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Although 2 Out of 3 Americans Oppose Increasing U.S. Military Spending, the US Government Is Boosting It to Record Levels


Although 2 Out of 3 Americans Oppose Increasing U.S. Military Spending, the US Government Is Boosting It to Record Levels

Lawrence Wittner

Early in February, the Republican-controlled Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed new federal budget legislation that increased U.S. military spending by $165 billion over the next two years.


As so many of us peace-preferring citizens continue to watch the MIC grow new teats continually and wonder when the greedy will wean themselves from the milk of military money we must remember that JFK was, in part, executed for merely contemplating a more peaceful world. Peace is abhorrent to the war machine’s numerous profit centers. Life, human and other forms, means nothing to the mammon-grubbing corporations that continue to extract the human potential that could otherwise be used to enter a phase of ReEnlightenment. Just the Orwellian term “Department of Defense” makes me want to gag, as it is quite offensive to most everything I hold dear. History teaches us that this treachery will end and not end well. Will it be the climate, Russian (or other–including “our”) nukes, or financial collapse that takes the leading role is to be determined. I hope the best for your progeny as I was too pessimistic to bring any into this world.


In other news, 2 out of 3 dentists prefer Crest, but the US Government refuses to show it preference in Federal purchasing.

We don’t make budgets based on opinion polls, and you guys ought to educate your editors on basic journalistic practices (among other things) if you want to be taken seriously and seen not just as more yellow journalism.


This article infers that public opinion matters on issues like this. It doesn’t.


I don’t take much comfort from this poll. My guess is that the majority of Americans have contradictory feelings about US military spending. If a pollster asks an isolated question about the extent of spending, many will say it’s too much. They will probably say the same if asked about government spending on welfare or foreign aid. The same majority will swallow the usual line about soldiers sacrificing for our freedom and are unlikely to be aware of the millions of “foreigners” killed and maimed by our military in the wars fought since 1945. As long as Americans think it is rational to say “thank you for your service” to post-1945 veterans, the MIC will continue to have a blank check. Sympathy for those duped into the military, sure, but not service.


Seattle Times staff just interviewed Dino Rossi, R candidate to replace departing Dave Reichert, 8th District Wa.

Of all the questions asked and responded to, not one question had to do with the 17 year wars or with bloated defense budgets. The question I would have liked: Would Americans (and the world) be better off if we scaled back the wars and turned our attention to improving our domestic situation?

Honestly, if our media cannot ask a simple question like that, we are doomed. My comment to that effect disappeared within an hour of posting it. No name calling, just posing the question.


Facing the fact that the US government was set up precisely to not allow ‘the people’ to have a voice is difficult. What is far more depressing and worse is facing head on the fact that our parties and our entire federal system are run by special interests who again have set themselves up in such a way as to deny the rabble, as I think they see us, a real voice.

Certainly they are very good a throwing out a tangential bone or two occasionally and are excellent at moving the conversation to an arena that matters little but gets the rabble all excited. But as to policies that truly matter to the people we have nearly zero say these days. They have perfected the craft of totally ignoring the consensus opinions of the citizenry.

Sorry, Perhaps I am just tired of fighting and wonder if all the hours and days spent for decades at local and state government meetings, letter and email writing, waiting at congressional offices to talk to some aide etc etc has been a huge waste of time and energy I could have spent with my family and friends… literally NOTHING I have advocated for has been done. And now a carnival barker sits atop our federal government…


It makes no difference what US citizens want. The writer of this article will be able to go deeper and further with this line of reasoning after reading Gilens and Page; they are two professors who have shown that voting has no impact on policy.



Thanks for the link. Reading now.


… with enough Democratic victories at the polls in 2018 to return of the House of Representative to Democratic control, would slow―and perhaps halt―the drift toward an overwhelmingly military-oriented public policy.

Since when? Must be talking about another Democratic party.


Hahahah. Good one.
Next you are going to tell us that Amerika is a democracy.


He joined Common Dreams just to make that post and spoke of “we” when making budgets. One of your elected Government officials in action.


America has gone collectively insane.


I feel your pain. Just remember as Chris Hedges says: “I don’t fight fascists in order to win, I fight fascists because they are fascists.”


In addition to the oft-quoted $700 billion figure (obscene in itself), there is the VA budget, much of the energy budget devoted to nuke weapons and development, “emergency” appropriations, debt relief (every Pentagon penny is borrowed and/or non-productive spending), military ‘aid’ to puppets and allies around the world (Apartheid Israel being the biggest pig at that trough), and hidden trillions for pollution clean-up as the U.S. Pentagon is the largest polluter in the history of humanity.

The $700 billion is 1/2 to 1/3 the real fiscal price of the imperial capitalist military based in the U.S. and ‘journalists’ should be clear about that.


This articles is based on the assumption that “we” have a say in how our tax dollars are spent. We do not and that is the problem. This system is designed to give the illusion of so-called representative democracy but when the only party is the corporate party we have no choice, we have no voice and changing that is almost impossible.



This article is just further proof of what I have been saying for a long time: AMERIKA IS A FASCIST,MILITARY,DICTATORSHIP! And there is no real democracy, only the fascade of a democracy to keep the sheeple quiet.


Like JFK, We must make our voices heard.

Many of us have a history of protesting for Peace, and as is evident of the coverage of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, this new generation of young people, desire to live in a world of less violence as We do.

The time is right for the establishment of a Peace Movement in the United States of America.

There are many competent spokespeople just waiting for the opportunity to represent those of us in the 2 Out of 3 who believe the Military needs to be reined in, in terms of spending, in terms of military involvements, in terms of Empire Building.

The “Progress Towards Peace” movement is at hand.

Support Peace!


When did what the American people want ever really matter to those in Washington? The take our children for their wars, they tax us and then fail to serve with honesty and integrity and cause havoc the world over. That seems to be ok.


It’s been that way for a long, long time. Slavery was a demented form of operation.