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Already a Big Gap Between Trump's Promises to the Middle Class and His Policies


Already a Big Gap Between Trump's Promises to the Middle Class and His Policies

Josh Bivens

During his campaign, President-elect Donald Trump promised that he would take the side of American workers against economic elites when evaluating policy. Yet, the policy proposals he put forth during the campaign had nothing in them that would actually help working- and middle-class Americans. Now that more plans and potential cabinet appointments are coming into focus, it looks worse than many of us thought even before the election.


A huge driver of the shortage of jobs for younger Americans is so many older workers delaying retirement due to inadequate Social Security and the cost of medical insurance when they are no longer getting employer sponsored insurance. Each year of the 21st century has seen an increase in the average age of retirement in the US,

Cuts Trump and his band of pirates make to Social Security and/or Medicare will therefore further increase delaying retirement of older workers, DIMINISHING, not increasing job prospects for younger workers, many of whom voted for Trump believing he would INCREASE job prospects.


Could there be anyone out there who actually believed Trump when he was saying stuff on economics? He is part of the 1%. I think his main issue was white nationalism so he is just a very rich George Wallace. He will keep the rural working class and middle class happy with his white nationalist policies. The next four years should be great for the 1%. Will he deport enough non-white Hispanics and halt immigration of non-whites to make the US whiter? That will be mostly what his voters will judge him on.


Yes - Trump's appointments speak much louder than words ~

I've been thinking, as I digest the election just past.

Feeling too - a lot.

I believe the American People have destroyed one half of the problem - the Democrats in their old neoliberal configuration. Or at least attempted to.

Now it is time to destroy, utterly, the neoconservative elements in charge of The Anthropocene's very own Emperium.

Unless this is done, the many clear and present dangers to the human race will escalate, and we will end up in Noam Chomsky's prediction - a 'New Dark Age'.

Is this really what has happened in this election ?

Is it really possible to avert catastrophe ?

Beats me - #OCCUPY failed to deliver, but it was a step.

NODAPL is now - but the odds against - terrific !

I was just looking at the map provided in another thread on Common Dreams.

It would be easy, technically, to reroute that pipeline thru Bismark and bypass even the 'unceded' Sioux lands. A piece of cake to do this, as the saying goes. Why is this not being done ?

By training I am a geologist - my main career (over long ago), a consulting exploration field (i.e., wellsite) geologist in Canada's four western provinces - my speciality heavy oil.

I would prefer this North Dakota pipeline, and the soon to be built pipelines in Canada, not be built at all.

But for the present, with two thousand war veterans expected at NODAPL this coming week - the re-routing option would be a win win for everyone involved, to my way of thinking.

The situation looks to me explosive.

Where are the leaders of the free world ?


The Con Man Lied to Us.

Hillary Denied to Us
(the only person who would have actually helped us))


No argument on much of what you are saying, but, unfortunately, yes, there are a lot of his supporters who bought into his promises on the economy and, knowing Republicans and Trump supporters and having had discussions with them on this very topic, I can promise you that a large percentage of them will stick with him even when the facts reveal him for the con man he surely is. I see a parallel, here, with the way so many Obama apologists have been in denial for his betrayals to this day (those evil Republicans are to blame and so on). You can expect the same from Trump supporters. My point is that it is dangerous for anyone to assume that disillusionment with Trump will happen, overnight. We're in for a long, tough fight.


If the economic conditions were as good as you say, then Trump would not of been elected by the majority of Americans who are suffering or stagnating.

" This time it’s a stable economy that has been sailing steadily towards full employment for years. The unemployment ratehas been halved since its post-Great Recession peak. The labor force participation rate stopped falling and has actually nudged up in the past year even as natural demographic changes (retiring Baby Boomers) have been pulling it down. The last year has also seen some evidence of an uptick in wage growth.

Jobs at minimum wages, part time jobs and college educated people not finding jobs. Millenniums in the millions who have not been able to more out of their parents, buy houses, have children and feel disenfranchised.

If what you say is true, Bernie Sanders message would not of resonated and drew millions. Trump would not of resonated.


The con man did not lie. He IS a con.


Shortage of jobs is that we do not manufacture in the US anymore.