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Amazon’s Worst Bargain Yet


Amazon’s Worst Bargain Yet

Katie Parker

The billions in tax breaks cities are offering Amazon to host its “HQ2,” Amazon’s bare-knuckled push to squash a business tax in Seattle, and recent strikes for better working conditions in Amazon facilities have all fueled a growing conversation about the retail behemoth’s toll on commu


I wish I could reformat the facts laid out here and force feed them into the consciousness of all the people I know who are otherwise sane good hearted but who believe that Donald Trump has been specifically chosen by God and given a mandate to “save” the USA, that he is “standing tall for the people” and that the current hyperactive economic numbers prove he was the “right choice.” People who are otherwise good hearted become, when they speak or publish in his defense, fall into the same angry put down attitude Trump personifies.

I don’t know what I can do about of this socially ugly trend other than to wait for everything to fall apart directly due to the president’s attitudes and decisions he has made. With each press appearance he only succeeds in introducing more proposals that seem only designed to piss off us leftists, thumb his nose at all our hopes, and continue his hateful constant dissing of ex-President Obama, a hatred that his fans and followers pick up on and buy into.

I am currently living off to the side, far away from mainland USA which under the assumed name “America” he is claiming to be restoring the greatness of when in Real Time he is about to start completely unnecessary wars and making decisions that could lead to the destruction of all the economies there are on this poor overheated bedraggled planet that is our only home.


This issue of Amazon and online purchasing is a serious one. Let us look into the future. There is the possibility, due to resource shortages, space confinement due to sea rise, global warming, economic crisis, etc., that all the (way too many) huge department stores, malls, super-stores, etc. will no longer be. The idea of a central location for purchasing “products” is not such a bad idea. In my opinion, there is “too much” choice. All the crazy junk out there–the totally unnecessary doo dads and trinkets–are a constant barrage of eye candy that distracts and disrupts. Just saying.

Bezos has used a futuristic idea to his benefit and is way ahead of the pack on this. His idea is visionary, but the way he does business leaves much to be desired. That is where the heart of the matter lies. Bezos has no heart. Will Democratic Socialism mend the net and carry out the future with heart? Or like Bezos, with authoritarian lock-step?