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Allowing Guns in Schools is a Bad Idea


Allowing Guns in Schools is a Bad Idea

Steven Singer


I agree with the author.

But as an interesting tidbit of knowledge on how things have changed, here in Maine, schools used to have "gun rooms" where students would check in their guns in the morning. The guns would stay locked up during the day. At the end of the school day, the students could pick up their guns and immediately go out hunting.
Can you imagine today the reaction to heavily armed kids arriving at school in the morning?

And then there was the Texas legislator who proposed that teachers should be able to carry guns and be authorized to use lethal force if they come across destruction of school property. In other words, legalizing capital punishment for the crime of underlining text in the school books.

As Donald Trump would tweet: Sad.

And as Johnny Cash would sing: "Don't take your guns to town, son, don't take your guns to town"


Although stock prices continued trended upward since Trump won on November 9, the weapons sector has underperformed the broader market since the election.

Stock buyers recognize that for 8 years all the NRA cabal needed to do to bolster weapon/ammo sales was to release fake news that Obama was preparing to sign gun control legislation. The cabal was expecting a Clinton win that would keep this fake news sales bolstering gravy train moving full speed ahead.

With NRA rubber stamps Trump and the GOP controlled Congress winning, the cabal was caught without a marketing plan, at least for the short term. Weapons/ammo buyers had built up their arsenals to unprecedented levels during Obama's 8 years and were unlikely to see a need to further expand their arsenals.

The cabal is now heavily lobbying Trump and the other DC swamp dwellers to help them bolster weapons.ammo sales, including guns in schools, unchecked gun sales to nut cases and whatever else it takes to bolster sales,


Guns are already in school.
Those who we call law enforcement, most of who are uniformed orangutans are in these buildings, fully weaponized, armorized and buffed.
Not at all times, as yet, but oh so close.
Now if had every student with locked and loaded weapon, who decides who is the bad guy?

None of that, of course, needs to be thought about.
"A corporate manufacturer
is sponsoring a war." -DD

Only this time it is on our own lands.


All good arguments. Just go to dailykos and search all GunFail articles. Every week 20-40 folk shot, almost 90% by accident. Negligence. Guns falling out of purses, waistbands, falling off toilet paper diespensers that unaware owners balance it on while on the toilet,..unending, folks that don't know it is loaded.

But I think you missed the biggest one. Or maybe two. Cop don't want it, because of course they don't, they roll up on a possible shooter in a school, and see three, four, five guys all with guns what do you think will happen then?

Also even if trained in using guns, when a person is scared, adrenaline makes a total mess of fine motor control....even if they are great shots they'd be lucky to hit a barn door. They also experience tunnel vision. Which means they won't focus on all those students behind the shooter, IF it even is the shooter and not yet another good guy trying to stop the real shooter. There was an armed person in a movie shooting, they never got to pull their gun, first it happened too quickly, and second they realized they had no chance.

And as you point out, congress and the prez, and many other do not allow guns. Why not? That daily kos running article is amazing. It showed me very clearly that the issue is just so NOT stopping a bad guy. It is that even usually responsible people get awful dumb (but all it takes is a minute of being a numb nuts, being unaware) sometimes, very often there are accidental discharge of weapons in gun safety classes where the instructor makes the mistake, in gun stores. Tons of people finding bullets whizzing into their apartments, from folks too dumb to own a gun target practicing in a neighboring house not knowing the needs of a gun range, with bulwarks, etc. or bullets whining into apts. when the person beside or above is cleaning their gun.

It's madness...


I find it laughable that people like you are most likely not opposed to having guns to protect your money at banks...but have a problem with a trained security officer at school with a gun to protect our children. Your arguments against this idea are entirely stupid...and absolutely flawed. You have literally no idea what you're talking about. This is why there is such a divide in this country...the notion of common sense is so skewed from one person to another.


Listen Your post has some great arguments and some very agreeable point, but I want present you with this. Concealed carry; to legally carry a weapon in concealment you have to get proper training and prove you can carry and use a gun properly. Also the school should have a select few who can carry weapons; not every person apart of the staff has to carry a gun. Student also don’t have to know; keep the knowledge of this secret.


Do they allow pedestrians to carry guns in the Washington palace of fools and morons? Donnie the Dickead is scared of citizens with guns…hmmm wonder why?