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Amazon Abuses Workers and the Climate—Because It Can

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/06/amazon-abuses-workers-and-climate-because-it-can

Tip of the iceberg Sonali ~

From the top of government down - rotten. It is leadership by example.

There is a direct link between government and corporate inaction on climate and the abuse of people. Like the law of commutation in mathematics, the order doesn’t matter:

  • Abuse the environment - abuse people.
  • Abuse people - abuse the environment.

I say again - this is not ‘business’ doing this - these are criminal organizations.

Hopefully there are exceptions - like Yvon Choinard’s Patagonia ?? Or is this wishful thinking ? I don’t know. I’d like to believe there are still decent people in the world, who are also in business.


There actually are some decent business people, but they aren’t the ones running giant corporations. They are the Moms and Pops that have been devastated by Walmart and Amazon both. I only mention that for emotional relief - by and large ‘businessmen and women’ can’t see past their own noses because all they care about is themselves. Bozo is the epitome of that class, with no conscience or remorse. I call that EVIL.


Yes - that is an accurate word. The diff between a criminal and a business man or woman is caring for all stakeholders, not only oneself. A criminal is mentally deranged, self-destructive, and willing to visit destruction on others without the spur of self-defense.

I am seeing the world much clearer now with this way of thinking.

I was a business founder - we never treated people working for us badly, and they made a living wage.

What we have now is bullshit - I was once a stockbroker, for eleven months, until I saw the game - then out of there, but I do understand the markets, banks, and the financial industry.

PS: I am a father and husband, a pilot, a geologist and an adventurer and mountaineer, and a residential framer for six years - thank the powers that be for that !


Who’s going to stop Amazon the free market economy ?

There will always be people who will work like this ,have you checked out the working conditions in the East .

Why would you want a fellow human being to go through this kind of abuse anywhere .

We are abusing the abuser by not stopping the abuse .

So the question is what would love do …? Stop the abuse obviously .

Most solutions are spiritual in nature humans are failing miserably in this regard .But we have Marianne Williamson who’s waking up the masses. She’s going first who’s going to follow ,count me in .
Leaders do not follow ,true leaders say I will go first …

She’s a kick ass divine feminine following her intuition .

A civil rights movement for the Soul of Humanity .

I am not a mathematician, but I don’t think there is a general law of commutation that holds across the board in mathematics. If you take say the arithmetic of (what are called) real numbers, then the operations of addition and multiplication are commutative, but subtraction and division are not commutative.

I do agree with you on your point about businesses like Amazon being criminal


Amazon seems like the ghost of workplaces past----which you can read all about in the life of Mother Jones. I remember one horrific story where a young girl working in the mills with looms—had her hair caught up in a loom and her scalp torn off of her head—no help for her and no harm for the corporate ones. Or there’s the Pinkerton Detective agency firing on men , women and children in camps------there are so many horrors in America’s history—and Amazon is just the biggest and most recent, Too big of any business becomes a horror. besides, I like visiting small businesses where you get to know the people—very often your neighbors. I am always wondering why so many push the importance of religion in all parts of life—but when it comes to decent wages and health care and human concern--------that all seems to disappear with the big companies. Bigger may make more money, but smaller is often so very much more human both people and the planet.


It’s fine that Amazon comes under the gun and all, but remember Trump is the one who shined the focus on them, and his abuses are just as egregious, so let’s make sure everybody gets their fair share of abuse.

It’s not wise to say that everyone goes through these things you mentioned in this article. I know I don’t. My husband works at UPS under the Teamsters union, and he is treated much worse over there. He gets less pay and less hours than I do, and they just gave him a raise. He also lost his insurance coverage for us when he was sick and had to take a month off of work. My job wouldn’t do that when I take a leave.
In regards to the reveal investigation, that was only a few people they investigated. To make claims that everyone goes through that is incorrect. I don’t go through that because I know how to take care of myself. If I notice something is wrong with my body, I take care of it. If I needed to take some time off from work, I can do that with all my time off options. Now I’m not saying that I am like everyone else. This is only my experience. There might be others like me, but I wouldn’t know unless I witnessed it.

It is good to read that there is protest against Bezos and Amazon. I boycott Amazon and support mom & pop stores.