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Alt-Right Figurehead Likely to Shape Trump's Foreign Policy: Sources


Alt-Right Figurehead Likely to Shape Trump's Foreign Policy: Sources

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Buried amid the outcry over the white-nationalist beliefs of Steve Bannon, President-elect Donald Trump's selection for chief strategist, is the scale of his global ambitions as sources close to the Brietbart News chairman predict he will use his influence to craft a foreign policy that includes "aggressive military action" and bolstering international far-right leaders, beginning with France's Marine Le Pen.


Folks, this guy is a total nightmare! Four years of a white-nationalist as chief strategist?

I wonder if this is how the awake Germans felt in the 1930's? Bannon sounds like Joseph Geobbels reincarnated!


Doesn't it already do that?


I doubt if he will last even one year.
There will be a revolution in this country, and I don't think it will be peaceful.


National Front.

And don't forget that Golden Dawn endorsed Trump, too.

This is what I was talking about. I underestimated Bannon's ambition, though. I won't make that mistake again.


Before anyone thinks I'm minimizing the awfulness of Trump and his administration, I will say again - I agree he is horrible and I hate that he is president-elect. I must also say it’s difficult to trust anything from the MSM. The audacity of Ghitis’ statements is mind-boggling. It is impossible to take seriously what she says and/or not wonder what the underlying motive is behind her statements:

"One of the most dangerous trends in America today is the blurring of lines between fact and fiction, between propaganda and news.
“…trying to shape the narrative of what Americans receive as news," Ghitis continued, "trying to create a new reality to suit their political ends."

Regardless of which side (Republicans or Democrats) is worse, who voted for whom, or what we believe is best, one thing is certain and clear - the MSM completely lacks journalistic integrity. They did during the primary, they did after the primary, and they do now. It is impossible to make informed decisions based on the worthless, slanted garbage they have been and are spewing. We couldn’t trust them previously, why should we now?

Like Hobgoblin said above,


Don't like that you foresee a revolution that is not peaceful, but agree with you that it is an all-too-likely scenario.


This creature oozes evil and embodies the deepest, darkest sense of malevolence since that of the overlords of the Nazi Death Camps. Together he and DT will cavort through the halls and rooms of the White House urinating in corners and fornicating in all the rooms...just because they can. They both are devoid of any self-respect and prefer debauchery over any sense of common decency, as their lives and careers have shown.


In the meantime, check out the profile of Pence in the Intercept.

So far we have Nazi Bannon and Mullah Omar Pence in the line up.



Oh no, you aren't dissembling for Trump here. Sure.

You, in Trump and Bannon form, make the entire issue the MSM, as if it can't be known that the Brietbart News has been for a long time everything bad about MSM but with a very heavy dose of right wing propaganda and hate.

Can you at least give us your take on Breitbart News directly yourself? Or Bannon?

Forget, MSM, give it to us straight what you think about this.

Or, have you taken the pure agnostic stance, that we just can't know anything.

If that is the case, then why are you here?


By appointing Bannon it is clear that Trump is crossing the line. Bannon can never be acceptable. The big problem is that voters in rural areas of this country hate the metropolitan areas so much that they are willing to turn the country over to racists and fascists to wrest control of country from the metropolitan areas. How do you reach the supporters of Trump. They have been fed lies for years by hate talk conservative radio and can't even figure out that denying climate change is a big lie. If you can't see through that lie what can you see though. They elected a president who lies all the time. Apparently they can't even see through Trump's obvious lies. Whether or not they are deplorable they certainly are unreachable. Whether these rural people bring down the country by voting for a fascism or just voting for climate deniers, they seem bent on bringing it down. We have a climate emergency and the rural crowd just voted in a guy who claims it is a hoax by the Chinese. The only question seems to be whether or not the US will survive long enough to be done in by climate change.


That so many on the left can't see the incredible darkness embodied by Trump, and now this jerk side kick Bannon is mind blowing.

Even now. But but but but he just says stuff, they say. We can't really know say the dissemblers. How many has he killed? they offer.



What these right wing nuts want to do and what they get away with are two different things. I have been seeing a revolution coming for a long time. Ok, so it's closer than we think and what Trump has promised his base may be what finally kicks it off.
Not every Trump voter is a racist but most of them like Social Security and Medicare. He promised he would keep them and Paul Ryan wants to end them. If Ryan gets away with it we may be fighting along side many Trump supporters. Just as Bannon has dreams of ruling the right wing world, doesn't mean it will happen. Trump voters believe him seriously, they won't take kindly to him back tracking on those promises. He is saying he will keep Obamacare or parts of it, yet he promised his base he would end it. If these bait and switch issues pile up we may not have to do much.
Many of these articles though, are opinion and most of them are written like they are absolute fact. They are not and we shouldn't be freaking out until it's time. There's plenty of time for the fight after he gets into office.


As I've said before in other posts, I don't consider Breitbart News, news, and don't pay attention to it. It doesn't deserve to be considered a factual source of information.

I am simply making a statement about the corporate, colluding MSM. They can't be trusted and they obviously have an agenda and it isn't to spread facts. I would think we should all want to know that.


I don't consider infowars to be credible, either, but before the election I talked to a lot of Trumpsters who said that Hillary Clinton was, literally, a witch and a Satan worshipper because Podesta got invited to a dinner by a performance artist.

I don't consider The Elder Protocols of Zion to be factual, either, but I know plenty who do.

Simply dismissing something doesn't mean that thing has no imipact. We can't be like children, hiding in the closet to escape the fire.


I agree. It has been coming for some time and it won't be pretty. Best possibility is the right get stiffed and they join with us to bring capitalism down. The worst is a race riot.


I did not imply we should hide or attempt to escape from anything. I think we need facts to make informed decisions. I think pointing out the duplicity of all or any media source, as often as possible, helps to make everyone remember that they have to look at their sources of information critically and verify what they are hearing or reading before blindly believing it. That is not behaving like a child.


I despise the culture of Trump. Absolutely.

A lot of that right wing reactionary culture has built up steadily over the years, as Republicans, as they have traditionally done, fed culture war porn to the dispossessed to distract the masses of their game, the power game rewarding themselves and the rest of the corporate and super wealthy club.

Meanwhile, you have had the Democratic Party, that have engaged in their own culture stoking, arguably a much more enlightened one of protecting reproductive rights of women, etc, however for the last over 30 years, the Democratic Party, where the power lies, the power center comprised of post DLC new Democrats starting with Bill Clinton, systematically started shafting working class US citizens, including those being fed right wing culture wars meat, along with systematically shafting what used to be the core constituency of Democratic voters, Unions, workers in general, minorities, etc.

As such, the oligarchy was rendered broadly across the two party system. An oligarchy completely aligned to serve corporate interests, with an MSM completely aligned with serving that oligarchy because it is one and the same.

THUS, when the real grievances of those Trump supporters was seized upon by the FAKE populist Trump, and largely ignored by the FAKE populist Clinton (who had systematically crushed the real populist message of Sanders), then who ended up winning?

Well the person addressing that absolutely real pain of the masses who have been ignored for years and years, spat upon, used as mere fodder for the big game being played by both wings of the oligarchy.

But you will, apparently, to the end, defend the real culprits from any responsibility whatsoever, of the rise of Trump.


Cool, you just exposed your Trump game.

You've been Trumped.


I agree this is nothing new, but now it will get even worse!