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Although 2 Out of 3 Americans Oppose Increasing U.S. Military Spending, the US Government Is Boosting It to Record Levels


I refuse to call anything but our “War Department”. What are we defending, but corp. profits.


“2 out of 3 Americans Oppose…”
I wonder what the numbers would be if they all knew our “War on Terrorism” was a complete sham? Or if it would matter.


Not a word about the context of this budget, a climate of irrational Russophobia, led by the Democratic party, the major media, especially the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC, with special creds to the increasingly promblematic Rachel Maddow. Then along comes, the truly forgettable, Congressman Jerald Nadler, who compared Russian-gate to Pearl Harbor, and in so doing diminishing the suffering and death on that fateful day. I suppose nothing illustrates the spirit of the times, and the depths to which “progressives/liberals” have sunk, than the metamorphosis of Meat Head, Meat Head becomes his nemisis Archie. In a propganda video he directs, Meat Head has the voice of God, Morgan Freeman, warn the nation that it has been attacked, and that Trump the Putnik is not up to the task of doing anything about it. Tail gunner Joe, Birchites, and every other right wing nut would be proud. One could go on and on with examples of this hysteria. So how likely is it that anything will be cut from the Defense Budget? Not likely at all.


It’s really time to take to the streets. We need to get on board with the young people and expand their gun control movement to a WAR CONTROL movement. This military insanity is bankrupting our country and putting the planet in danger. This money needs to go into healthcare, education, addressing climate chaos, renewable energy. We’re in the endgame of the country’s direction. Will we just sit by and watch the destruction???


Jebuz H. Kryst, Dino Rossi is still casting his shadow over the people of Washington? I couldn’t get out of that district fast enough after Reichert rode the ‘Green River Killer’ arrest and Dubya’s coattails into a CONgressional gig.


More likely a lobbyist, if he’s actually hands-on with the budgeting process.


The DoD war planners declared in 2001 that they couldn’t fight two major wars simultaneously ( their Congressional directives obligated this policy ), which is driving this ongoing orgy of insane spending upticks. Pork barrel politics has never been more visible or in your face than now.
The Dimocrats, under its current leaders Pelosi & Schumer, will never cut this gross budget. Hoyer and his East Coast hucksters are even worse, if you can imagine.
Winning big in 2018 is no guarantee of change, either. The War Pigs in Power Party leaders must be retired. They’re so far in the tank on this matter they should of already drowned. Here’s to hoping they do. Who’d miss them, really?


Maybe this can be an opportunity to rejuvenate the peace movement. A lot of progressive efforts have downplayed this in favor of other issues such as net neutrality, pipelines, immigrants, BLM…
As a math teacher I would try to humanize the spending number by estimating it at about $2100 per person or on average $8400 for a family of 4 - (plus the VA, interest on military debt, DOE as others have pointed out)
I often defend Democrats as being much better than the Rs on many things, but not on this issue of excessive military spending. In my state of Rhode Island our Democratic Senators might as well be called the Senators from Electric Boat.
(They are still much better than their opponents on the environment, labor, immigrants,health, civil rights, tax policy etc, reproductive freedom…those are important too)


“Although 2 Out of 3 Americans Oppose Increasing US Military Spending, the US Government Is Boosting It to Record Levels”

We could use some “tyranny or the majority”, or better said, “The Wisdom of Crowds” by James Surowiecki. A study that explains how all the people make vastly better decisions than the experts, politicians and oligarchs (in a direct democracy).



58,000 murdered Americans, for a war lie, on the Vietnam wall including a friend of my brother, who went to Canada to avoid the draft, I think makes your point!


Yeah it looks like with Trump walking back his suggestion of raising the age to buy a Gun to 21 all elected officials have o consult with their real bosses first before implementing Policy.


Spouts the apologist for murderous foreign policy and the cesspool of thugs known as military contractors.

Fade to black already, right wing dickhead.


The thing that is particularly completely out of whack is that the Pentagon has absolutely no way of tracking where their money goes. On those occasions when auditors are sent in to check their books, they find that there are no books and no one has the faintest idea of how much money was spent where and the receipts for the expenditures are either missing or incomplete.

There might be an argument that spending money on the military is worthwhile, but until they come up with some way of finding where that money goes, you can safely assume that it is going into a black hole somewhere. That the Pentagon is well aware that a substantial amount of their budget is lost or gone where it shouldn’t go is evident when you see what they do to protect their money. Remember Bunny Greenhouse years ago and what happened to her when she tried to follow the money from the Pentagon bank account to the pockets of favored members of the MIC? The people at the Pentagon knew that their finances wouldn’t bear scrutiny so they had her fired. There is no reason to suspect that the situation isn’t even worse today.


In any kind of democracy we would have objectives and goals based on opinion polls and elections, but since we don’t, what does that say about our system of government. Can you say oligarchy?


Our just simply rephrase Wittner’s own words – nearly 70 percent of all respondents favor increasing or at least maintaining Military Spending at current levels, while only 31 percent are calling for a reduction.


So 1/3 of the US population is insane; no question.


Sheeple is a lazy thinkers word of anger directed at humanity in general. The next step is suicide and is even lazier.


Thanks for your perspective of sheeple, but your perspective is not my perspective of sheeple because I am not angry and use that word for people that are politically, sophomoric.


What the Ds and Rs quietly agree on is far more relevant to our lives than what they noisily disagree over.


Elizabeth Warren Votes for Massive Increase of War Budget

October 02, 2017