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Amazon, Stop Powering Government Surveillance


Amazon, Stop Powering Government Surveillance

Jamie Williams, Jennifer Lynch

EFF has joined the ACLU and a coalition of civil liberties organizations demanding that Amazon stop powering a government surveillance infrastructure. Last week, we signed onto a letter to Amazon condemning the company for developing a new face recognition product that enables real-time government surveillance through police body cameras and the smart cameras blanketing many cities.


Amazon, indeed, should.

Amazon should disclose those who invested in the initial venture that Bezos put forward. How did Bezos accumulate the wealth to float such a company, never pay any tax for decades while enriching himself?

Amazon should. It should forgo its model of cannibalism and distract /exhaust Bezos by supplying him that ever willing commodity of humans who willing to sell themselves for buck. I wonder why they are so desperate. Could it possibly be because of our economic structure?

Amazon should. Not be evil, because it has enough money to end hunger and homelessness. Oh wait, that would be Bezos, but he is not really human, as he has shown in the treatment of his employees. Amazon should, as it has achieved personhood, and is clearly more human than Bezos, thanks to the AI .

Amazon should.

Amazon should pay their techies to develop software for more humanistic ends. When you are paying veritable tech geniuses multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars to come up with this, why would they not develop it for you?

What can we do anymore but put out fluff like this? Get out on the street so they can use their AI and make sure you never get out on the street again?

What can we do?
I know. Lets victimize an honest reporter.Julian or something.


All of us should stop buying things from Amazon. I stopped years ago, feels great.