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Allowing Muslim Ban to Go into Effect, US Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Trump


Allowing Muslim Ban to Go into Effect, US Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Trump

Common Dreams staff

In a 7-2 decision, justices lift lower-court rulings that had imposed injunction against discriminatory travel and immigration policy


Short of Ginsburg and Sotomayor, SCOTUS for the time being has upheld DJT’s declaration of “open season” on all people of the Muslim faith…here and abroad. We can only hope that the lower court cases in the states overturn this stay. PNAC (Project for New American Century) and New World Order dicta said that the way to attain the ultimate power over the people and take over the government was to pack the courts from bottom to top and down again, and apparently it has been very effective. It is now up to the states to protect the human targets of this xenophobic and outright racist strategy…not unlike the targeting of people of the Jewish faith in Germany, Poland, Russia, France, Austria, Hungary, etc. The ugliest chapters of history are being repeated in our nation: environmental devastation/destruction, stealing from the poor to fill the coffers of the rich, undoing any and all regulations for safety in industry, compromising regulations pertaining to banking/financial institutions, destroying national parks and monuments to please mining/energy/oil corporations, undermining labor laws, eliminating food and drug regulations to please ag conglomerates and Big Pharma respectively, provoking nuclear war with NO valid reason, marginalizing all minority populations including LGBTQ folk, and the list goes on ad infinitum. But the DJT base (the Simpleton Demographic) is loving it. Party on dudes for your time is also coming.


In the Republican view all land seems to be a resource for exploitation and pollution is part of doing business and can be ignored. It is a way of seeing things that requires a limited a view of the world. Ecology cannot be considered. Climate also cannot be considered. What is amazing is that as science learns more and more about the dangers of messing with nature the Republican view doesn’t change. It is impervious to incorporating new scientific knowledge. It is frozen in time from decades ago and simply goes on without examination by Republicans. Instead, it generates false reports and lies in order to keep going. If iit can’t be stopped it will lead to catastrophe. As self-destructive as it is people who root for the “Republican team” will continue to support the Republicans when it comes to casting votes.


They make much better useful pawn idiots than the Democrats if they believe wealth trickles down from rich to poor.


The UNSCOTUS (un-supreme court), is at it again.
Guess our founding fathers never thought about an illegitimate judge being placed on it, or we would have way to recall them.


Fox news the ugly faces of hate. My favourite is Laura Ingraham, but pick any of them they all pretty much fit the definition of bigotry and fascist.


Omg! Some people have hidden and protected undocumented workers in this country. We have sanctuary cities to try and protect these children and life long residents of the US. This sounds very similar to the forties, folks. Just step away and be objective.


How horrifying👺


Hate has infected our highest court.

The time is coming for a total system purge of those hold Hate higher than Human Rights.

There is nothing Supreme about this court anymore.


The American government has hated the Germans, the Japanese, the North Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Iranians, the Syrians, the Afghans and now the Muslims are on the US governments, enemies, hate radar screen. One has to wonder who’s next? Because believe me there will be definitely a next.


My money’s on those pesky ‘non-corporate persons.’


Probably a good bet!


Maybe we should impeach some of them when the left has the upper hand.