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'Amateurish and Delusional' Comments From Trump on Mediating Kashmir Dispute Set Off Political Row in India

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/23/amateurish-and-delusional-comments-trump-mediating-kashmir-dispute-set-political-row

Trump bungles his blabber-mouthed ass into a conflict between two nuclear-armed countries.

What could go wrong?


Trump is a dumbass surrounded by a slew of other dumbasses.

What do you expect?

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Yes, look how well he’s done “negotiating” with just one country, North Korea, with no religious conflicts.

Stick him in the middle of the Hindu/Muslim conflict and stand back. Plus we all need to remember — baby wants a peace price, you know, because Obama got one and that Yazidi woman got one just for leaving her country.

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India is a master at obfuscation. Uses the “T” word to quash all dialogue with Pakistan as well as Kashmiris - the same way that the Israelis do with the Palestinians. Google the “India and Pakistan border from space” and click on the images. Despite and electrified border fence and a large military force manning it, India routinely accuses Pakistan of terror attacks - insinuating that some rag tag bearded whackjobs slipped across a manned / electrified fence to carry out nefarious deeds. They conveniently forget to mention the brutal subjugation of the Kashmiris (google “use of pellet guns in kashmir” and again click on images). They cant even protest.

Pakistan used to provide support to Kashmiri groups in the old days, but doesnt do that any more as it is just not possible. However, since 9/11, India has found a convenient whipping boy to brutalize the locals.

Whenever Pakistan raises the issue of Kashmir on international forums, India claims its a bilateral issue and will not accept third party mediation. India also tells Pakistan that it will not talk about Kashmir because its an internal issue. At the same time, India has started arming insurgents in Balochistan province of Pakistan. Its a tribal society in that province and the clan chieftains are being incited to breakaway from Pakistan and become like the emirates (UAE etc) and take control of the resources. Bear in mind that Balochistan has large deposits of gold, copper, oil & gas etc.