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Amazon—and 56 Other Corporations—Took Your Tax Dollars

Amazon—and 56 Other Corporations—Took Your Tax Dollars

Leo Gerard

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Bernie Sanders, castigator of the one percent, is a millionaire now. So are Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. Big whoop. There’s a crucial difference between these candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination and the super wealthy – particularly 60 gigantic, massively profitable U.S. corporations. The candidates faithfully pay federal taxes. The corporations don’t.

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Keep voting for Democrats. Keep voting for Republicans.

And this, will never change.


Corporations are the same everywhere as are the Governments that act as lackspittles to their whims.

Here in Canada the latest scandal.

Loblaws made over 200 million in profits last quarter. They are a Grocery food chain owned by one of the richest families in Canada.

In the past Loblaws was charged with price fixing on bread wherein they illegaly worked with other grocery food store chains to artifically keep the price high.

Loblaws executives came out against an initiative to pay its workers a “living wage”. It their feeling this would hit those 200 million plus a quarter too hard.

The Government of Canada recently announced 12 million in taxpayer dollars to go to Loblaws in order to help them replace less energy efficient fridges. Even as that same Government bought a pipeline to push more tarsands oil to the West Coast for export, they defend this action as one to “fight Climate Change” and wonder how anyone can be against “fighting Climate change”.

This is the crap that happens when an economic system puts the 1 percent in control of the meansof production.

Now to the point above by ponyboy on continuing to vote Democrat or Republican and gettting the same results, it pretty much the same here. Had the Liberals been in opposition and the Conservatives introduced this grant , they would be whining about “money to rich guys” even as the Conservatives whine about it now.


Still loving Donald Trump Leo? Notice you didn’t say anything about his taxes, or put him on the other side of the ledger of the tax-paying patriots, though you did manage to get in how rich the Dem candidates are.

Hi SuspiraDeprofundis: what a perfectly wonderful name for corporate cheaters. LOBLAW—so apparently they have creepy people in government working for them-- who let them LOB the LAW of fairness into to the garbage. How clever–and yet-- equally disgusting.

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How many voters’ minds are going to be changed when the public finds out Trump got away with robbing the IRS? Most of us presume he did without seeing his returns. His base sees him as a hero for screwing the IRS. Does it occur to you that it’s quite possible that Trump’s returns will turn out, like the Russia investigation, to be a benefit to Trump?

His approval ratings have shot up since the Mueller report was released.
Fully 50% of Americans surveyed now call Mueller’s probe a “witch hunt.”

But you keep digging. Because apparently gift wrapping Trump 2020 is a good strategy.


Each and every day that Trump remains in office is an insult to each and everyone of us Americans whether we believe or not.

You can call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, however, there is a conspiracy at the highest levels of government, encompassing both corporate parties, using their influence, and taking great measures to cover-up the criminality of Trump.

Sure, there’s some sabre rattling of some Democrats, but not enough.

I know you know the level of corruption in the Uniparty is off the charts.

We just can’t allow it to be dismissed.

We must persevere in our endeavor to purge this criminal.


Every corporate boardroom in the United States is a conspiracy. Watergate was a conspiracy as was the Iran Contra Affair (both Republican scams btw) .The Senate hearings on the JFK assassination in the late 70s determined his death was the likely result of a conspiracy. Lincoln was murdered as a result of a conspiracy and a number of J W Booth’s co-conspirators were hanged in a mass execution.
The Democratic Party is the party of Franklin Roosevelt who gave us Social Security and progressive, redistributive taxation, which never went below 70% from the 1930’s until the venal Reagan Administration (Republican) and I will never slander the Demcratic Party as long as it maintains the House Progressive Democratic Caucus. It is the GOP which is destroying the United States of America. Not the Democratic Party.

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Well said Ed. I do agree.

However, it is the responsibility of Congress to reign in any President abusing his power, obstructing justice, committing campaign finance infractions,etc.

If the Democratic House leadership refuses to put a check on this criminality, and yes this is criminal behavior through deliberate actions taken, this Democratic Party leadership will be conspiring wittingly or unwittingly to aid in the cover-up.

And if so, they too, through their complicity, are equally corrupt in refusing to exercise their Constitutional responsibilities.


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Very important topic in this article, and very “impressive” numbers. Which brought to mind that even unemployment compensation, roughly at around 6k per year, is taxed in the US. At 10%!!!

But the issue that I have with this article is its overall framework. It makes it sound as if the corporations are the evil and the people are good as they go volunteering their taxes for the common good. The framework, I believe, should focus on the utter lack of representation for the people, who live in a political system that is Designed to exploit and oppress them, serving just a few. It is the system, i.e. the political (mis)representation of the people that is the issue, not the corporations per se. Corporations are just an outcome of the system.

I am afraid that by framing things so that we focus on how bad corporations are, we are implying, that if they decided to behave, everything would be alright. And it is a dangerous frame to accept the status quo. That’s my 5 cent.

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Skeptic tank: The story of Trump’s corruption has not been fully revealed yet. To think that if it was that would give him a bump in the polls is irrational.

I dont find anything contradictory or hypocritical about Sanders being a millionaire now. Democratic socialism says nothing about people not being rich or not having wealth. It, does, however, talk about equality of opportunity, a fair taxation system, strong worker protections, a robust social safety net, universal healthcare, affordable higher education and creating a system that is not systemically geared against the poor and middle class while favoring the rich and powerful at their expense.

