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Alongside Sanders, New York Governor Announces First-in-Nation Free Tuition Plan

Alongside Sanders, New York Governor Announces First-in-Nation Free Tuition Plan

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) at his side, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday announced a plan to offer free tuition at state and city colleges for middle- and low-income New Yorkers.

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This “States Rights” thing ain’t so bad.


At last, GOOD NEWS FOR THE NEW YEAR! God Bless Senator Sanders and Governor Cuomo. This is a reason to CELEBRATE! Education is the key to opening minds, eyes, and doors…everyone benefits! My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all who worked to bring this dream to reality!!!


I am thrilled to see New York take the lead in trying to meet our population’s education needs! That said, isn’t it “interesting” to see Gov. Cuomo sitting there with Bernie, whom we were assured “lost” the Democratic Primary in New York? Of course, Bernie took almost every county in the NY Primary, except for those precincts with voting machines having a “secret love” for Hillary. Cuomo is a seasoned politician, so I can’t imagine him wanting to be seen with some “loser” lacking in public support. I take this as Cuomo’s admission that Bernie actually won the New York Dem. Primary.


I’m sorry, but free secondary education shouldn’t be a priority for Sanders and the country generally. The real education starts after college. And most occupations are learned on the job apprenticeships.

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Many jobs require a degree with an internship not an apprenticeship. What planet on you on? Also, congrats to New York!!!


Wonderful news. Just wondered about college fees though that are often higher than tuition itself. Great news though especially after Trump was sued by the state of New York for conning all those people who had entered Trump University. Notice we don;t hear about the people just him. After all of that though this is great news for people.


Although this will help a lot of people, it’s a bit frustrating to me. I went to public college in NY. I will be paying off my loans for thirty years. I am broke and drowning in debt. The only effect this will have on me is that my taxes will now be paying for others to go to college while I am trying to pay off my own tuition. Also, just because someone’s family makes $125,001 a year or more, it doesn’t mean they are giving a dime to the family member who is going to college. It is not fair to give free college education to some, while others will be paying off their loans with interest for 30 years or more. By the way, it’s been obvious for years: Andrew Cuomo wants to run for president. As a New Yorker, I warn: He is a terrible choice. He is a slimy politician. He is a modern day Aaron Burr.


I believe we do not know how this will be paid for. It might take a few years to get this through the Republican-controlled Senate in NY. Although most of the bill for students who live away from home is room and board plus fees this would help many people. I think the $125,000 figure will have to come way down for this to have any chance to pass. Perhaps to the $50,000-$70,000 range. New York State already has about the highest taxes in the country so it will be interesting to see how this works. Since Sanders is involved there might be a tax on Wall Street trades to pay for this. It does look like Cuomo’s main purpose it to make himself acceptable to progressives in order to run for president in 2020. He banned fracking probably for that purpose. Now this plan. Also he has very aggressive plan for green energy and fighting climate change in general, making New York State a leader. I think he has positioned himself well to run in 2020. He is now acceptable to the center left and progressives or at least he should be. I think he would have a good chance in the Democratic primary as things stand now.

You make a good point. But keep in mind unless students commute from home they are not getting a fee education. It still will cost them probably at least $12,000 a year and many will probably need loans to pay for it as they will have to shell out about $50,000 over four years and perhaps more when supplies, transportation, etc are included. but it would give people a chance for basically a free education if they remained at home and commuted. I think they would be missing out on a lot of the college experience but it would be an option for those with insufficient funds.

The simile for life as I see it is the Garden. Weaponry in a garden is about as useful as tuberculosis is for lungs. The priorities of the US over the past 40 years has been to raise disposable bearers of arms - they are not even treated with the traditional dignity of the “warrior”. Today the “warriors” will need to be increasingly be mindful, diligent, artful in jujitsu: educated.
To take Einsteins admonition that WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones, I’d turn that on its head with a bit societal jujitsu and sweep the archaic wisdom smack into the middle of the present with education. May this be a portent of the social revolution and at its center love of life.


Sanders: If New York makes public colleges and universities tuition-free, mark my words, state after state will follow.

More and more it seems apparent that the state level is where change can most easily take place, while the federal government is sold out to the arms industry, big pharma, the banks and the like.

I benefitted from a dirt-cheap but superb education at UC Berkeley in the late 60s. It’s a national tragedy (and millions of personal tragedies) that more recent generations have been ripped off by exorbitant “education” of frequently questionable quality at best.


The way to make this even better is to make it available to EVERYONE EQUALLY (otherwise it becomes a class issue)…and include guaranteed access to trade schools, etc…not just colleges.


While I support free public education, as is usually the case with DINO Cuomo’s announcements, “plans and support for” progressive issues or reforms, the devil is in the details. His record is one of collusion and cronyism with R’Cons and the two top NY lawmakers convicted of corruption. His support for HRC and DNC apparatus is also relevant as he now tries to burnish his well-known ambition for the Presidency after the HRC/Dem defeat!

Remember too Cuomo disbanded his own Moreland Commission investigating official corruption in Albany after they got too close.

There is also the case of his draconian restrictions on medicinal cannabis people demanded but Cuomo made next to impossible!

Cuomo’s vindictive nature is legend, with numerous examples of political retribution and attacks for any opposition!

Coumo must be on the list of what’s wrong with the Dem Party; Schumer, Pelosi, the Clintons, Obama, Booker, DNC/DLC sellouts and opportunists!

Andy Cuomo, the best DINO politician money can buy!

Other Cuomo betrayals include:
conspired with R’Cons to sell-out non-partisan redistricting
sold-out property-tax reform big-time! http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/24/nyregion/24taxes.html
Refused to restore fair taxation on uber-wealthy
sabotaged campaign finance reform
supported tax cuts for million $ yachts
new Tappan Zee bridge has NO rail system included
good buddy to criminal creep NJ’s FB Christie
long-time Wall Street tool


Are there any public trade schools in New York? I think it includes all schools in the SUNY and CUNY systems. I don’t believe any schools have been left out. It might be better to make it available to everyone like Medicare and Social Security are. While $125,00 a year is a lot of money in many upstate areas it isn’t that much in the NYC area. So there really isn’t any good cap that can be set.


Isn’t this the same Cuomo that made BDS illegal and punishable in New York? Nothing like a Trump presidency to motivate centrist Dems to feign progressive.
It’s a good move though, don’t get me wrong. It needs to done in every state.


Most jobs are are learned on the job apprenticeships? Where can I find a published stat on this?

Student loans represent one of the most egregious examples of usury and millions will be saddled with that debt into their senior years.

This is a big deal.


Good news. Now we need a state to pass Single-Payer Heath care, another to pass innovative publicly funded transportation, another to pass publicly funded housing for all for no more than 30% of the income of the renter. More states to establish state banks and push to get the US Postal Service to offer banking, another state to go solar and wind . Add your ideas and organize!


Yes it is!

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With over 30 states in the hands of Republicans this progressive idea will just have to stew for a while in New York, at least until the next election and we can get rid of the Rs at the state level. As for single payer healthcare, the idea was floated in Colorado this past election and failed - back to the drawing board on that one.