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'Always About the Con': Ocasio-Cortez Says 'Virtually Every' Trump Policy Designed to Loot Public Coffers and Enrich His Cronies

What troll are you responding to? I can’t find the post.

For decades many of us have decried the DUOPOLY, the corporate party apparatus fully serving the ruling oligarchs, but with two flavors or facets include identity and support from the basic two factions of the nation, the hard-nosed right-wing Reps, and the more open, liberalish middle, the Dems.

Both receive backing from their factions, but neither swings too far away from the root oligarchic message of hegemony through force and war, total private ownership of the most important resources, and ignoring the role of the People— whom they actively disempower, in governing the nation. This latter makes them both unConstitutional, if you hadn’t noticed.


Who are you talking about? Has the trolls comment been deleted? That would be pretty unusual. It must have been REALLY bad…

Okay. I got it figured out. Somebody “up-thread” responded with a quote from the troll. Thanks.

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Hey Rebel, yes, I just checked and that person has disappeared.

OK, Rebel, I just saw you already got the skinny.

Stiglitz is a really brilliant guy, but I’m not sure about the basis for his optimism or his theory in this instance. From the book review:

“If enough citizens rally behind the agenda for change outlined in this book, it may not be too late to create a progressive capitalism that will recreate a shared prosperity.”

In my opinion “progressive capitalism” is a non starter. Capitalism requires continual growth on a finite planet. Can’t be done on a planet with already exhausted resources like clean water, clean air, productive soils for food, etc. Not to mention that all economic growth depends on fossil fuels to grow at historic rates, which of course is also creating climate chaos.

In theory we might be able to have well managed progressive capitalism on a local or even regional basis, but definitely not on a global scale.

Just a thought to chew on…

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Considering that Schumer would rather support a GOPer running for office rather
than support a progressive Democrat shows just how much of a DINO many
in the Democrat party happens to be.


I’ve never seen Common Dreams take a post completely off a thread that has been flagged. They shade it out with a warning to let you know it has been flagged, but we can always read it anyway. I wonder what Common Dreams rule this moron broke that his comment completely disappeared.

Sometimes the offending party will self-select removal of a post … whether or not it has been flagged. I recently replied to one of these, then had to remove my own reply when it no longer had anything to reply to.


A combination of Hendrix…

…Yoko Ono…

…and, Elaine Benes dancing on Seinfeld.

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That’s what I’m after from his book - thoughts to chew on. Historical studies would seem to indicate that when a system is this far gone, it can’t be fixed. I’m not worried about whether it can be fixed or can’t - in the end - the long run - it most certainly will be fixed by the laws of nature, if I can put it that way.

But it is honorable to try, and it seems to me we are always leaving out near Earth space, both materials and energy. I will be interested to see if Joseph Stiglitz touches on these given his physics interest.

Then there are the unknowns. These can pop up, and who knows what that will do, for better or worse.

It seems to me that irresponsible people, and criminals, are the real problem, and these people crop up no matter the system, from the tribes to today’s experiments with democracy, communism, socialism, fascism, royalty - kings, queens, emperors and what not.

Stiglitz does talk about ‘growth’ repeatedly, and I am continually wondering if we could survive de-growth, simplification, enough and not more, and still make progress - without melting down the entire system.

I can’t see any real need in capitalism, for example, for short selling, options or derivatives - and I was a bona fide stockbroker for 11 months back in '88, about the same time as Michael Lewis, author of “The Big Short”. I saw what he saw, close up - a system designed to allocate capital in the hands of con men - and that on both sides, i.e., the financial industry and its users, i.e., the public, i.e., we the people - many looking for the quick and easy get rich stock or trade. Irresponsible people in other words, all the while Antoine de Saint Exupery pointed out in his book “Wind, Sand and Stars” that “To be a man is, precisely, to be responsible” He was a pilot, as I am (or was), and that’s what I learned flying - to accept total responsibility. It is the same mountaineering, or indeed, in any venture where real skin is in the game - life and limb.

In our insulated and safe society - is it any wonder that we have forgotten this, especially when hyped by a massive and almost all pervasive spin industry which seeks to negate any thought of the common good, or our instinctive and genetic connections to each other - honed over millions of years ?

Maybe he isn’t optimistic - but just chewing those ideas out loud, as he sees it as his obligation to do so ?

What we call economics is a misnomer - it is a system of bean counting - to see who is ahead - more beans = success.

That is not economics - nor is capitalism necessarily a racket.

What we have today is not economics - nor capitalism - what we have is a zero sum racket.

If true - that’s a fundamental thing to know, as is the fact that we can if we so desire bring CO2 back down to whatever number we choose, and get energy directly from the Sun.

It is not hopeless - rather a test.

Are we smart enough, strong enough - to be allowed to live on this planet ???

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Always about the con. Truer words have never been spoken about AOC. She is the biggest con job in Congress. Not a politician, not a community organizer, not a political science major, not involved in politics at all. Her brother throws her name into a hat and she is chosen. She hasn’t had an original thought since (and before) she was elected. She is a mouthpiece doing the bidding for others. Why anyone would think she is a good politician or the future of the party is beyond me and beyond logic. Hell, we’re not going to be here in 12 years so what does it matter?

She has even more perfectly refined the ‘Conflict Theory of Criminology and Deviance’. This feedback-loop occurs in economic periods of Monopoly Capitalism. The industry of injecting poverty into targeted communities. Of manufacturing human suffering as a necessary evil, for ‘Deviance Amplification’ Goals and Policies. https://www.encyclopedia.com/social-sciences/dictionaries-thesauruses-pictures-and-press-releases/deviance-amplification

She is a nice lady and she is my friend.

I concur.

We can but hope!