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Amazon Threatens to Cancel New York City Headquarters if It Doesn’t Receive $3 Billion in Subsidies


Amazon Threatens to Cancel New York City Headquarters if It Doesn’t Receive $3 Billion in Subsidies

David Dayen

Fearful of losing nearly $3 billion in subsidies for its expansion in New York City, Amazon has moved to a new strategy, one involving threats. The Washington Post (owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos) reported on Friday that the company is “reconsidering” its plan to place an office facility for up to 25,000 employees in Long Island City, Queens.


Note from someone in Seattle to everyone in NYC: If you know what’s good for you and your community, run Amazon’s giant, ugly, monopolistic, libertarian ass right out past your city limits. Bezos is not coming to make your lives better; that’s not even part of the equation.


More broadly, the Amazon farce has shone a spotlight on the sordid process of economic development deals, which cost cities and states up to $90 billion annually while local services suffer from a lack of funds.

'Nuff said. Time for a change.


Sounds like enough reason to run it out of town right there.


It’s refreshing as hell to see a cadre of politicians not falling all over themselves to kiss corporate ass.

Did hell freeze over? Because that’s the day I’ll think about buying something from Amazon. It’s bad enough that my internet traffic passes through their cloud network.



I’m shocked — shocked! — the Post managed to get the scoop on this trial balloon piece.


Everyone in NYC, raise you’re fists collectively, now extend you’re middle fingers towards Bozo, and consider you’re selves lucky.


Its amazing to think of what this Amazon debacle actually means in terms of the perspective of “democracy” and the sheer scale of industry’s dissociative precedents and practices sold through carefully massaged messages since Bernays.

The perspectives of Rothschild-styled hierarchies, among which I include Amazon, entail generational legacies of dehumanization of any and all outside of their sphere of operation. Deny first, and cede only when there is no other option. Throughout history it has been precisely those dehumanized by these operators who raise hew and cry over the consequences. I understand why some people begin to think they are actually some type of sordid aliens. We are learning that centuries of demonization (projection?) of economic critique has been smoke and mirrors while the earth is being raped. The ‘rights/privileges’ apparently include long term self-destruction and ritual sacrifice in terms of claiming that predation is actually just a cyclical idiosyncrasy of the economic system - but of course, that applies only to those outside their sphere. And of course the humble pie (in the face) trope that "Its not perfect, but its better than anything else out there’.

Odd how all the above is being circled by “conservatives” - conserving what? A system that must kill, destroy, deny, lie, and when those become recognized, must undermine the integrity of the masses of people it claims for its sacrificial ‘buffer’. Hold the power to decide what people are taught, the type of life engagement reduced to ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’. Prevent communities from having the wherewithall to enact the robust dynamics inherent in the creativity of the members of these communities.

This should not be the case in the 21st century… Anywhere.

Why is Amazon as a monopoly that should be broken up not addressed?


I can’t fault Amazon on this one. They were promised something and then NY gets ready to renege on the deal. Good on them.

By the same token, some people in NY seem to have actually grown a backbone and are looking at pulling the subsidies. Even better on them!

What will be interesting to see is what city will bend over for Bezos and say “come here please oh please!”


So let ‘Bozo’ move to China where most of his shit comes from anyway.


I did not mean to flag this; luv that Leonard Cohen.


Why does he need $3 billion in subsidies?
According to a quick Google search, he makes $107 million a day.


The consequences of the means of production being surrendered to the 1 percent is the one percent makes demands such as this and OWNS the Government. This is raw capitalism exposed for the fraud that it is.

Up here in Canada there a scandal around the Government of Justin Trudeau. It claimed he pressured a previous Justice Minister to not pursue criminal charges against SNC Lavalin , a firm that was charged with using millions of dollars to bribe officials in Libya. The Justice minister refused and was demoted from Cabinet as a consequence. While the PMO denies such pressure exercised it is alleged that if SNC Lavalin found guilty it might face bankruptcy and this would put people out of work.

SNC Lavalin claims they should not be held liable for what previous officers of the Company whom they claimed “rogue” did.

So you can see what happens when these Corporations get large and “The means of production” is put in the hands of some small few. They implicitly threaten Governments with job losses unless they get their way. They openly extort governments for tax payer dollars and for protection from any crimes they might commit.


In any respectable socialist country we would storm Amazon, throw Bezos in a cell, and run the company for the people.


And after the people have taken over, make sure that 90% of what is sold says “Made In USA.”


You are promoted to vice president. Good work.


Aahh, yes, capitalism, where the profits are privatized and the losses are part of the public debt…just gotta love it. Little by little we are getting to the point where corporations will be running the world and national (and state) laws will have little meaning. Much of this has already happened when companies can go to arbitration against a nation’s laws and win. My favorite is where international corporations are allowed to sue a nation for profits that would have been made had a nation’s laws not made it impossible for said corporation to begin doing business.

Something’s got to change–and soon–or things will get very ugly. The ironic thing is that it’s the wealthiest among us who have the most to lose if the shit hits the fan, but their greed doesn’t allow them to see this. And so it is that once-great empires always join the dustbin of history…rotting from within.

I like a term I recently came across to describe arrogant bastards like Bezos: Wealth hording. The thing is, there’s no such thing as a “self-made” millionaire or billionaire. All of them depended on the infrastructure, educational system etc. etc. that was built by the taxes we all pay. For starters: where would Bezos be without the US Postal Service to deliver his goods? Let the arrogant man pay for his own fleet of delivery vehicles and lets see how much that cuts into his profits.


$7 billion offer from Jersey! Ridiculous! Who made that offer, Christie or the Dems? If Christie, would it still even be on the table?