid a pretty penny for his gig. i’m sure the DNC will think of a fine “thank you!” present for him.

but hey, blue no matter who…lol.

Edit: they really need to reward Clyburn and his corrupt pols. South Carolina, of all places, set this fire. I’[m sure they’ll enjoy the Biden administration’s commitment to racial justice.


Well, that fixes that. NOT voting for president if it’s not Bernie.


And here’s Warren’s defining moment. Biden obviously cozying up to her to stop her from endorsing Bernie. Will she take the bribe or will she not?


Endorsing Biden will be Warren’s ticket to obscurity.

Just as Obama’s 8 year stint was Dubya’s third and fourth terms, Biden will usher in Dubya’s fifth term, if by some twist of fate he can beat Trump on November 3.


I am with you. I will not vote for biden. Micky Mouse would be a more worthy president.


2020 is the election of clarity. We already found out who republicans are…now the curtain is lifting off the democrats. Many of us have known for years, but Bernie’s agenda has exposed the establishment for who they really are to more of the electorate.


Why does the Biden team think that floating these names out there was a good idea? Are they as demented as Joe? I mean, come on, EVERYBODY knows the Dimon name for what he did.


Whoever wants to “make me wrong” for saying it, go right ahead; I’ll never vote for Biden in support of this type of government."

You all will have to.


This has to be a rumor of billionaire appointments catered for deluded right wing conspiracy thugs and an obvious ploy to upset Bernie’s movement. Still, if the appointment plan is true, Biden will lose support in all demographics.

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One thing I fear we are learning this election cycle, change is not going to come from the ballot box. Americans are too damned brainwashed from corporate masse media manipulations and misinformation to make choices that are in their best interest. Another method will be needed to remove the plutocrats from control.


Biden’s people are all too aware that Biden’s increasing senility moments are a major factor in the race. Trump is unstable but Biden is in obvious decline.

Biden wants to associate his campaign with the public’s perception of Bloomberg’s competency. Elect me because even if I am no longer competent I will appoint people who are? Heck of a campaign premise that!

Bloomberg as Veep? Yeah that could happen too, couldn’t it?


I will not put my name on this shit

The One-Choice Election
Chris Hedges
There is only one choice in this election. The consolidation of oligarchic power under Donald Trump or the consolidation of oligarchic power under Joe Biden. The oligarchs, with Trump or Biden, will win again.
We will lose.


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Please Michigan we need you to vote for Bernie big time !!! I heard an interviewed voter from Michigan saying it was a tough decision for her. To me its a no fucking brainer and for the life of me cant understand otherwise. Bernie 2020 !!!


Recent history on their side would confirm overpowering presence of kleptocrats. I venture to guess that the light at the end of tunnel (history barreling in our direction) among those of us prepping to meet the consequences and oust them, would refer to them as a soon-to-be verifiable kakistocracy: the LEAST qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens and their proxies.

I agree that would be a good bet. And like Kamala endorses Biden because she has probably already been promised something similar…maybe even Biden’s V.P. A colored woman from California, with all those electoral votes would in my opinion, also be a good bet.


Of course she will.

It’s a tough decision, means they’re voting for Biden.