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Alleged Abuse by US Border Guards Who Forced Detained Migrant to Wear Humiliating Sign Around His Neck Reminiscent of Nazi Camps, Expert Warns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/05/alleged-abuse-us-border-guards-who-forced-detained-migrant-wear-humiliating-sign

Hey, Charles Greiner and Lyndie England—I hear there might be some job openings at CBP soon, and you have just the qualifications they’re looking for.

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It is frightening how fascist ideology has already crept into all segments of society. Why minimize this and call it ‘alleged abuse’. It is blatant abuse just like the following information about CBP members on FB:

This fascist shit isn’t going away by itself. Progressives need to organize more aggressively…


A few years from now when the horror stories of America’s concentration camps begin to circulate, i wonder if the average duopoly voting American will claim surprise and bafflement or denial.


Perhaps as far back as WW2 we have expressed overzealous American exceptionalism. We treat friend and enemy like we are better than them, not just involved. Our soldiers have been that way and our police have followed in those footsteps.
They are to a large degree overzealous managers, and no longer public SERVANTS. This, we are better than you attitude is now prevalent among border personnel as well.
A police state is now in play.


The Stanford Experiment in real time and on a large scale. How soon before the CDC is allowed to start doing a few medical experiments “for the common good”?


Well, a lot of men that like men wear tee shirts to that effect, if it was forced then that is a different story and if found true is corrected by administrative action which is part of the institutions plan of correction. I think by law it has to be made public. Has anyone investigated this. What is the source of this report?

The line in your post “men that like men wear t-shirts that say the same” is totally beside the point. In this article the author writes that the detained refugee was forced to wear the sign. And the person who reported the incident was present and could be considered a whistleblower for documenting the abuse, reporting it to those with more authority and finally after there were no consequences made the abuse public. Although it is best to verify events and accusations, there is enough evidence given in the past few weeks the CBS practices inhuman fascistic cruelty.

Sometimes there is no logical reason to defend shitty behavior unless you are in court and arguing for the perp.


As a person that has written a fair share of incident reports I still have questions. This is third hand information from CNN. Based on the information available I have to assume an investigation has been made. With the overcrowding and other conditions present it is possible that other immediate needs took president. I’ve seen worse, far worse in long term care facilities that seem to escape notice. It was a shitty thing to do as you say, but if no one follows up it will not change. In terms of correction the person should have intervened and apologized. Failing that, replaced the offending guards and reported the incident. The main goal here is to preserve the dignity of the person in question, that is why an investigation is important because that determines how future events will transpire. Or the protocol they are suppose to follow, if the protocol is negligent then it needs to be changed.

From my experience but not in Texas, so that is my best answer. Almost half of the CBP staff are Latino and some of them are very caring individuals.

Living in AZ and at times crossing the border into MX, I have experience with CBP. In addition to the lawyers, congressional delegates and humanitarian workers that have witnessed CBP brutality CBP, as you know have kept a FB account where they brag about their cruel ideation and behavior and that speaks for their ethosis.

All groups have the good bad and the ugly. From what I have experienced as a traveler, people in uniform frequently abuse their authority unless the top dog keeps them human and reigns in the hate that permeates their culture. As someone above posted we are now living in a police state.

Just the fact that CBP have taken pictures of themselves emptying water containers which have been left in place for those who are danger resulting from triple digit heat with humidity frequently in single digits indicated that their leaders and they themselves lack basic human feeling of empathy toward other humans.


Living in CA we have an ICE presence and DEA because we are part of a designated drug corridor. Even local police are tense. Border Patrol on you tube. I did see the ones dumping the water but I also saw the emergency stations that provide assistance and help. You can look on you tube there are efforts to stabilize what is happening. I worked in a community integration program and there were times when everyone did the right thing and it still didn’t turn out as expected. (not in law enforcement) Thanks for the information it really does help to get a first hand account. Those bad asses should be fired.

You used “Nazi” in a current news article - you lose 10 points of credibility.

