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'Alpha-Male Bromance' Solidified as Trump Vows Support for 'Bloodstained' Duterte


'Alpha-Male Bromance' Solidified as Trump Vows Support for 'Bloodstained' Duterte

Jon Queally, staff writer

"The issue of human rights did not arise. It was not brought up," said spokesperson for Philippine president


Alexis Bortell – more presidential than these two.


Trump = tiny hands, tiny arms, tiny…

He smells something bad in that picture. So do I, all the way over here.

And Duterte said Trump congratulated him on his solution to the drug problem, killing drug users and dealers.

I wonder if Trump is getting friendly with all the rogue leaders he can so he can choose a place to flee to after he is deposed (or however he ends up). He never is friendly with leaders who lead democratic governments.


Donny looks like he has a bowel movement stuck in his anus and can’t get it out.


Duterte is a mentally retarded punk, a fully certifiable nut job that our global embarrassment is holding hands with. Duterte hasn’t touched the real drug lords or he would be dead by now. Just assassinate some poor low-level urchins.


Maybe the Hokey-Pokey really IS what it’s all about?


…except none of these phkn jerks will ever “turn themselves around”, not even maybe…btw, nice guitar…


Physically nauseating. Nothing else need be said.


Built in Hoboken 1968, factory double pickguards, HSC, Petillo bridge and pickup. One owner, high mileage, fair/good cond.


Perfect together - the pathological Liar-In-Chief idiot egomaniac, and the (“wildly popular”) War-On-Drugs mass murderer thug, wannabe/de facto dictator. The scum of the Earth always seem to rise to the top.


You are unfair to those with true developmental disabilities. Duterte is a true gangster in power. He fits in easily with national level corruption.


And then they all giggled at their pj pillow fight! :heart_eyes:


He’s anally retentive. Or more clearly: Full of shyte…


The old saying that one can be judged by his friends is certainly the case with these two!


That grimace on Trump’s face is due to the immense pain and discomfort he is in, squeezing that humongous gut of his like that. I wish he would double or triple his daily intake of high-cholesterol/saturated fat McDonalds Big Macs and fries.


The sick, sick people who are in the leadership roles in this world. How?


Shouldn’t the headline have read ‘Two criminals hit it off in the Philippines’…??


Trumps is not an alpha male. Closer to an Iota male with not an iota of decency.


Good thing the 2016 peace candidate—whose AG apparently is considering a political investigation of a former political opponent to save his job—clearly wishes to be like Duerte.


Alpha-Male Bromance’ Solidified as Trump Vows Support for ‘Bloodstained’ Duterte???