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'Amazing News': Rights Groups Celebrate After Italy Bans Use of Circus Animals


'Amazing News': Rights Groups Celebrate After Italy Bans Use of Circus Animals

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Advocates for animal welfare praised the Italian parliament while calling on other nations, including the United States, to follow suit



While I applaud this move, the wholesale maltreatment of animals both domestic and wild is epidemic - the slaughter of wild animals for “sport” by depraved dentists et al, slaughter of animals to fund wars, for “medicines” and old men’s “tonics”, status possession of animal parts, and eating every wild thing for pleasure/status like shark-fin soup, are atrocities and crimes that knows no bounds. if human’s are to survive they first must stop killing/slaughtering other animals including other humans…and end animal cruelty in the pet trade and domestic meat and associated animal “production” crimes.


Wonderful news! India did likewise only last month, joining some 30 other countries around the world, including Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, The Netherlands, Greece, even Iran… Can the U.S. be far behind? One sometimes wonders who the REAL “Third World” country is…


E, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Man’s hubris and insensitivity and cruelty apparently know no bounds. I’m thrilled at the steps, albeit some tiny, some people in countries are taking.

You say if humans are to survive… I’m no longer sure I want that. I think Mother Nature and the animals were far better off before “civilized” man came on the scene.

You’ve heard me quip before that I hope there is a god, and it’s a tiger or whale or wolf or elephant with a lonnnng memory and a baaaaad attitude. That g.d. dentist didn’t get what he deserves nor has any other hunter, among others. E.g., bullfights? I cheer when I hear of a matador or picador getting gored. Et cetera.


Yes, the US can be very, very far behind. This is a craven, sick country.


Maybe not as far behind as you might think, but probably for the wrong reasons. Still, better than nothing.


Fern, thanks for posting this link. I hadn’t seen this particular story. Animal rights, welfare, conservation, etc. are my passion. Some of my family works in sanctuaries and rescues, in education of the public, etc. You’re right that every little bit helps.


:honeybee::honeybee:Please protect us :bug:…make sure you buy only plants & flowers :cherry_blossom::blossom: that are free from neonicotinoid pesticides…:honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:…purty pleeezzzzzz!


Thanks very much to you as well. :slight_smile:


While a applaud the countries who are finally taking action on this particular type of animal abuse, what about all other sorts of animal crualty? animals used for research, slaughter houses, hunting, yes, hunting, animals used for their fur, for the production of milk and cheese when babies are taking away from their mothers and sent to slaughter, they are called veals to name one… if you use any of these products, you are contributing to animal crualty.