Your comment is just a little bit better that the Trump supporters, where I live, who dismiss this as no more serious than a kid putting a ‘kick me’ sign on one of their buddy’s back.

CNN reported that it received emails from a CPB agent filing complaints about inappropriate behavior of other CPB agents: https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/04/us/honduran-migrant-shamed-border-patrol/index.html

. I think by law it has to be made public.
Law or not, CPB does not make public all reported incidents.

if it was forced then that is a different story and if found true is corrected by administrative action which is part of the institutions plan of correction.
Perhaps. But the reality is that the CPB gives a lot of leeway for it agents.

My point is just liking other men is not offensive or humiliating to a lot of people, we don’t have a statement from the person in question. Admittedly, your link provides more information and context. I’m not making light of it, only that generally there are priorities that need to be met and given the situation that would be entirely possible. You would have to see what each person did in response to the situation to make that determination. In no way is the dignity of each person less important, including CBP staff.

In my experience, in institutional care things happen in all settings it is what you do about them that changes things. When we closed developmental centers (large institutions) smaller intermediate care homes and facilities were created for medically fragile people, HHS closed 60 percent of them. It took a very long time to get it right.

I agree, I’m sure not all incidents are reported or acted upon but the ones that are can and do change things for the better if you have a system that is open and honest. Really, staff training and prevention is more effective at reducing incidents.

I understand your advocacy for immigrants in detention but you have to also consider CBP as people too. (just something that was pointed out to me at one time) I think the border is in crisis, they requested additional billions of dollars to help deal with it. That is situational. Ugh, I hope we all learn from this.

Its not like this was the act of some ‘Woke’ CBP officials whose only goal was to help this person celebrate Stonewall. This is not about the person’s gender identity or sexual preference. Forcing a person to wear a sign around their neck - to label them - is an abuse.
There is absolutely no need for any ‘statement’ from the person in question.

Sure the CPB officials are people. Many are of Latinx heritage. The police that shoot unarmed Black boys are people also. Eddie Gallagher, the Navy SEAL who took pleasure in massacring unarmed civilians in Afghanistan, is a human being. That doesn’t mean we need to go around shouting ‘Blue Lives Matter’ or ‘Military Lives Matter’. The police and military are oppressive systems that should be dismantled. The CPB is an oppressive institution in need of dismantling as well. It is not a question of dehumanizing CPB guards. On the contrary it is the false narrative of a ‘crisis’ at the border and the need to control ‘illegal’ migrants, that promotes the CPB agents dehumanization - and abuse - of migrants.

The fact is that there is no crisis at the border. There is a crisis in Central America due, in part, to the enduring legacy of US imperialist oppression. The response should be to take in all of these migrants, to pay reparations for US interventions, and to support the people in these countries in their efforts to build community based structures. T


Right, it is far from celebrating gender diversity It was also not a part of the staffs normal duties, it was appropriately considered offensive and reported. There is a problem at CBP detention facilities, we all know that and it is not disputed.

In every 100% of incident reports I’ve seen if the person had language skills their point was considered, if not someone spoke for them. A copy of the report becomes part of their file. It is their incident report.

Providing care for thousands of people is by definition a crisis The Child crisis, where 46,000 have been placed in less restrictive settings is great, not enough, but still good. It is not all punishment, if you want to insist that it is, that is up to you. I disagree.

“safe, sanitary, and supervised” as opposed to the 10 year old workers in tobacco fields.

I should add there is confidentiality for the actual report, but health and safety violations are a part of the public record along with a host of other evaluations.

You are dissembling.

Ridiculous. By your definition many elderly living centers are a crisis. Many universities are a crisis. A cruise ship is a crisis.

CPB would not have so many people imprisoned if they partnered with local support groups in finding homes for migrants and if they allowed people to live with relatives.

Sure, and you are free to disagree with the finding of the Academy of American Pediatricians, a federal judge, the DHS Inspector General, and several congressional representatives.

You don’t seem to have seen too much.



I’m sorry I don’t care for this type of debate. Thanks for the information.

Kudos for your arguments.

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