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Alongside Grief, Questions of Motive, Follow Murder of Muslim Family


Alongside Grief, Questions of Motive, Follow Murder of Muslim Family

Jon Queally, staff writer

Some of the emerging details surrounding the murder of three Muslim university students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on Tuesday night has sparked worries that the crime may have been motivated by the victims' faith.


This is so sickening. The families of these young people must be going through hell. Other Muslims in the area are probably going to be looking over their shoulders and justifiably so.

We don’t know all of the details yet. We know that the suspected murderer was the victims’ neighbor but with what proximity is not clear.

The comments about the responsibility of the mass media certainly have some merit but we need to find out more about the shooter and his relationship with these students before drawing any conclusions.



My condolences to the friends and families of Deah Barakat, Yusor
Mohammad, and Razan Abu-Salha. Unfortunately, mental illness and the
irrational love of guns more than their fellow human beings isn’t
confined to Christians and other religious fanatics…


.“A violent Atheist is not an Atheist at all, but a misguided, bigoted
believer that cannot relate to any other group of believers but to the

Hmm, sounds eerily similar to Christian apologists when one of their own is involved in a horrific crime of some kind. “If this person was a true Christian, he would never have killed those people, so therefore he wasn’t a Christian.”

As an atheist myself, I would submit that it is just as possible for an atheist to commit murder and other horrific crimes based on hate as it is for a religious fundamentalist… No need to become defensive when a self identified atheist decides to commit a crime.


Parking dispute. If they really wanted to help the public they would publish the contents of the medicine cabinets of people who snap like this.


God protect us from your followers


Yes, I just saw that story on AP.

What I fear will happen next is that anti-Muslim groups - including some organs of the corporate media - are going to try to shift the focus away from the suspect and onto some minor and otherwise insignificant act by one of the three victims in an effort to mitigate the shooter’s responsibility.

As always, I hope that I’m wrong. As always, I expect to be disappointed.



I know people that are deathly afraid of Muslims. Their irrational fear is fueled by the MSM brainwashing and its demonization of Muslims; especially Fox news.

My brother has had friends who are Muslims and that is what he says about the MSM. One wonders how many more hate filled and brainwashed people are running around the USA.


Unfortunately, in the US, atheism has always had a significant degree of “anti-theism” in it. I am a Marxian atheist (Marx’s view on religion was actually a compassionate one regarding the origins of religious belief - “opiate of the people” being both a misquote and taken badly out of context) , but I have never been able to relate to the flavor or atheism most prominent among US atheists, from Madelyn Murray O’Hair, Ayn Rand, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins to a goodly number of personal acquaintances. Maybe it is because atheism is socially stigmatized in the US, but many atheists, like the famous ones I listed above, seem to be a bit eccentric at the least. I personally met Hitchens, when his pro-Iraq invasion islamophobia was just getting started and found him to be a positively contemptible individual and a drunk. I call them “scowling atheists” because they always seem to have a scowl on their face. I always remember an old outspoken atheist caving buddy from the DC area. When we would eat at this diner in Petersburg, West Virginia on Sundays. The diner would put Christian-religious themed paper place mats on the tables on Sunday, and the guy would always violently turn his place mat over to hissing noises and scowls. I recall my brother telling virtually the identical story (even the hissing and scowls) about a guy he knew in Louisiana.

Oh, and I’ve long dispensed with the misconception I once had that most atheists I meet would be fellow socialists. Most of them nowadays are Ayn-Randite capitalists. So while I’m a non-believer, I have no interest in joining any atheist or so-called “sceptics” club.


What person in his or her right mind would shoot 3 neighbors ‘execution style’ over a parking issue. Maybe a rage incident in an unstable person. Or maybe authorities want to steer away from a hate killing to quiet down the reaction to this horrible event. The true motive may never be known as theories and obfuscation follow.
My condolences to the family and acquaintances.


My condolences to the families. May we outgrow our madness.


Ah, yes. The new atheists don’t like any religions but seem to dislike Islam the most. A sign of our culture perhaps?


I shun the conversation here and right now about atheism on the ground that it distracts, dilutes and detracts.

No matter how this man viewed himself (past tense since his life like that of his victims now is over) he was a very dim bulb.

As are the people on the internet who blame “the idiot liberals” for jumping to the conclusion that this hate crime was religion-based.

To what other conclusion can a reasonable person jump-- that the man had three separate parking disputes with his three murder victims? That he exhibited road rage wherever he drove and possessed a delightful irreverence and belligerence that surpassed all philosophies and creeds?

Like so many of our politicians nowadays, he was the kind of dim bulb who starts world wars. Society now bids him good riddance. We in society for the short haul would also like to bid good riddance to the commentatoes who listed the parking dispute possibility first.

Clearly, this was a parking dispute that involved hatred for oneself and for every Moslem on the earth (second biggest religion population after Christianity) if it had anything to do with parking at all.

“Dim bulb” of course is not strong enough. In the presence of education and intelligence, this man who lived by stereotypes felt disrespected as well he should since he was excrement, and he proved it.

Hating oneself and hating every member of the second largest religion in the world is much the same as hating the whole world. Good riddance, excrement.