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Alternative "Facts" and the Fourth Estate


Alternative "Facts" and the Fourth Estate

Jesselyn Radack

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, famously coined the Orwellian phrase "alternative facts" when pressed about flat out lies told the previous day by White House press secretary Sean Spicer regarding the crowd size at President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The dictionary definition of a "fact" is a piece of information presented as having an objective reality. Accordingly, the term "alternative fact" is itself is an oxymoron. A fact is both indisputable and immutable. Having "alternatives" to a fact undermines its very meaning.


"The media is the government’s watchdog, not its lap dog". Hmmm. I guess you never watched Stephen Colbert during his White House correspondents dinner when he said; "the government speaks, you write it down, and go home". The corporate owned press has not been acting as a watchdog against government abuse for maybe the last 20 years, since Reagan and Clinton killed the fairness doctrine and removed all barriers to the wealthy buying up media outlets respectively. A major culprit in the mess we find our country in now is that we have not had an independent watchdog press for decades. Maybe you should rethink this thesis a bit.


The reality of all of this is that by the propaganda machine's (MSM/NPR) hype about "fake news" and some far right-wing and left-wing diatribes based on nothing but empty, heated air, a person has been persuaded to believe nothing they read, hear or see on television. The oligarchy is fast becoming fascist. That means the powerful are winning. And the millions of people around the world who just want to live their lives are losing. Sometimes there comes a generation that just has no choice but to fight back in order to achieve freedom by saying "enough."


The "progressive fraud" Barack Obama "set the stage" for many things we the people will very much regret under the ginger fuhrers rule - progressives became complacent and largely silent under Obama and his sellout presidency that also employed his version of "alternative facts"; progressives were bedazzled by image, betrayed by the substance!

On issue after issue Obama betrayed the left and failed utterly, as did Bill Clinton, to build any strong progressive/leftish base - quite the contrary, he undermined (as did Clinton) the progressive/left base and ordinary people! Obama also, along with the corrupt Dem establishment, set the stage/engineered HRC's losing fraudulent candidacy and deprived America of Bernie Sanders presidency and principled leadership!
Now we are all (except the 1%) proper shagged!


We have a totally corrupt criminal political system----and the media is silent. Trump and Sanders talked about this constantly in their campaigns-----yet the media constantly ignore the issue. A regular daily question that should be put to Trump is what are you doing to drain the swamp?????The same question should be put to leaders in Congress on both sides.

We just saw Tom Price made head of HHS-even though it was clear he got thousands of$ from the healthcare industry-----and this corruption is just another day in Washington????


Yes, the MSM/NPR were with few exceptions beating the drum for the illegal invasion of Iraq as I recall. They have not been doing their job; just too comfortable and too embedded. We have this administration because the press did not do their job. Perhaps they (press) may wake up but I am not convinced of it and perhaps it is too late. Listening to the Trump press event earlier this afternoon does not make me encouraged. They should have walked out when he kept belittling them. As he ranted and rambled, I was hoping a brave reporter would step up and ask him if he was all right! That of course did not happen. His instability was on display and quite chilling.


The media perhaps often becomes complacent or bored and really doesn't do it's main job which is to inform the public about what the government doesn't really want the public to know. But right now the media seems to be in Watergate mode and this should be a banner year for investigative journalism. The ever growing stories about Trump being connected to Russia is giving the press a lot to go after. I don't know if the story will ever go away as long a Trump is president but his keeping his tax returns a secret is one of the main things that keeps this story going. At this point it seems reasonable to conclude that there must be some awful stuff in those tax returns. He was willing to hide them even if it cost him the election and it almost did. Now he in the midst probably the biggest scandal since Intra-Contra, and he still will not reveal his tax returns. Mitt Romney was probably right when he pointed out quite awhile ago that Trump had to be hiding something serious in his tax returns.


You said it. Couldn't have said it better. I now expect the media to start pretending they are a watchdog, but only as long as it serves their business purposes. Then it will be back to promoting neoliberal trade deals, pipelines, wars of regime change, drone assassination, and many, many more corporate mergers, with some spying on everyone to top it off.

The fake progressive DNC, corporate-owned, war mongering Democrats will make sure that nothing ever changes, until people vote them AND the Republicans out of office.


The media are not the government's watch-dog ;they should be the people's watch-dog, watching government.

Please USAian writers; sort out your use of English.


To say the media is the watch dog of the government is a joke. You didn't hear the media say a damn thing when the US > Hillary destroyed Libya? The media is controlled by the elites that own it! This is the same media that gave Trump 2billion worth of free airtime? The deep state doesn't like the way the Trump is not on board with starting a war with Russia, thats why they just eliminated Flynn. You talk of the botched raid in Yemen. How many civilians did Obummer kill with his drones? Did the press say what a botched job Obummer did whe he would kill 70 people in a weeding party? When a Dem kills innocent people its just a mistake when a republican kills innocents then it a botched raid. OMG impeach the bastard.. Such hypocrisy.


Seems that Trump has just yesterday discovered a terrorist attack in Sweden performed by that desperate and well-known group of furniture-manufacturers, IKEA, that has permeated western society.