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Alongside Housing Activists, Warren Blasts HUD's Collusion with Wall Street

Alongside Housing Activists, Warren Blasts HUD's Collusion with Wall Street

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Wednesday took part in a Washington, D.C. rally to urge the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) to quit selling home loans to hedge funds and private financial firms.

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I really like this person, Sen. E. Warren, she has a good soul, an old soul. And she has walks quietly and carries a Big Stick and just like Teddy Roosevelt she isn’t afraid to use it. I don’t want her to run for any office other than the Senate. She is right where she is needed and is doing a bang-up job of it too. If she made it into the house on the hill we’d never hear from her again and that would be very sad.


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We seem to be hearing more from Warren these days which is a good thing in general and making the issues that she supports better known but I keep thinking (hoping) that she is also making herself more of a factor in the coming election were she asked by someone to be VP.

I’d so want to see a Sanders/Warren ticket that it almost hurts…lol.


She is among a group of very few legislators who seem to be committed to those she serves … the American people and not the large corporations. Her comments caused me to recall the following part of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address:

…to ensure the survival of America’s representative democracy, that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Democracy and capitalism are not compatible.

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Her VP slot can’t happen till next summer.

Right now I want her to ENDORSE Bernie. Otherwise she’s an opportunist like most politicians.

She is her own person and has said she will not endorse anyone before the nomination. As far as running for VP, I think the potential is there but she may not be asked or she may not want to run for the slot. Who knows? I think it is too early for her to endorse because that is like making her own career expendable. She may be looking at a run for the oval office herself in the future. I hope she runs with Bernie because it would be an unbeatable ticket … and then she could run when Bernie finishes his presidency.

I think she has more influence as Senator-and hopefully she and Bernie Sanders will inspire others to follow -and I hesitate to call them part of the left,because what they are fighting for is simple decency. People having a roof over their head,enough food to eat,access to healthcare,and a decent paying job-these are American values-real conservative values-its amazing how the media corrupts meaning in words to create division in our society.

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What’s that sound?

It’s like the flurry of statements and press releases that come before a Presidential run.

A tale told by a politician, full of sound and fury signifying a hat about to be tossed into the ring.

She really scares the shit out of the corporate wall street establishment…She tells us what we have known and politicians wont mention that all these agencies to the bidding of corporate America at the expense of USA citizens…VOTE FOR BERNIE…or except your status as a corporate slave.

Yes a Sanders-Warren ticket would be very powerful, but I’m not sure what the final effect would be. All speculation of course, but that pair could electrify the GOP to record turnout numbers. Put that together with the kind of wholesale disenfranchisement being attempted in Alabama and who knows… Still too very far out from the actual election to make any reliable guesses.

Funny how Slick Oily is never mentioned in these schemes. People only call out the cabinet officials. This is after all Slick Oilys presidency, his administration, his official policies, his constituents, who are robbing the country and us blind!

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Exactly right!

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Agree - Sen. Elizabeth Warren is doing her job as it should be done … all the way.

She also makes the “supposed to be working for the people not Wall Street” very clear.

She is unique in the job she is doing for the people –

We need a few hundred Elizabeth Warren’s!

Thank you, Elizabeth!

In order to have a democracy you must have economic democracy.

Capitalism is the very opposite of democracy –
Unregulated Capitalism is merely organized crime.

:slight_smile: how’s about a few 1000? all them there burro-crates in all them there agencies need some “guidance” too…people come onto the scene when they are needed, she is a shinning light, an example of sanity, I hope it contagious :-)…

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