Sanders has been in Congress for over 30 years and these last few years are the first time he made a lot of money - FROM BOOK SALES!! Not like he made his riches collecting massive amounts of cash for secret speeches to felon banks where he praises them as having an unfair stigma attached to their “success.” (I believe those were the exact words HRC used in one of her speeches: that there is “stigma” attached to “success.” - I guess if one call deliberately causing a financial crash to enrich yourself while bankrupting others, knowing the government would bail you out “success” then girlfriend certainly has a point.).

Invoking his millions to somehow cast him as some hypocrite is nothing but a mean spirited, slanderous attack by the Establishment that hates progressives and reaching for straws at this point to defend their crappy, indefensible middle class busting policies that have helped put Trump ans his ilk in the WH.

What gets me is progressive outlets not challenging these lies and instead exclaim “so what?” No, not so what, talk about the context and how Warren or Sanders are millionaires. The source of your wealth matters too; how you acquired it matters too. Change the narrative and go on the offense. Print a list of all corporations that didnt pay a dime in taxes and mail it to every household in america. Every month for the next 2 years.

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Can you tell me what specific crimes Trump committed outside of paying hush money to Stormy Daniels?

He just got a an actual, measurable bump in the polls. That’s not irrationality, it’s reality.

Pray tell, what further corruption do you expect to be revealed? Because a 22-month inquiry just revealed nothing we didn’t already know.

But hey, if you know better than Noam Chomsky, keep gift wrapping 2020 for Trump:

“The Democrats invested everything in this issue. Well, turned out there was nothing much there. They gave Trump a huge gift. In fact, they may have handed him the next election. That’s just a—that’s a matter of being so unwilling to deal with fundamental issues, that they’re looking for something on the side that will somehow give political success.”

I agree with Chomsky and many many others that Russiagate was bullshit. But for Leo Gerard to start talking about tax avoidance and evasion shortly after visiting Trump in the Oval Office with his building trade buddies and kissing his ass, while taking the opportunity to get in multiple references to how wealthy the Dems are is just dishonest. By the way, you have zero idea what’s in Trump’s tax returns.

Outside of the campaign finance violations you mentioned, the Mueller probe has revealed items related to High Crimes and Misdemeanors which the Injustice Dept. failed to charge Trump with, due to DOJ policy, not Constitutional policy, such as Obstruction of Justice and Abuse of Power.

You and I both know that SDNY will reveal even more crimes as time goes on, if, they are not fired or somehow prevented from doing so.

I know you know all this. I’m kinda curious why you asked.

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Don’t be hesitant to tell me I may be handing Trump 2020.

I’ve heard that before.

Nobody as unethical and immoral as him, is squeaky clean.

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The GOP has tightened its death grip on the Senate. which has more power than the House. Simply put, we’re screwed. And the corporate media are beginning to make Jerry Nadler and the other Democrats trying to put a check on Trump as though they are beating a dead horse.
Trump is a mafia front man ( Italian , Russian and Jewish). His tax returns and Deutsche Bank records likely prove money laundering for Russian oligarchs. He is filthy from top to bottom but the Democratic controlled House is POWERLESS beyond subpoenas which the intended targets are ignoring. Simply put, unless we take the Senate, we’re screwed. As for the judiciary, we will be suffering the curse of Mitch McConnell for decades, longer than I will be alive. A progressive Democratic president will not change this without the popular will and uprising of the People, who, judging from the most popular YouTube stars, are brain dead. We’re screwed.
So, Democrats will have to cut deals. They will have to eat shit. A sad time for the oldest political party on Earth.

I have a fairly strong belief that we’ll never know what’s in his tax returns, subpoenas or not.

And you still miss my point: The pursuit of Trump’s “corruption” is more likely to win him votes than cost him votes. The dems will not impeach. The House investigations will be a distraction to deflect from their policy infighting. Trump has enjoyed stoking the fires – he plays morons like Adam Schiff (who also doesn’t want to impeach, despite calling ruusiagate the equivalent of 9-11!) like 2-string fiddles.

And for heaven’s sake, Gerard called the wealthy Dems patriots for paying their taxes. So speaking of distraction, you might want to examine whether your own critical thinking skills have been rattled by Trump.

Pony, the point isn’t that Trump is corrupt as hell. That’s been plainly evident since forever. He’s a pussy grabbing bigot. He incites violence. He’s the middle generation standout of a multi-generational crime family. He literally is a pathological liar. Even worse, his base loves all of it.

The actual point is that he can and will ride out upcoming House investigations, and has already scored a big win with his base and a large segment of the public in general by skating clear from the Mueller probe. You can assert that we must pursue further investigations if you want, but they’ll accomplish the exact opposite outcome you’re looking for.

So. The SDNY has had Mueller’s findings for months. Where are the indictments and charges?

The Stormy Daniels payments have been acknowledged in civil court. Where are the campaign finance law violation charges?

And as for obstruction, you need to understand that Mueller couldn’t charge him with that because he couldn’t prove Trump’s intent to obstruct the uncovering of the commission of a crime because he found no crime. Can a congressional committee do what Mueller couldn’t?

And abuse of power, really? Three emoluments clause cases against Trump have been in the courts for more than a year. None of them are going anywhere.

His tax returns? We might see those. After November 2020.

Look, I hate Trump. Possibly more than you do. But I’ll be damned if I’ll allow Trump Derangement Syndrome to impede my critical thinking skills. If Trump is going to be defeated, it has to be a result of making it clear that the biggest lies he tells are aimed at working class voters who are harmed by his policies. Allowing him to distract his misinformed base with charges of being the victim of a witch hunt won’t help in that effort.

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