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'Always About the Con': Ocasio-Cortez Says 'Virtually Every' Trump Policy Designed to Loot Public Coffers and Enrich His Cronies

It’s a brotherhood - the democratic and republican leaders - and the people aren’t in it.


Many of us have been trying to awaken the People to the above. We’ve got to get people to think! We’ve got to wipe out the programming that the only hope is to vote for one of the two Oligarchic sock puppets, the blue “D” and the red “R”.
We the People have got to find and support those who really want to be Representatives of We the People, and vote for them! If we don’t get rid of the trash that is running the show at present, there may be millions looking through the razor wire at the billionaires counting their (our) money and smiling.


“…he’s a Racist, a Conman, and a Cheat.”

Truer words have never been spoken.


Our only hope Obi wan is for the deplorables to come to their senses as OAC becomes eligible for the White House.


A combination of Hendrix, Yoko Ono, and Elaine Benes dancing on Seinfeld.

There is little doubt that we are ruled by organized crime.

Trump’s ties to the mob and his mentor Roy Cohn are best described by Whitney Webb. She’s the amazing journalist who is covering the Epstein case tying presidents and cabinet members, celebs, law professors, the mob and spy agencies here and abroad. It is now being buried by the corporate media.


Perfect republican talking points. Peace

You don’t have to bury it very deeply. We (most Americans) are not paying attention anyway.

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Actually I seem to be using names too. That is my mistake. I need to look at what people say and do…not label them in some way and try to group people by labels. A troll can be a troll but it is what they say and believe that actually matters.

I love it anytime AOC speaks saying things the 1% crowd just don’t want to hear. It’s a miracle she is in Congress at the right moment to break this cycle of bullshit ! Bernie 2020 !


To all the CD readers you should also be reading Wall Street on parade by Pam and Russ Martens. Ties it all together. Check it out you won’t be disappointed.

depends on what you see as the base of her message

It’s good that AOC started with the Dems. She is developing skills and a following that will carry over when/if she jumps the Dem ship. She seems to know what she’s doing and won’t be absorbed by the blob.

Be patient. Maybe Bernie and AOC will jump ship together :wink:

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What troll are you responding to? I can’t find the post.

For decades many of us have decried the DUOPOLY, the corporate party apparatus fully serving the ruling oligarchs, but with two flavors or facets include identity and support from the basic two factions of the nation, the hard-nosed right-wing Reps, and the more open, liberalish middle, the Dems.

Both receive backing from their factions, but neither swings too far away from the root oligarchic message of hegemony through force and war, total private ownership of the most important resources, and ignoring the role of the People— whom they actively disempower, in governing the nation. This latter makes them both unConstitutional, if you hadn’t noticed.


Who are you talking about? Has the trolls comment been deleted? That would be pretty unusual. It must have been REALLY bad…

Okay. I got it figured out. Somebody “up-thread” responded with a quote from the troll. Thanks.

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Hey Rebel, yes, I just checked and that person has disappeared.

OK, Rebel, I just saw you already got the skinny.

Stiglitz is a really brilliant guy, but I’m not sure about the basis for his optimism or his theory in this instance. From the book review:

“If enough citizens rally behind the agenda for change outlined in this book, it may not be too late to create a progressive capitalism that will recreate a shared prosperity.”

In my opinion “progressive capitalism” is a non starter. Capitalism requires continual growth on a finite planet. Can’t be done on a planet with already exhausted resources like clean water, clean air, productive soils for food, etc. Not to mention that all economic growth depends on fossil fuels to grow at historic rates, which of course is also creating climate chaos.

In theory we might be able to have well managed progressive capitalism on a local or even regional basis, but definitely not on a global scale.

Just a thought to chew on…

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Considering that Schumer would rather support a GOPer running for office rather
than support a progressive Democrat shows just how much of a DINO many
in the Democrat party happens to be.