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Amazon Short-List Proves Something "Very Wrong" With America's Race-to-the-Bottom Economy: Ellison


Amazon Short-List Proves Something "Very Wrong" With America's Race-to-the-Bottom Economy: Ellison

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Something is deeply wrong with our economy and democracy when local governments offer up their tax base to a corporation worth over $500 billion."


glad that a major corporation is finally being called out for what it really is. a slave work environment for its employees and yes why does a company already loaded get benefits at the expense of taxpayers wherever it lands! enuf already, down with corporate capitalism. let’s give a democratic socialist society a chance. it could not be worse than what we are living under currently.


Enough should be enough. How much is enough? Bezos, are you listening?


As the richest person in the world, this is the poster boy for "Too Rich to Fail-Too Big to Fail."
The tax bases being offered up to Bezos are the same ones that [chuckle] We The People rely upon (and pay for) for our literal survival.


Please, Mr Bezos…
I live here in the Bay Area, and we’ll give you money NOT to come here. And get your goddamn Whole (Foods) Paycheck “food” stores out of here too.
Go race to the bottom somewhere else. Thank you, asshole.
Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.



I canceled my Amazon Prime membership this month and I invite all Common Dreams readers to join me. This bidding war orchestrated by the world’s richest human is as despicable as his unscrupulous business practices. I’m ashamed that I contributed to his wealth at the expense of local businesses.


Writing from Seattle, Amazon’s first home, my own experience is that in terms of its impact on this city, Amazon has driven skyrocketing housing costs, and amplified the split between the minority of rich and the majority of poor.

This “race to the bottom” for the prize of winning Amazon’s second headquarters is indeed emblematic of what is seriously, deeply wrong with the economy. Corporations rule, and their priorities steamroll all other priorities.


‘Amazon’s meteoric rise has been due largely to unfair business practices’.
That pretty much sums it up…


As someone who live in one of the rust-belt cities on that short list, the entire spectacle of these large cities practically falling prostrate and groveling before Amazon like a beggar before a king, while they sell out their own citizens - and the citizens themselves cheering the city government on as they do so, is nothing short of nauseating.

Here in Pittsburgh, the city is keeping the terms of the deal secret, and a poll showed that a majority of the city residents want the terms to be kept secret! We demand we be kept in the dark! We demand that we be fed bullshit while out streets crumble, our water becomes lead-and fracking-chemical laden, and our public transit is defunded and dismantled!

A few days ago while navigating some major streets which had still not had a plow nor salt touch them after 7 inches of snow and traffic snarled as cars were immobilized on the hills, I was praying that someone from Amazon was observing this rust belt mess. Fuck Peduto, Fuck Fitzgerald.


I’ve never use Amazon, even back when they were just a bookseller, and when I order something from a small business seller and find out the seller uses 'Amazon fulfillment", I will make sure the seller knows I am unhappy about it.


We sure like our Kool-Aid.


that’s right the deal was too good to be true. think about how many businesses this a hole has destroyed by avoiding sales taxes and probably payroll taxes. not to mention his $600 million dollar contract with the feds to store data.
I would recommend dumping this black hole service to every responsible American citizen. here’s an eye opener. $1 billion dollars equals 20,000, $50,000 jobs. times 100 billion that would be 2 million $50,000 jobs. he’s a real hard worker huh?



We got screwed when GE came to Boston, I hope they don’t say “Please sir, may I have another” to Amazon.


Ellison is right. It amazes me that so many Americans worry so much about government tyranny and not the smallest bit about corporate tyranny. The latter has so much more to do with the loss of freedom and opportunity and wealth among middle and lower working classes.


What makes government tyranny worse is that the government has the power to lock you up or kill you with impunity. Corporations don’t have those powers, yet…


Yup. I’ve lived in the Seattle area for 20 years, and in Seattle itself for 10. I used to love it. Now, it sucks. I want out. Wherever Amazon goes, you will be sorry.


No, they just have the power to make your work life, the thing humans do 40 hours a week for 30 to 40 years of your adult life, miserable.


And btw, you may want to check with the Caribbean and South American countries before saying corporations don’t have the power to lock you up or kill you. Record high rates of heart disease and cancer in North America, much of it caused by or made worse by workplace stress, should also make you reflect on your assumption. As well, if you’re not a minority in the US, the real threat that government tyranny will impact your life is very remote. Far too many Americans obsess about the theoretical threat of government tyranny and miss the elephant in the room about the tyranny of large private interests and the persons behind them.


Maybe that’s the only way they can market their books. I order many books through Amazon from small scale booksellers. This is just the way that mega giants like Amazon corner the market. The small sellers use Amazon or perish entirely. Sad but true.
edit: Improved search engine by small sellers would certainly help. I was looking for a Stephen King book on a small sellers site and gave up when I couldn’t find a book with several million copies in print.


One thing HQ2 MIGHT make more possible is to initiate anti-trust action (not with this WH and DoJ) and break the company up.