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'Amazing News': Climate Activists Celebrate Victory After Forcing Company to Abandon Proposed Tar Sands Project

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/24/amazing-news-climate-activists-celebrate-victory-after-forcing-company-abandon


Watch Trudeau claim he was behind the suspension of this project and proclaim he is a true environmental champion. He’s a lot like the idiot in the White House.


Fantastic news!


The Alberta Government is already blaming this on Climate protestors suggesting they are preventing citizens form Alberta from getting high paying jobs .

That Pipeline The Trudeau Government tries to build was intended to carry about as many barrels per day of the Heavy Crude that this mine would have produced. The goal was to get this stuff to China and Asia rather then rely on the US market to buy it all.

If Sanders wins in the USA and acts on his climate initiatives The Governments of Canada and the producing provinces will be running out of places to ship this stuff. Had Trudeau and the Alberta Governments invested those 10s of billions of dollars in helping move towards a cleaner energy future we would be miles ahead of where we are today. That money and those subsidies to big oil are being pissed away.

One word of caution. The Media , the Corporations and some of the Provincial Governments involved have been insisting the Police use more force to end these protests. Teck could be using this to force the Hand of the Government wherein the Police move in and start cracking heads.




Be fully prepared for the major push-back from the extremist ideologues entitled to powerfully, autocratically and coercively shape society. Challenging a pervasive tradition that reacts violently and aggressively, usually through economic punishment, demonstrates the true ‘heart’ of this tradition. It is not concerned with providing long term jobs that have pro-social consequences on society. It is not interested in legitimate social license. The tradition is only concerned with its own primal survival - damn the evidence and screw the critics. The tradition has owned governance forever in Canada - a small win feels big but the foxes are still at large in the hen-house and their are lots of chickens for them to frighten, divide and coerce.

Meanwhile, the dark lords themselves will continue to make piles of money while they cut jobs and scream at everyone else. Why do the masses miss this pivotal connection the oligarchy and aristocracy of society implement? Why do they not know they are mere commodities and pawns, that our indigenous friends are in the same boat with us and deserve our support and unity to break free from corporate economic politics? Our economy is not free - it is a compulsory imposition of an elitist ideology. The big win is far, far away.


Amen. It’s the first two rules of politics and big business. If something good happens claim you made it possible. And if something bad happens, well, it was gods will or somebody else’s fault.

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Excellent article! Thanks.

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The math didn’t add up, for one thing. That was a major, multi billion dollar investment in infrastructure with what looked like low to moderate production and massive degradation to the earth and indigenous groups. Great organizing. We must continue to do that and remember that we must protect the integrity of the earth’s cosmic frequencies and vibrations and stop corporations from drilling miles into the earth’s oceans and blowing off mountain tops, and breaking up rock in such corrosive ways. It’s as violent as war.


Alberta is not that little – look at a map!

But it’s at least as backward looking as Texas, totally dominated by Big Petroleum.

More Butt than Gig.

Solidarity and eco-activists can certainly claim a victory.
But another factor was the project’s sheer unviability at today’s oil prices:

It is good news, but activists played a small part. It was known for some tim,e that it was not a viable plan & if it had been approved it would never have been built.

no activists had no part in stopping this project. oil prices may have a had a little to do with it but this project would have had the perfect time to build… when prices\ costs are low that is the time to build, expand and hire.